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Should All Curtains in a Room Match? (Quick Answers)

A room can not only be decorated with stuff or materials. You can also decorate the room without putting fancy stuff in it.

Putting designed and beautiful curtains can also enhance the beauty of the room. As long as you choose beautiful curtains, you will be able to make the room fancier.

Following below tips and information regarding curtains matching around the rooms would give you a proper idea on arranging curtains.

Should all curtains in a room match?

Matching curtains in a room will certainly give a better vibe. Well, it is not exactly needed to match the curtains in a room yet it would give an organized vibe. You can also use multiple curtains in one window in sequence but using different curtains would make the room look messier.

Everyone desires to have a tidy and neat room. A room that would not only give them comfort but also present a good vibe.

You will not want to lie in a room that gives an unclean and messy vibe. This would have an impact on both your physical and mental health.

You can use materials to beautify the appearance of the room. Curtains can also increase the beauty of a room. You do not certainly need to use luxurious curtains or too-designed ones.

Instead, focus on making the curtains look soothing. The light-colored curtains would rather give comfort to the eyes.

You can also use deep-colored curtains according to the room color and floor. It can reflect your taste too. Moreover, if your room has multiple windows, you should use the same curtain for all. Well, matching all the curtains in a room gives a better feel.

It is also eye soothing to see matched curtains all around instead of looking at different curtains in the same room.

Well, it will also look eye-soaring. You can also use sheer curtains. Moreover, you can use multiple curtains in one window. But it should never go out of style.

You should not use different curtains in a room as multiple colors and designs are rather flashy and inappropriate.

If you can maintain a beautiful and aesthetic room by using different curtains, there is no problem in using unmatched curtains. Yet, it is best to use matched curtains.

Should curtains be the same color in every room? Can you put different curtains in the same room?

You should put the same color curtains in every room. Moreover, there is no restriction on putting different curtains in the same room.

Well, it would rather look eye-soaring. There is no code for curtains in a room or in a house. You can decorate curtains as you want.

Well, the color of the curtains has an influence on creating a soothing environment in the room.

You have to choose the color wisely to make sure the room looks lit and comfy. Same color curtains are trendy as usual. Using different curtains in the same room would make it look eye-soaring.

It is better to use the same color curtains instead of using different colored curtains. Otherwise, this will not give off a good vibe. The approach will not be good and would not make the room presentable at all.

4 reasons why all curtains in a room should match

It is better if you match all the curtains in a room. Well, it is not old-fashioned at all. It is way classier and visually good.

Different curtains in a room do not create variety. It can either give a good outcome or a bad outcome. The color of the curtain should be considered in any case.

There is no exact explanation on if one should match the room curtains or not. It is about our own preferences. But if you do not have a taste of what can look good or bad, you can turn the room into a disaster.

Below are certain reasons why all the curtains in a room should match are given to enrich your knowledge.


The same color or design curtains in a room can make the room look organized. Meanwhile, putting different colored curtains in a room can make the room appear unorganized. Even though all the stuff is in place, some things will look off place.


Using matching curtains in a room would multiply the beauty of the room. Well, different colored curtains can do the same, if you can put appropriate colors together.

Tidy and clean:

Matching curtains also make the room appear clean and tidy. Well, it varies with the colors you are using in the curtains. Appropriate matching color curtains would make the environment a bit soothing and neutral.

Stylish vibe:

Well, it is not an old tradition that you should match the curtains in a room. Instead, it is a never-changing trend. Putting beautiful and stylish curtains would do the rest.

Can you mix window treatments in one room?

Yes, you can mix window treatments in one room but it is not necessary. Undoubtedly, placing window treatments would be a bit difficult if you do not have an idea of the colors.

Window treatments only do not refer to curtains, sheer or patterned curtains.

Shutters can also be a part of window treatment. Many prefer putting shutters in small windows and curtains in larger windows in the same room.

Well, it works fine too. But it might give an odd vibe if the colors are not matched. On the other hand, sheer curtains can go with any curtain you are using on the window.

You can place sheer curtains over layered curtains. It would help in the daytime to give enough exposure to light. These minor things would help to create a unique style in the room.

How to match curtains to room?

Matching the curtains in a room is certainly not necessary yet it would give a comfortable vibe.

Using different curtains in the same room is not a good choice either. Instead, you can create variety by using different curtains in the same window.

In any case, you need to match the curtains with not only the other curtains but also the floor, furniture, and most importantly your style. You can follow the below tips in order to match the curtains in a room and add uniqueness to your style.


The fabric of the curtains used in a room should be all the same. If you are using a silk curtain in one window, the other windows would look rather dull and gloomy. Silk is a shiny fabric that would cheer up the room even more.


The color of the curtains which are used in the same room should match. Well, matching certainly does not mean you have to put the same colors in one window.

Well, you can mix up curtains in one window and copy the order to the rest of the windows.


If you are using pattern curtains, you need to use the same pattern all around the room. Well, using different patterns throughout the room might not pull off a good vibe. Instead, you can use pattern curtains with plain curtains to create variety.


Well, it is definitely needed to use the same style in a room. Different styles would make the room a bit unorganized and messy. Better to use the same style for all curtains.

Do curtains need to match in an open floor plan? Should curtains match throughout the house?

Yes, an open floor plan requires a bit more attention in matching curtains. Moreover, it is a wise choice to match curtains throughout the house yet depends on the room style.

In an open floor plan, you may need to separate different rooms by using curtains. In that case, you can use similar colors. You certainly do not need to match the curtains yet using light and soft colors would give a good vibe.

On the other hand, using different curtains throughout the house is not a bad option. But it depends on the room color, floor, and style.

If all the rooms are of the same style, you can use matching curtains. Otherwise, you need to match the curtains with the floor color and wall pattern.

Final Thoughts

Overall, matching the curtains in a room is the best option to create a decorative environment. Yet you can choose different curtains for the same window while keeping the colors in mind which are used in the room. Moreover, you need to match the curtains with the room and your style too.