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Rugged 5-Bedroom Two-Story Craftsman Home With Spectacular Rear Deck (Floor Plan


  • 3,446 Sq Ft
  • 3 – 5 Beds
  • 2.5 – 5.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Step into a world where your home isn’t just a shelter, but a Craftsman-style sanctuary that effortlessly blends sturdy grace with playful charm.

It’s more than walls and a roof; it’s a 3,446-square-foot stage set for the colorful adventures of your life.

Envision walking into an abode where ceilings stretch skywards to ten feet, transforming every corner into a haven of spacious serenity.

And then there’s the home office, a pinnacle of inspiration with its 13-foot vaulted ceiling, inviting you to dream big or simply jump for joy under its expansive dome.

The talking point, however, might be the luminous walls framing views to the spectacular rear deck.

This isn’t merely a deck; it’s your personal outdoor retreat, warmed by a cozy fireplace, ready for any occasion.

From lively summer gatherings to serene winter mornings, it’s designed for unforgettable moments.

The heart of this home beats strongest in the master suite.

Here, sliding glass doors open to an unsheltered deck, promising mornings kissed by the sun.

Meanwhile, a kitchen window offers a live painting of the ever-changing, always enchanting outdoor scenery.

Venture upstairs to discover two generous bedrooms, each a peaceful escape with ample closet space, and a shared bathroom that makes morning routines a breeze.

Yet, the true gem is the playroom, an ode to leisure and laughter, complete with its own covered deck.

It’s a reminder that life, in all its frenzy, deserves pauses filled with joy.

But the intrigue deepens with whispers of an untold story: a hidden level waiting to be brought to life.

This dreamy lower level could host two additional bedrooms, a home theater for your private screenings, and a vast family room with a wet bar.

Picture it as the stage for family game nights, movie marathons, and spontaneous dance-offs.

This home transcends its physical materials of wood, glass, and stone; it’s woven from dreams, laughter, and the countless precious moments that make life rich and full.

Its Craftsman elegance and meticulous attention to detail invite you to not just exist, but to flourish amidst beauty, comfort, and happiness.

Whether it’s reveling in the warmth of the outdoor fireplace or cherishing the solitude on the sunny deck, this dwelling stands as a tribute to the belief that life’s finest moments are those spent with loved ones, in spaces that elevate and inspire.

Plan 95048RW