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15 Reasons Why Your House Still Doesn’t Look Clean

Have you ever been in the situation where you cleaned your entire house, but it still looks messy and uncleaned? Well, we all have been in this kind of situation.

I used to face this all the time. At the end of the day, I couldn’t be satisfied in any way. Then, I realized that there were a few factors and reasons why my house still looked uncleaned.

After cleaning your house, just give a look around it. I will be sharing with you a few factors with you. If they go hand in hand with your house, you should change them to make your house look clean.

Let’s see what the 15 reasons why your house still doesn’t look clean after a thorough cleaning are.

15 Reasons Why Your House Still Doesn’t Look Clean

1. The most common issue – TOO MUCH CLUTTER

Your house might look uncleaned because there is too much going on. If you are that kind of person who feels overwhelmed to throw away unused items, you probably keep a lot of things you don’t need at all.

It is time to throw away or donate those items for good.

2. Water stain in the shower door

After cleaning your entire bathroom, if you forgot to get rid of those water stains, it will still look uncleaned.

I get it, removing water stains is hard. You can try using baking soda and vinegar to get rid of it.

3. Too many pillows in the bed

Don’t overkill the look of your bed with too many pillows. It looks great to have different colored and sizes of pillows.

But it doesn’t mean you have to make a pile of it.

4. Not having enough shelves in the house

When it comes to storage, floating shelves and bookshelves should be the utmost priority. If you do not have enough shelves, you are likely to keep your things in the countertops.

So, the countertops look jampacked, and therefore, your house looks messy and uncleaned.

5. Poor lighting in the living area

You will be surprised to know that poor lighting is another major cause of why your house might look uncleaned.

For example, a few bright lights will increase the contrast and saturation of the items you possess and vise versa. So, if you have poor lighting in your living area, change them as soon as possible.

6. Trying to be a PERFECTIONIST

If you are a perfectionist, you are more likely to feel that is your house is dirty even after cleaning. Well, you can’t be 100% perfect when it comes to cleaning your house.

And it is okay. You don’t need to be perfect when you have so many things going on.

7. Being an inconsistent person

When it comes to cleaning, my dear, you must be consistent. I am not saying that you should take cleaning as your full-time job.

You just need to be regular. Maintain regularity for 1 week, and you will see a drastic change in your house.

8. Unachievable goals

If you think that your house will look like a hotel room every single day, you are wrong. Being clean and organized takes a serious amount of commitment.

So, set your cleaning goals in such a way so that you can achieve them.

9. Too much decoration going on in every single room

Who doesn’t love to decorate their house? But it is not necessary that you need to decorate every corner of your house.

It will make your house look more cluttered.

10. Overlooking the doors

We often overlook cleaning the doors. It is crucial to get rid of those handprints and sticky grimes. If your room still looks uncleaned, have a look at your door and see if you have forgotten to clean it.

If you don’t have enough time, try getting rid of the dust with a dust brush.

11. Countertops cluttered with cords

I admit that you need to charge your phone, laptop, and run your TV and sound system. After cleaning, see if the countertops are jampacked with cords.

Even if you keep them on one side, it will look unorganized and messy. Store the chargers and remotes in a drawer.

12. Too many paintings and photos on the walls

I am definitely not suggesting you get rid of your memories and favorite paintings. All I am saying is that you should stop making a clutter with the photos.

If you love hanging pictures, you should do that in an organized way. For example, don’t use more than one wall of a room to hang pictures and paintings.

13. Too many things on the dining table

Your house might look uncleaned and unorganized if you have too many things in your dining table. For example, don’t keep your bottles and dishes in the table after you are done eating.

Store these items in a cabinet or a drawer.

14. Making everything visible

One particular thing I find responsible for a messy house is keeping everything in front of your eyes. It means, you can always keep that stationery organizer in a drawer, or a scarf hanger in the closet.

Hanging them on the walls is never a good idea.

15. Cloudy light covers

If you use covers to decorate your light or bulb, there is a possibility that they have become cloudy over the years.

As a result, your rooms don’t get enough light that they are supposed to. As a result, the room, as well as the walls, look uncleaned.

These are the 15 reasons why your house might look uncleaned even after a thorough cleaning. I personally try to avoid all these so that I can keep my house clean all the time.

Another tip that I follow is that I don’t complain when my house gets messy. It is hard to be 100% perfect all the time. You also need some breaks.

However, let me know that if you have been able to detect the reasons and the result afterward.