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Single-Story 6-Bedroom Country Craftsman Duplex House With 2-Car Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 2,496 Sq Ft
  • 2 Units
  • 59’Width
  • 62’Depth
  • 2 Cars

Imagine dismissing the idea of duplex living because you’re picturing something that lacks inspiration, something akin to living inside a bland, unimaginative box.

Well, it’s time to set those thoughts aside and embrace a fresh perspective.

I’m thrilled to guide you through a journey into the world of a Country Craftsman duplex house plan that shatters all those preconceptions.

Envision a dwelling so welcoming and full of warmth, it doesn’t just greet you; it serenades you with a melody of home, comfort, and style, doubled in harmony thanks to its side-by-side layout.

Here’s the kicker: Each unit in this architectural gem offers an abundance of living space, all neatly packaged within a cozy footprint of under 1300 square feet.

Quite the feat, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, let’s delve into what makes this design stand out in a landscape often dominated by the mundane.

We’re looking at a generous 2,496 square feet of heated living space, cleverly divided between two distinct units.

Picture this: each half of the duplex stretches 29 feet 6 inches wide and extends back 62 feet, enveloping you like a warm embrace from a loved one.

But the real magic lies in the layout.

Far from cramped, each side boasts three bedrooms and two baths, offering an open-plan living space that feels more like a grand ballroom than part of a modest duplex.

This space isn’t just a room; it’s a stage for daily life, a place where meals, conversations, and memories intertwine seamlessly in the eat-in kitchen — the undeniable heart of the home.

Here, culinary adventures await, amidst lively discussions that might just solve the great pineapple on pizza debate.

And storage?

Say no more.

Each unit features its own garage with ample storage, banishing the days of navigating obstacles in your own home.

Not to mention the kitchens, which are a dream for anyone with a penchant for organization, complete with walk-in pantries that invite you to stock up to your heart’s content.

The master bedroom, a sanctuary overlooking the rear porch, offers a retreat where relaxation meets luxury, especially within the en-suite four-fixture bathroom.

It’s a haven for unwinding, a private concert for your senses.

Across the hall, two additional bedrooms provide flexibility for families, guests, or that ever-essential home office.

Every inch of this duplex whispers of attention to detail and a love for design that’s anything but ordinary.

Stepping outside, the Country Craftsman style presents an architectural comfort food, blending materials and details in a way that’s as inviting as it is timeless.

Its symmetrical facades, mirroring yet distinct, add a touch of personality to the neighborhood.

And then there are the rear porches, outdoor sanctuaries perfect for morning reflections or evening gatherings, extending the living space into nature’s embrace.

What truly distinguishes this duplex, however, is its versatility.

It effortlessly caters to diverse needs, from growing families to investors seeking a blend of style and practicality.

Moreover, its compact design doesn’t just nod to efficiency and sustainability; it embraces them, without skimping on the feeling of spaciousness, thanks to smart, open-plan living.

In wrapping up, this Country Craftsman duplex is a testament to the extraordinary potential that lies in small packages.

It challenges and triumphs over the conventional views of duplex living, proving that you don’t have to compromise on elegance, space, or comfort.

So, whether you were skeptical about the charms of duplex life or already a convert, I hope this exploration has either sparked a new love or deepened your appreciation.

It’s a clear illustration that, in the world of home design, the remarkable often awaits just beyond the ordinary.

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