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17 Smell Hacks for Home to Make Your House Feel Like Heaven

I admit it is a tough job to make your house smell good. I usually use air fresheners or scented candles before I have any party or occasion at my home.

But how to make your house smell good all the time? I have a few easy smell hacks that will provide you a pleasant smell without much effort.

Also, you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars on any product to make your house smell good. I am sure you already have the necessary supplies and ingredients in your home.

Let’s see what these easy smell hacks for your home are.

17 Brilliant DIY Hacks to Make Your Home Smell Good

1. Keep a mason jar filled with cotton balls soaked in essential oil

Soak a few cotton balls in a mason jar and place it in your living area and bathroom. Decorate the mason jar with flowers and ribbons.

It will provide a pleasant smell as well as enhance the beauty of your living room.

2. Get a few potted plants for your balcony

You might be wondering how a potted plant can make your house smell good? Well, potted plants like tea rose begonia, and English Ivy smell great.

If you can maintain them properly, you will not need anything else.

3. Add a few drops of vanilla essential oil in every trash bin of your house

Well, it is quite reasonable that trash cans will provide a bad smell. To reduce the bad smell, you can try adding a few drops of essential oil in the trash cans.

4. Place dryer sheets in the bottom of the garbage container

Another great way to get rid of the bad smell from trash cans is to place dryer sheets at the bottom. It will absorb the bad odor for good.

5. Make your curtains smell like vanilla

Get a spray bottle and add water and vanilla essential oil in it. Now spray the mixture in all of the curtains of your house. Voila! Your home will feel smell like an ice cream parlor.

6. Place a bowl of oats to get rid of odor from refrigerator

It is a good idea to place a bowl of oats in the fridge. Oats will absorb the bad smell. Make sure your clean your fridge before placing the oats.

 7. Make your DIY scented candle

Fill a small container with coffee beans and place a regular candle on top of it. Lit up the candle and see what happens. Your house will smell like coffee.

8. Open your doors and windows if you can’t trace the odor

Sometimes, you will do everything, but still, the odor might not go away. The ultimate solution is to keep the doors and windows of your house open for a while.

9. Prepare a beautiful DIY fragrance bowl for your bedroom

You can use a transparent bowl for this. Fill half of the bowl with fresh sand. Then one by one adds peels from fresh fruits, cinnamon sticks.

Add a few dry orchids at the top. It will remove the odor as well as add beauty to your bedroom.

10. Try out the classic method by using scented candles

Well, we all know how scented candles can provide a beautiful smell in your house. Purchase a few scented candles to keep in your bathroom, bedroom, and living area.

Decorate with colorful ribbons if you want.

11. Wash the trash bins at least once a week

I will probably call this one a HABIT rather than a hack. Because it is ultimately up to you if you want to make your house smell beautiful or not.

Make a habit of cleaning your trash bins at least once a week.

12. Pour fabric softener in the toilet tank to remove odor from bathroom

Well, it is crucial to make your bathroom smell nice most of all. You can do that by pouring a generous amount of fabric softener in the toilet tank.

Your toilet bowl will remain fresh and clean.

13. Pour half a cup of baking soda in your kitchen sink

It is mandatory to keep the kitchen sink unclogged and clean. Otherwise, it might provide a bad smell. Simply use baking soda that will absorb the bad odor.

14. Get rid of that sickening fishy odor

If you love to fish, you probably know how bad they can smell while preparing fish. The great idea is to keep a pot of water with lemon slices and vinegar in the stovetop while you make your fish.

15. Say goodbye to that damp smell coming from bathroom towels

Bathroom towels can be quite hard to keep dry, and as a result, they often provide a wet smell. So, you will need to clean the sheets with hot water and vinegar at least once a week,

You can also add a few droplets of essential oil in the towels.

16. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in your shoes

If you have sweaty feet, there is a possibility that your shoe cabinet will smell bad. That is why I always sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in the shoes.

Sprinkle a small amount in the cabinet as well.

17. Keep a jar filled with cotton balls soaked in essential oil in your closet

I have been telling you about this hack a lot of times by now. Because I find it the most efficient of all. Keep one in your closet, and your clothes will smell the best.

You can use your favorite flavor of essential oil like vanilla, lemon, etc.

You can try any of these methods you like based on your convenience. I can’t get enough of the beautiful fragrances my house provides, and it has become a habit of mine to follow these regularly.

Trust me; once you start, you won’t be able to stop using these hacks. If you have any other idea in mind, please don’t hesitate to share with me.