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Spacious 5-Bedroom Dual-Story Farmhouse with Open Breezeway and 2-Car Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 2,295 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Imagine stepping into the world of house planning, where every decision is a brushstroke on the canvas of your future dwelling.

Think of it as crafting a culinary masterpiece, where every ingredient matters — a sprinkle of creativity here, a dollop of functionality there, all coming together to create a place not just to live, but to thrive and make memories.

Today, let me whisk you away on a charming exploration of a farm-style house plan, tailor-made for lots that boast beautiful rear views.

This home isn’t just a structure; it’s a warm, inviting space that echoes your individuality.

So, pour yourself a comforting drink, and let’s delve into this journey together.

Imagine a home that, much like Mary Poppins’ magical bag, presents a compact facade yet unfolds into a surprisingly expansive interior, offering a heartwarming 2,295 square feet of living space.

Designed to cater to the dynamics of both a cozy trio or a lively family of five, this abode adapts seamlessly, featuring 3-5 bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms, all spread across two delightful stories.

It’s akin to owning a grown-up treehouse, minus the squirrels but amplified with modern comforts.

Envision a kitchen so welcoming and open, it could easily double as a dance floor during a cooking spree.

This culinary haven flows into a vaulted great room, bathed in sunlight streaming through towering windows, perpetually casting the space in a magazine-worthy glow.

Now, let’s glide over to the master bedroom, a sanctuary cleverly positioned for those inevitable midnight snack expeditions — minimal effort required.

This serene retreat not only opens up to a screened porch, offering nights filled with breezes free of pesky insects but also boasts a walk-in closet spacious enough for a gathering, alongside a lavish bathroom perfect for indulgent bubble baths.

Convenience takes center stage with the placement of the second bedroom, which is just a stone’s throw away from the laundry room — because who enjoys lengthy laundry tasks?

Ideal for visitors or that independence-seeking teenager, this room offers the right mix of proximity and privacy, complete with access to a full bath.

Ascend to the third bedroom located on the upper level, your personal attic sanctuary.

With dual closets, a full bathroom, and attic access, it becomes a secluded haven within your home, perfect for dreamers or teens yearning for their own space.

The adventure continues as you descend into the daylight basement, unveiling 1,335 square feet of untapped potential.

A spacious recreation area awaits your personal touch — maybe transforming it into a cinematic haven, a fitness oasis, or a legendary play area.

Accompanied by two additional bedrooms and two full bathrooms, this space is ideal for hosting guests or becoming the ultimate teenage retreat.

Linking the home to the 2-car garage is an open breezeway, adding a touch of drama to every entry and exit.

This isn’t just a garage; it’s a 525-square-foot tribute to your vehicles, elevating it from a mere storage space to a proud display.

In this farm-style abode, every inch is a chapter of your life waiting to be written.

It’s a home where laughter fills the air, memories are crafted in every corner, and each space offers a new story to tell.

From the luminous great room and tranquil screened porch to the bustling basement, this house transcends the ordinary, becoming a backdrop for the life you choose to paint.

So, are you poised to unlock the door to this new chapter?

Your dream home beckons.

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