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One-Story 2-Bedroom Rustic Rustic Craftsman House with Vaulted Great Room (Floor Plan)


  • 1,672 Sq Ft
  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal home is akin to a whimsical quest, not for a fabled unicorn, but for a sanctuary where you can both lay down your hat and your heart with equal ease.

Today, let me guide you through the discovery of a delightful one-story Craftsman home, nestled under the 1700 square foot mark, which boasts a charm and warmth that defies its compact size with features like a vaulted great room and inviting nooks.

This abode isn’t merely a structure of bricks and mortar; it is the backdrop for your upcoming adventures, be they epic or as simple as marathon sessions of your cherished TV shows.

Imagine a porch that stretches 52 feet across the front of this cozy haven, offering the perfect spot for sipping on lemonade during a serene Sunday afternoon or exchanging pleasantries with neighbors strolling by.

And, if one porch doesn’t quench your thirst for outdoor living or satisfy your penchant for gardening and rocking chairs, this house plan generously provides multiple rear porches, embracing the idea that when it comes to porches, more is indeed merrier.

Cross the threshold, and an open floor plan welcomes you, where the ceiling vaults skyward.

Crafting a space so open and breezy, you might just catch yourself looking for floating clouds.

This great room is more than a space; it’s a declaration.

It’s where laughter echoes during game nights and where you can curl up with a novel, creating a reservoir of memories.

Now, onto the kitchen, the heart of any gathering.

Seamlessly connected to the vaulted dining area, this kitchen is a culinary dream come true.

It’s equipped with a spacious walk-in pantry for all your hidden treats or a plethora of kitchen tools, and an island that’s not merely a countertop.

But the epicenter of your home’s daily hustle and bustle, from the morning’s first coffee to late-night snacks.

The master suite offers more than just a sleep sanctuary; it’s a private alcove where dawn greets you warmly through windows on three sides.

A large walk-in closet is cleverly connected through a pocket door to a luxurious five-piece bathroom, ensuring your mornings start as serene walks in a park-like closet space.

Then there’s the second bedroom, nestled in the front-left corner, offering a cozy retreat for guests.

A vibrant playroom for kids, or an inspiring space for your creative bursts.

On the other side of this charming home lies the home office, situated perfectly for those who telecommute or dream up future endeavors.

In today’s digital era, this room could very well be where your next grand venture takes shape.

Not to be overlooked, the exterior of this house makes a bold statement with its combination of corrugated metal and stone within the vaulted gable sections, giving it a rustic yet refined armor.

This material mix isn’t just a style choice; it’s a testament to a home that stands boldly at the crossroads of modernity and time-honored tradition.

So here it is: a 1,672 square foot Craftsman masterpiece that transcends the typical notion of a house.

It’s a canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of your life’s most colorful moments, from laughter-filled gatherings to impromptu dance parties in the great room.

This home is a testament to the idea that the best things often come in modestly sized packages.

Or in this case, meticulously planned packages under 1700 square feet.

In essence, if your heart yearns for a dwelling that marries the allure of rustic aesthetics with the conveniences of modern living, then this Craftsman gem could very well be your heart’s desire.

It’s a home that whispers a warm welcome, inviting you to linger a while longer, to bask in yet another enchanting sunset from the porch.

For in a home like this, every day is imbued with a hint of vacation bliss.

And truly, who could ask for anything more?

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