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Sump Pump Watts & Amps Usage – What Size Generator Needed?

Do you know how the sump pump and generator are related? You may know they are connected, and you cannot run the sump pump without the help of the generator. But you cannot use the same generators for all sump pumps.

Sump pumps have different types, and their watts and amps are various. You need to maintain the watts amps with the generator capacity. Otherwise, it will become a struggle for both electric devices.

How many watts and amps does a sump pump use?

The watts and amps of a sump pump depending on its horsepower and capacity. If the sump pump has 1 horsepower, it will use 2000 watts and 10 amps. When it is ¼ HP, the sum pump uses 600 watts and 4 amps. So, the watts and amps of a sump pump will depend on the horsepower.

As for different sump pumps, you need to make sure the generator suits it. So, let’s get to know what sump pump requires how much power source.

1 HP sump pump:

A 1 HP sump pump will use 2000 watts and ten amps. It’s a high-power consuming sump pump that will use more electricity and require a more capable generator.

If you have a big house and an extensive drainage system, you might need a 1 HP sump pump.

Since there is no correct size sump pump, you need to go for your requirements and select the right sump pump.

1/2 HP sump pump:

When you have a medium-sized house and medium drainage system, you should use the ½ HP sump pump. The ½ HP sump pump will use 1000-1500 watts of electricity.

Additionally, the 1/2 HP sump pump will use 5 amps. It’s an essential requirement of a ½ HP sump pump.

1/3 HP sump pump:

If you have an upper mid-sized house and need a bit more capacity to pass more water than the ½ HP, you can go for the ⅓ HP sump pump. The ⅓ HP sump pump uses 750 watts and 6 amps accordingly.

It will be better for everyday use and pass more water regularly. So, you can surely go for the ⅓ HP sump pump if ½ is not ideal for you.

1/4 HP sump pump:

If you want to average 1800 gallons per hour, you should use the ¼ HP sump pump.

It’s perfect for the required power and drainage system. However, the ¼ HP uses 600 watts and 3.5-4 amps. It will not use more watts or don’t need more amps.

Half horse sump pump:

The sump pump has an escalating valve and a sensor as well.

The sump pump will pass the water through external pipes whenever the water level goes higher. To make the process smoother, you can use a half-horse sump pump.

The half-horse sump pump will use 1050 watts and 8 amps. It is the standard requirement of the half-horse sump pump.

Standard sump pump:

The standard sump pump is designed for the basement and to protect the basement from flooding. It will help to control the water level and make the basement dry.

In that case, the ⅓ sump pump is considered the standard one. Therefore, the standard sump pump uses 750-800 watts and 6 amps.

Zoeller sump pump:

When you search for the best sump pump brand in the local shop, you will find Zoeller is a top-recommended one. In general, the Zoeller sump pump uses 2000 watts and 10 amps.

If you have large houses and need to deal with a massive water level, you can go for the Zoeller sump pump. It has the best water pipes and builds quality as well.

What size generator do I need to run the sump pump?

You will need the mid-sized generator to run the sump pump. It can support the house sump pump from smaller to mid sump pump up to 2000 gallons per hour. If you have a giant sump pump to pass more water, you need the standard size generator to run the big sump pump for a long time.

Not all sizes of generators have the capacity to hold sump pumps. So let’s get to know what size generator you need for your sump pump.

1 HP sump pump:

You will need a 4 KW generator to run the 1 HP sump pump. Mostly, the 1 HP sump pump is a high-power pump that can pass a massive amount of water at a time.

That’s why you need to use the 4 KW generator. It will support the best and will smoothly run the pump.

1/2 HP sump pump:

You can securely use the 4 KW generator for ½ HP sump pump. For most medium to large-sized houses, people use the ½ HP sump pump. In that case, the 4 kW generator will do the job perfectly.

1/3 HP sump pump:

You need a 3 KW generator to run the ⅓ HP sump pump. It will surely help to run the sump pump without having any trouble.

1/4 HP sump pump:

The average house needs a ¼ HP sump pump; if you want to run the sump pump using a generator, you should get the right one. You need a 3 KW generator to run the ¼ HP sump pump.

Half horse sump pump:

The size of the generator that you need to run the half-horse sump pump is 4 KW. It will provide the required watts and electric flow.

Standard sump pump:

Standard sump pump is the most common type of water passing machine. You will need a 4 KW generator to run the standard sump pump. Also, the standard sump pump requires a standard size generator.

Zoeller sump pump:

Now comes the most popular and useful sump pump on the market. It can use 2000 watts and 10 amps: therefore, you should use the 4 KW generator. It will back up the sump pump correctly.

Can a 2000 watt generator run a sump pump? Will a 1000 watt generator run a sump pump?

A 2000 watt generator can run a sump pump. But it will be better to use the 3000-3500 watts’ generator to get the best output and run all the big appliances at a time. Especially if you have a big house or factory and want to back it up with the generator, you should go for the 3509 watts generator.

A 1000-watt generator can run an 800-watt sump pump. If you have more sump pumps, you should increase the generator capacity. Otherwise, the generator will fail to back up the pump with the desired electricity.

Can a portable power station run a sump pump?

A portable power station can run a small sump pump. Let’s say the portable generator or the power station has 1250 watts’ capacity, and you have a 400 watts’ sump pump. Here, you can use the sump pump for about three hours.

A portable generator will be best as a portable power station. You can buy a portable generator and make it a portable power station. Keep in mind you cannot use the big size sump pump with the portable powerhouse.

Moreover, you can only run the single sump pump using your portable power station. And, you should not buy a generator with less than 1000 watts. Try to buy a 1500 watts’ portable generator and run the 1000 watts’ sump pump.

3 factors to look in a generator for the sump pump

You need to ensure all the facts before choosing the generator for your sump pump. Let’s discuss the facts that you need to consider.

Watt Capacity:

You should buy a generator with more watt capacity than your sump pump. Let’s say your sump pump has 1500 watts’ capacity. Then, you must purchase a generator with more than 30000-watt capacity.

You can follow the simple role of using the double-watt capacity generator so that you can run the sump pump for a long time.

The number of Running Sump Pump:

If your house has more than one sump pump, you should buy bigger generators, let’s say more than 3500-watt capacity generators.

Multiple sump pumps will require a massive amount of watt capacity. That’s why you need to buy a big size generator.

Most houses have one or two running sump pumps. Therefore, you should add their watt capacity and select the right capacity generator. For two small sump pumps, you can use the 3000-watt capacity generator.

Size of the Generator:

Different generators are available on the market. You will find 1/2/3/4/5 and more size generators. You should buy the 4 KW size generator depending on your sump pump watt capacity.

When you have a tiny and single sump pump, you may go for the 1- or 2-KW generator. It will be fine for a single sump pump, or you can also use it as a portable power station.

Final Thoughts

The sump pump will use 750 watts and 4 amps. At the same time, the 4 KW size generator will run the sump pump smoothly. There will be no issues at all. But the exact amount of watts and amps will depend on the sump pump size and overall capacity. The same goes for the generator as well.