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Symmetrical 1-Bedroom 1-Story Country Farmhouse ADU With Oversized Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 784 Sq Ft
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Imagine finding a place where the charm of the countryside and the sophistication of modern living harmonize like a beautifully composed song.

That dream comes to life in the Symmetrical Country Farmhouse ADU, where an expansive garage pairs with elegant living spaces to create a home that’s as welcoming as the first rays of the morning sun.

Dive into this architectural story that weaves together the rustic allure of the countryside with the sleek conveniences of modern design, all while speaking in a tone that’s as warm and inviting as a home should be.

From the moment you lay eyes on it, this home greets you like an old friend, with its mix of vertical and horizontal sidings offering a visual promise of comfort and warmth.

At its heart lies not just a garage, but a majestic space capable of sheltering three vehicles, a testament to the grandeur hidden within.

This space is more than just a place to park; it’s a sanctuary for your cars, a workshop for your creativity, and a canvas for whatever projects you dream up.

Step into the living area, where 784 square feet of space seamlessly unites the living room and kitchen, creating a perfect flow for life’s moments.

Here, the absence of walls encourages conversations to blend with the aromas of cooking, making entertaining guests a delightful experience.

The kitchen’s large island becomes the heart of the home, where mornings begin with greetings, evenings are filled with discussions, and nights end in celebration.

Further along, a cozy bedroom offers a peaceful escape, complemented by a walk-in closet that feels like a personal boutique, and a full bath where the day’s stories are washed away under a soothing shower.

Returning to the garage, a door opens to reveal a picturesque covered porch, a secret nook where nature’s simple pleasures are enjoyed, from the morning’s songs to the evening’s whispers.

Beside it, a patio invites outdoor gatherings and weekend barbecues under the vast sky.

Beyond its visual appeal, the home’s design brilliantly marries functionality with comfort.

The garage, a symbol of luxurious utility, serves multiple purposes, from housing vehicles to becoming a workshop, a gym, or a cozy studio, limited only by your imagination.

The essence of the Symmetrical Country Farmhouse ADU lies in its thoughtful design, from the open living spaces to the serene bedroom, the well-equipped kitchen, and, most notably, the versatile garage.

It’s a harmonious blend of rustic beauty and contemporary functionality, creating a home that feels like a dream come true.

Whether you’re passionate about cars, enjoy DIY projects, or simply appreciate a home that’s thoughtfully designed, this house plan invites you to make it the backdrop of your life’s story, promising a living experience that’s both enchanting and deeply satisfying.

Plan 280119JWD