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151 Things You Must Throw Away for an Organized Home

Decluttering is crucial for any home. It can be a hard task for people who are more likely to hold onto things than others.

You can divide your decluttering process and take one step at a time. For example, keep one day to declutter your bedroom and another day to declutter your kitchen.

I am sure that there are plenty of things in your house that you don’t need. But it is hard to let them go for some reason.

If you are looking for the things you must throw away for an organized house, you have come to the right place. Also, donate or sell the items if they are still usable.

I will show you all the things that you must throw away or donate to make your house clutter-free and more organized.

151 Things You Must Throw Away Today for an Organized Home

1. That rusty and old pair of shoes that you will never wear again

2. Books you will never read again

3. Glittered headbands if you don’t wear them anymore

4. Broken plastic hangers

5. Out of fashion jewelry

6. Clothes that don’t fit you anymore

7. Expired medicine and other supplies

8. Video games if your kids don’t play anymore

9. Old CDs and DVDs

10. Scrap wood of unfinished wooden projects

11. Last year’s calendars

12. Ugly fridge magnets that don’t look good in your fridge

13. Cell phone covers that you don’t use anymore

14. Sunglasses that are out of style

15. Old and broken watches

16. Air fresheners that don’t smell good

17. Worn out headphones that don’t work

18. Old keyboards that will never come in handy

19. Pieces of wrapping papers after using the bigger portion

20. Bill and receipts of last year

21. Movie tickets that were already used

22. Old and expired coupons

23. Plastic boxes that are in your kitchen cabinet for no reason

24. Makeup kits that you have bought 2 years ago

25. Recycle those shampoo bottles

26. Candles that have become old

27. Old bed sheets that have worn out

28. Magazines that you will never read, not even the guests

29. Board games that you don’t like

30. Broken cords of electronic devices

31. USB flash drives that will of no use

32. Baking sheets that has become warped

33. Cutting boards that are not sharp anymore

34. Rusted knives

35. Old and out of style purses

36. Earrings that are glittery and out of style

37. Those cartoon printed dishes your kids don’t use anymore

38. Socks with a tiny hole in the front

39. Stretched t-shirts

40. Dried flowers in the vase

41. Hair accessories you will never use the second time

42. Dried and old acrylic paints

43. Extra mugs that you never use

44. VHS tapes and floppy disks that will never come of use

45. Greeting cards that don’t mean anything to you

46. Nail polishes that have dried up

47. Baby cribs if your baby has grown up

48. Expired canned foods

49. Horrible smelling perfumes

50. Last year’s newspapers

51. Extra cushions in your bed that is of no use

52. Cracked mugs

53. Unused notebooks and papers

54. Pens that do not have ink

55. Lids of the containers you lost

56. Holiday decorations you don’t think you will use again

57. Artificial flowers in your cabinet

58. Extra buttons and beads

59. Bath mats that have worn out

60. Pet toys that your pet doesn’t play with anymore

61. Stockings that have holes in them

62. Prom dresses unless you have good memories attached with them

63. Undergarments that has become stretchy

64. Useless shoelaces that are of no use

65. duplicate kitchen utensils

66. Mayonnaise that has expired

67. Coffee mugs that you never use to drink coffee

68. Condiments that have expired

69. Old cellphones that no one use

70. That glittery pair of shoes you will never wear again

71. Address labels that you bought but never used

72. Screws and nails of your furniture you don’t own anymore

73. Wedding invitations

74. Bridesmaid dresses that you will not wear second time

75. Useless teeth whitening accessories

76. Menus from restaurants for takeout

77. Cardboard boxes you will never need

78. Socks that don’t match with each other

77. Water bottles that are just sitting idle in your cabinet

78. Old bathroom towels that have worn out

79. Teflon pans with scratches

80. Letters from your ex

81. Posters of actors and actresses in your college life

82. Junk mail that are of no purpose

83. Diet books that you have bought 5 years ago

84. Cookbooks that you never used even once

85. Items that have been destroyed by your pet

86. Photos you never want to look at the second time

87. Old paintings that don’t go with the interior of your house

88. Laundry baskets that have broken

89. Tools that have become rusty

90. Credit cards that you don’t use anymore

91. Point and shoot camera

92. Jeans with broken zipper

93. Brochures from travel agencies

94. Bridal shower party supplies

95. Flower pots with no flower

96. Keychains you never use

97. Ugly stuffed toys that you hate

98. Batteries that will never work

99. Expired lotion and moisturizer

100. Textbooks from years ago

101. Charger of your old phone

102. Business cards of people you will never contact

103. Sponges that have stretched out

104. Dimmed bulbs and LED lights

105. Glue that doesn’t work as a glue anymore

106. Napkins that you never use

107. That fancy showpiece sitting idle in the cupboard

108. Tea coasters that are of no use

109. Loyalty cards of years ago

110. Halloween costumes of last year

111. Scarves that you will never wear

112. A pair of gloves missing one glove

113. A pair of eye rings missing one earring

114. Hats you will never wear

115. Neckties that are out of style

116. Glass cases you never use to store glass

117. Flimsy flip flops

118. Baseball caps

119. Wallets that you don’t use

120. Belts that do not fit you anymore

121. Uncomfortable shoes

122. Broken watches

123. Broken bracelets

124. High heels that hurt you feet

125. Swimwear that you will never wear again

126. Promotional t-shirts

127. Same shade of nail polishes

128. Expired eyedrops

129. Years old lenses

130. expired lip balms

131. Dried and old mascara

132. Contact lens cases without any contact lens

133. Empty pill bottles

134. Rusty tweezers

135. Sewing kits if you never sew

136. Birthday party decorations from last year

137. Coloring book your kid doesn’t like

138. Expired diapers

139. Bath toys with holes in them

140. Baby monitors if your kid has grown up

141. Bakeware if you never bake

142. Banana slicer that you never use

143. plastic cutleries that have become flimsy

144. Keep one bottle opener and throw away the rest

145. Chopsticks from takeout, you don’t need 50 of them

146. Chipped plates and cups

147. Broken bins

148. Stale cereal

149. Grocery bags made from plastic

150. Duplicate sets of measuring cups

151. Shot glasses you never use

Finally, you have reached the end of this big list. It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But if you are planning to declutter your house, you must throw away unnecessary items.

As I said earlier, you should always donate and recycle items. That is how you won’t feel bad about getting rid of things.

Let me know if you have been successful in getting rid of these things to make your house more organized. 🙂