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17 Revolutionary Ways to Declutter and Organize Paperwork to Apply Today

Decluttering and organizing paperwork can be overwhelming, whether it is your office desk or your home workspace. Paperwork clutter never fails to increase my headache.

I have always looked for ways to declutter and organize paper works at my home and office. Whenever I think about organizing paperwork, something pulls me back to procrastinate.

Fortunately, I have found some brilliant decluttering and organizing ideas that finally saved me from the hassle.

These declutter and organization hacks will inspire you to keep your paperwork in the right place. I will be introducing 17 ways through which you will be successful in this task.

Let’s see what these revolutionary hacks to declutter and organize paperwork are.

17 Revolutionary Ways to Declutter and Organize Paperwork

1. Keep your mails and bills in DIY hanging wire baskets

You can purchase a few wire baskets from your nearby local dollar store. Attach them in the wall and add labels – mail, bills, etc.

Keep your mails on the mail basket and bills on another basket. That is how you never lose the papers.

2. Make a few mail sorters with clothes

If you can’t get a wire basket, you can use a few clothes to store your mails. I have two separate bags made of clothes.

I use one of them to store my mails, another one to store my husband’s mails.

3. Store the coupons and tickets in a binder

I never get the coupons at the right time when I need them. A friend of mine suggested me to use a binder to store all my coupons and tickets.

That’s how I no longer lose them.

4. Get rid of the papers you won’t need any longer

It can be quite hard whenever we decide to get rid of something, whether it is our clothes or pieces of paper.

You should throw away the papers you won’t need any longer. There is no need to keep the receipt of purchase 5 years ago!

5. Purchase different colored files and organize based on categories

I literally feel excited whenever I see my colorful files all clean and organized. I got yellow, green, red, purple files, and all of them hold different types of papers.

For example, I keep my bills and receipts for later calculation in my red files. My husband uses the blue ones for his office related papers.

6. Categorize papers based on years

You will often find a few papers that do not fall into any category. What I do is, I keep them apart from my regular papers.

I made a separate file with many sections, and I started labeling from 2009. I still have a few papers from my undergrad life and kept those in that section.

And 2020 is filled with my kid’s drawings. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

7. Shred the papers that you will need no longer having personal information

If you want to declutter your paperwork, you will need to get rid of a lot of papers. But it will not be a good idea if you just throw away papers having your personal information.

Get a shredder and shred that paperwork having personal information.

8. Gather your papers and make three boxes – KEEP, SHRED, THROW AWAY!

You will need to be smart once you decide to declutter and organize your paperwork. Make three separate boxes to organize your paperwork.

Gather all the papers and throw away the ones you need to. If you need some paper to vanish forever, shred them and keep the others.

9. Get some file folders

There are many sections in a file folder. You can easily categorize all of your paperwork and keep them in the file folder.

Use separate sections to keep the social security card, birth certificates, passports, tax records, marriage certificate, etc.

10. Make a DIY receipt box

I am sure that you will find at least 10-15 receipts in your purse, unorganized. Get an empty tissue box, and store all of your receipts in that box.

Add a label and drop all the receipts in the box. That is how you will no longer lose your receipts.

11. Make a recycle bin only to recycle your unused papers

It is a great habit to get rid of the papers you don’t need anymore as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the next time you will organize your house.

Throw away the paper you think you will no longer need.

12. Make your own DIY recipe binder

My kitchen counter often gets cluttered with different recipes. Still, it takes me quite some time to find the right one.

That’s why I have made myself a DIY recipe binder. I keep all of my recipes there.

13. Make a separate file to store all of your car-related papers

When it comes to our cars, we can’t get just effort to lose any of the papers. That is why I have made a separate file to store the paperwork related to my car.

I keep all the papers related to the oil charge, insurance, registration, tickets, etc.

14. Use files to store your kid’s important papers

If you have a kid, you will know how fast they grow up. The thought overwhelms me, so I want to keep every possible record of my kid’s school reports, artworks, properly.

I have a separate file for my kid, and I label each folder. I have already labeled for future upcoming years.

15. Get a magazine holder to hold all your favorite magazine

You will find different types of magazine holders in your nearby superstore. Purchase one of these magazine holders and keep it on the corner of your living room.

Make sure you put it back at the right place after reading it.

16. Help the environment by going paperless and DIGITAL

Another great way to get rid of the paper clutter is to go digital. Get every paper’s soft copy. If it is not possible, keep it.

Getting rid of the hard copies will make your house clutter-free as well as save the environment.

17. Be regular in terms of organizing paper

So, what happens after you are done organizing and decluttering papers? You will need to make a habit of keeping the right paper in the right place.

Use the mail baskets to keep the mails you get the next time. What’s the point of organizing everything if you are planning to make a mess again?

I have organized each and every single paper of my house by following these methods. I have maintained it for almost half a year and been successful.

I no longer have trouble finding my important mail or our mortgage papers. Everything is in the right place.

Get yourself some time and try these ways to organize your paperwork. You will see that maintaining papers has become way easier than before.