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15 Creative Playroom Organization Ideas to Bid Goodbye to Chaos

Kids’ toys are probably the last thing you want to organize. Why? Well, we all know that, the minute you will hold the toys, your kid will be there to make a mess.

However, it is crucial to let your kid have all the fun while they grow up. I have a separate playroom for my kid and my niece. My niece visits me at least once every week as a result; there is a separate section for her.

I used to go all crazy to see how messy the playroom used to be before. But after that, I have come to know a few playroom organization hacks, my kid and niece love it more than ever.

Today I am going to share some of these playroom organization ideas that you will wish you knew earlier. Without further ado, let’s see what those are.

15 Creative Playroom Organization Ideas to Bid Goodbye to Chaos

1. Use mason jars to store all of the small pieces of toys

The small toys tens to get lost the most. You can use mason jars to store these little devils and keep them in one of the cabinets.

2. Hang a few wire baskets in the wall to store drawing papers and colors

If your kid loves to draw and paint, you should keep the drawing tools in front of their eyes. I hung two wire baskets in the playroom to keep these items separated from the toys.

If your kid has a lot of art and craft items, you can hang one more to store the items.

3. Store different types of balls in a garden stool

I am sure that your kid has at least 10 different sized balls. And it is a common scenario in every house when the kids cry like crazy when they can’t find one.

That is why I use a garden stool to hold all types of balls.

4. Make a home for the dolls wit a shoe rack

Can’t find a proper place for all the barbie dolls your kid have? Well, get a shoe rack and make a home for the barbie dolls.

The shoe racks are made in such a shape; the dolls will fit there perfectly.

5. Purchase a few baskets from the dollar store

I have almost 10-12 baskets that I bought from my local dollar store, and I do not regret having them. I kept 3 in the playroom where I store my kid’s toys and crafts.

You can keep the baskets in the play zone or keep them in the cabinet as well.

6. Make a separate section for the stuffed toys

You might feel overwhelmed to organize those cute little stuffed toys every day, but after all, these are the things that your kid loves the most.

I also have a soft corner for stuffed toys. That is why I keep a large laundry basket in the playroom to store them.

7. Install a few window seats with storage underneath

If the playroom has any window, I will suggest you to install window sits with storage underneath in the front. You can use that to sit as well as the old store toys of your kid.

You will find such seats with storage in different furniture shops. You can make one yourself if you are comfortable doing wooden projects.

8. Keep Legos in a large plastic container with lid

It is quite hard to store small pieces of Lego. That is why I have borrowed a large plastic container from my kitchen, and I use it to store them.

Make sure that the plastic container you are using has a lid. Otherwise, you will end up losing one or two pieces.

9. Label the containers as you go

Once you are done storing all the different types of toys in different sized baskets and containers, it is time to label them.

If you don’t label the containers and the baskets, it will be hard for you as well as your kid to find the right toy.

10. Get a giant magnet board

You can find such magnet boards online. Attach magnetic letters on the board so that your kid can play with words as they grow up.

I tell my kid to show me a new word every day before he goes to sleep. I get fascinated by seeing how he is learning little by little every day.

11. Install a few shelves to store books

If you do not have a bookshelf in the playroom, it is time to make one. I always encourage my kids and niece to read books by placing them near their play zone.

I have installed a few shelves where I keep old and new kids’ books.

12. Use the space underneath the table

If the playroom is small and you can’t find enough space to store toys, you can use the empty space underneath the table. Get a basket and store the toys there.

You can also keep your kids’ shoes or other accessories underneath the table to take full advantage of the space.

13. Take advantage of a mesh laundry bag to store puzzle pieces

It is very normal to store 1 or 2 puzzle pieces in a room filled with toys. That is why I use a mesh laundry bag to store all the puzzle pieces.

You can use more than one if your kid has a lot of puzzle sets.

14. Use a hanging shoe organizer to store barbie dolls

If your kid loves to play with barbies, you probably know how attached they are to the dolls. They can’t afford to lose a single one.

I hung a shoe organizer in the backside of the playroom door to store barbie dolls.

15. Frame the artworks of your kid to inspire them

I have kept a separate wall of the playroom to display all of my kid’s artwork masterpieces. I hung the pictures to show my support towards him as well as to inspire him.

These are pretty much all the playroom organization hacks that I follow to keep my kid’s playroom organized and structured.

I will always suggest you teach your kid organizing from their early childhood. If you can show them the habit, you will not need to spend a minute organizing the room.

It will be a learning process for them as well as you will be worry-free. Let me know what you think about these ideas.