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33 Effective Storage Hacks to Apply in Your Small Apartment Today

Are you worried about how you can store items in your small apartment? I am here to help you. Living in a studio apartment for a few years has made me experience storing things and organizing my house.

I will be sharing a few hacks with you. If you are also living in a small apartment and finding a hard time storing your items, you will definitely be happy after reading this blog.

Without further ado, let’s see what these storage hacks for small spaces are.

33 Effective Storage Hacks to Apply

1. Install extra shelves in the wall of your small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, you can try installing a few extra shelves on the wall. Use the perimeter of the wall and store your books and other necessary items.

2. Place binder clips in your computer desk

Get rid of the cord mess in your computer desk by attaching them to your computer desk. It will save a lot of space surrounding the area of your computer table.

3. Store your shoes underneath your bed

If you have a small apartment, you can use the underneath of the bed to store your shoes. Use small boxes made of cardboard for organizing shoes.

4. Get rid of that big laundry basket and hang a laundry hamper on the back of your door

Laundry baskets can take a lot of space in your room. Instead, keep a laundry hamper in the backside of your door to save space.

5. Hang your yoga mat on the wall

Yoga mats are in a cylinder shape, and they can accumulate quite a space in your bedroom. Hang your yoga mat on the wall of your storeroom.

6. Make a few extra drawers in your bedframe

Use a storage bed and make a few extra drawers in the bed frame if needed. You can store your towels, shoes, regular clothes in the drawers.

7. Purchase a tall bookshelf

You can use a tall bookshelf not only to store your favorite books but also to store other items. You can keep a particular section to store your crafting supplies.

8. Mount two magazine holders in two corners of your room

Magazine holders can be useful in terms of storing things. Keep your pens and papers in the magazine holders. You can store your bills and mails as well.

9. Keep your trash bin inside a cabinet

You should keep your trash bin out of your sight if you have a small bedroom. Keeping your trash bin inside a cabinet will save that extra space.

10. Store your bedsheets underneath your mattress

If you need to give an extra space of your closet to the bedsheets, you will probably waste a lot of space in the closet. That is why it is a good idea to store the sheets underneath your mattress.

11. Add a few floating shelves in your small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you probably do not have enough cabinets to store your toiletries. You can install a few floating shelves to store your toiletries.

12. Install command hooks in the backside of your closet

You can easily fit all of your clothes in your small closet if you install a few command hooks on the backside of your closet. It will make full use out of those empty spaces.

13. Purchase a few “S” hooks to hang your pants

You can easily store all of your pants in a rod with “S” hooks. The hooks will save a lot of space from your closet.

14. Purchase a few fruit baskets and use them to store your handbags and hats

Handbags and hats are the two things that take most of the space of my closet. That’s when I decided to use fruit baskets to store my handbags and hats.

15. Store your spices in a spice rack in your kitchen

Spice racks are quite common, and they are of great use. I have two spice racks in my kitchen that are enough to hold all of the spices.

16. Hang an extra towel bar in your bathroom to hang your scarves and belts

Organizing belts and scarves can be quite hard because of their size. You can install an extra towel bar in your bathroom to hold these items.

17. Store all of your sewing kit in the mason jars

I love storing items in mason jars. I have two of them in my bedroom, where I keep my sewing kits. As the jars are transparent, I find them very easy.

18. Purchase a storage ottoman for your bedroom

You can keep your small and important items in a storage ottoman. Purchase one and keep it in your bedroom. I promise it will serve you well.

19. Store your cutting boards in a magazine holder

Attach a magazine holder on one of the backsides of your kitchen cabinet doors. Store your cutting boards there.

As cutting boards take a significant amount of space in the cabinets, it can be a great hack for small space.

20. Use the underneath space of your couch

Keep your shoes or bags underneath your couch. We often over-look the space, whereas it can be of great use in terms of small space organization.

21. Don’t forget to tie your cables with zip ties

Electronic cables can make a mess with your room. When you have a small apartment, the jumble of cords will make your rooms even smaller. That is why use zip ties to keep them organized.

22. Place your rolled bath towels vertically in a drawer

It will save you a lot of space, trust me! When you fold towels and place them in the drawers horizontally, you can only place 4-5.

Rolling and placing towels vertically will allow you to store 7-8 towels in a drawer.

23. Store your shoes in your closet with tension bar

You can always hang a few of your extra shoes in the closet with a tension bar. Don’t stop yourself from purchasing an extra pair of shoes just because you don’t have enough space.

24. Install wire racks in your small laundry room

Wire racks can be used to store all of your cleaning products like detergent, fabric softener, etc. These small wire racks can be attached in any of the walls of your laundry room.

25. Mount a few command hooks on the side of your washer

The space beside your washer is probably going into waste. You can make full use out of it by mounting command hooks.

Use these command hooks to hang brushes and towels.

26. Install two towel racks in your bathroom side by side vertically

When you install them vertically, you will be able to store your bathroom towels by rolling them. That is how you can save a lot of space in your small bathroom.

27. Get a few plastic boxes to make a separate section in the drawers

If you don’t have many cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, you can make sections with plastic boxes. You will find them in any dollar store.

The plastic boxes will divide the space into a drawer and enable you to store items.

28. Use canisters to store salt and sugar and get rid of those large containers

If you have a small kitchen, you should be smart to organize it. I used to use canisters to store salt and sugar instead of large containers when I was living in a studio apartment during my studies.

It will save a lot of space in your kitchen.

29. Store your hair styling tools in a hanging wire rack

Hairstyling tools can accumulate a significant amount of space in your bathroom cabinets. Instead, install a wire rack in your bathroom wall and store the hair styling tools like a straightener, curler there.

30. Hang anything and everything

I find this idea quite effective for small apartments. If you don’t have enough space in your closet, hang a few clothes.

If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen, hang your pans and other utensils.

31. Hang the pans and lids with by installing a rod in your kitchen

You should hang your kitchen utensils and pans in a rod. Even if you have enough space in your cabinet, you should hang the pans, which will save a lot of space.

32. Optimize the corners of every room

I will suggest you install a few floating shelves or hang baskets in the corner of every room. That is how you can organize your small apartment and optimize the corners.

33. Use mini containers to store your little items

It is always a good idea to use little containers to store small items like sewing kits, ribbons, clips, etc. it will help your small apartment to be clutter-free and organized.

These were my go-to organization hacks when I used to live in a small studio apartment during my student life. You can always make a small space spacious if you have the right idea.

The ultimate suggestion is to use all the little spaces around your room.