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9 Rookie Organizing Mistakes That Will Make Your House Look More Cluttered and Less Organized

I usually used to go all crazy when it comes to organizing my house. That is because I used to take too much pressure and want to make everything perfect.

Well, the process should not be as difficult and serious like I used to take it. Organizing should be fun, and you will probably not be successful in organizing your house if you take it too seriously.

Have you ever been in a state where you were continuously organizing and cleaning your house, but it looked unorganized and cluttered at the end? I have been there a few times.

You will be totally surprised to know the mistakes you are making while organizing your house. Once you get to know about these mistakes, you will see a drastic change in the way you organize your house.

Let’s see what those organizing mistakes you are probably making are.

9 Rookie Organizing Mistakes That Will Make Your House Look More Cluttered

1. The first trick – Stop being sentimental and start throwing away your unused things

The very first mistake a lot of people make is to keep things they do not use, EVER! I know it can be hard to say goodbye to your age-old favorite piece of jewelry, which you never wear.

But be truthful and honest to yourself. Ask yourself questions like, when will be the next time I will wear it? When was the last time I used it?

You will get the answer and know what exactly you need to do.

2. Stop buying extra unnecessary organizers and bins in order to keep your house organized

When I first decided to change the entire look of my house by de-cluttering and organizing, the primary thing that came to my mind was to go shopping for organizers, bins, and baskets.

Unfortunately, after purchasing so many organizers, I realized I don’t even need all of them. Eventually, I gifted the extra ones to my sister.

So, the mistake that a lot of people make is they purchase organizers before making a proper plan. Don’t do it.

3. Don’t give up on the halfway while organizing your room

If you are following someone’s suggestion for organizing your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to abide by every SINGLE RULE they say about the organization.

It is a rookie mistake that a lot of people do, and they give up on the halfway.

Don’t give up. Try making customized organizers. If they are recommending you to purchase a makeup organizer, you don’t have to if you don’t want. Make your own DIY organizer.

Take time and finish what you have started.

4. Don’t keep the items after deciding to throw away or donate them

Yes, we all know what de-cluttering means, and we all have done it more or less. While de-cluttering, most people usually keep their important items on one side, and on another side, they keep the things they are going to throw away.

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of people, especially a few of my friends, who decide to throw away or donate a few items after de-cluttering but end up keeping those items in the storeroom or garage.

What is the point of de-cluttering then? Throw away or donate the items as soon as possible.

5. Don’t keep your paper works and mails here and there

It is probably the most common mistake that a lot of people do while organizing. I used to keep my mails, and other paper works on a shelf. I could see the papers standing anywhere in my room.

Unfortunately, that is a rookie mistake. When you keep your papers outside, it will make your house look more cluttered. That is why I use separate files and magazine holders to organize my files.

6. Don’t hang your clothes in the walls with command hooks

I often see people using plain walls to hang their clothes through command hooks. But that is not how you should do it.

Yes, command hooks are great, and I personally use them. But I make sure the command hooks are not visible from the outside.

I have attached a good number of command hooks, but I kept them inside of my closet. I also have a few in the bathroom.

The point is, you should not hang your clothes here and there in command hooks, which will make your house look more cluttered and less organized.

7. Don’t overdo the bookshelves

What does that mean? Well, when you keep a lot of books in one bookshelf, the whole shelf will look cluttered and unorganized.

It is a good idea to keep 2-3 shelves for your favorite books. Keep the other 1-2 shelves for decorative items like lights, flower vases, mini baskets, etc.

Also, donate the books you don’t read. Keep only the ones that you love and will come helpful in the future.

 8. Don’t overthink when it comes to organizing and de-cluttering

You should not spend hours after hours thinking about how many baskets I should buy, or how many cabinets do I need to install? Well, there is no need for that.

It is a good idea to think ahead about what you are doing, but when you stress yourself out with organizing, the result is usually of no good.

Again, when it comes to de-cluttering, be confident about what you are throwing away or donating. It is completely fine to donate your prom dress or your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Think positive!

9. Stop displaying every single tiny thing that you possess

No, you cannot simply display any item you want to. If you need to make your house look organized and clutter-free, you will should keep your things in the right place, covered.

I used to keep my jewelry outside at my dressing table, and that area always gave me a dissatisfaction. Yes, I could reach whatever I wanted to easily, but it overall looked very messy.

That is when I decided to change the outlook of my house. I hid all of my jewelry in the drawers by making different sections.

Then, I also made sure that my dishes and mugs are organized in my cabinets rather than hanging out in the kitchen countertops.

These are the 9 rookie mistakes that people usually make while organizing their house. If you can prevent yourself from making these mistakes, your house will look more organized and clutter-free.

I also made some of these mistakes when I first decided to de-clutter and organized my entire house. It is completely fine if you have made these mistakes.

Simply change a few things, and your house will be more organized than before.