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15 Effective Ways to Organize Your Master Bedroom to Make it Feel Cozy

The master bedroom is often one of the most mistreated rooms in the house. As no guests directly enter the room, so it’s unseen by many and thus giving me the chance to be lazy to tidy up the room.

Also, it doesn’t get the priority it should when it comes to cleaning and organizing the room. Over time, the room becomes our favorite dumping zone.

We tell ourselves that we’ll get all the things cleaned up by tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes.

After some time when the unnecessary clutter will finally strike your eyes as mine did, here are 15 easy and effective ways to make your master bedroom feel cozy and organized.

15 Ways to Organize a Cozy Master Bedroom

1. Declutter and sort things out

Before getting started with the main organization process, sorting things out is essential. Keep your regular usable stuff in the room and move out the rest to another place.

Decluttering things will give you an idea about how you will organize the room.

2. Use your wall for storage

You can use square-shaped wall hanging shelves to keep books or other regularly used things of yours.

Put some hooks under the rack to hang your keys. In that way, you won’t have to waste any time finding keys when you are in a hurry.

3. Separate items in your drawer

Be it your closet drawer or reading table drawer, never pile things up in your drawer.

You can make sections at home easily to keep things separate. Cut out some cardboard boxes according to the measurement of your drawer. And keep things in place separately.

4. Use a dresser as your side table

A dresser can give you added storage space if you have lots of things to keep in your bedroom. This storage solution is perfect for keeping extra sheets and accessories.

By this, you can also get enough space on your nightstand to keep a table clock and a glass of water.

5. Make your corner shelves useful

Open shelving needs the right combination of organization and styling.

First, place your necessary items then put some décor pieces where there is space. It will give your room a neat view.

6. Keep a pile free zone

You may often toss your used clothes or a last-minute changed dress on your bed or a chair.

But you can save your dresses from creasing by installing a few hooks on the back of your closet door. In that way, you can sit on your rooms chair and not make it a dumping zone.

7. Store your accessories inside a wall mirror

If you keep all your jewelry inside a box that can give you a hard time to untangle items and find another piece of your earring.

To sort that problem out, you can fit a long mirror in your bedroom with storage space behind it. So you can put all your accessories in one place separately.

8. Take advantage of storage furniture

If you have a small closet, then definitely invest in storage furniture. You can hide extra pillows under your bed.

You can shuffle your seasonal clothing between your wardrobe and a bench with storage space underneath. You can use the bench for sitting and putting on shoes or read by the window.

9. Move unnecessary things to other rooms

Some things which you use less and won’t even bother if you move them to other places will make enough space for your necessary items.

In that way, you won’t have to deal with a mess of lots of things daily.

10. Add functional lighting

Proper lighting is essential, especially in the master bedroom. Good light will make the space comfortable and more useful.

Bright overhead lighting in the middle of the room will likely be needed at times when you are getting ready to go out. But also, soft lighting is best for pre-bedtime activities.

So, if you only have the provision of having one light in the room, you need to think about adding a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness up or down when necessary.

You can put a lamp on your nightstand beside the bed to get good lighting for night reading.

11. Locate a small trash bin

Keeping a small trash bin in one corner of the room is a necessity. You can buy an attractive looking bin to match the color of your bedroom or furniture.

The size of the bin does not need to be very big, as it will look odd in the bedroom. Also, if you clean it daily, then a small one will surely work.

You do need this to throw away used tissues, scraps of paper, and other small pieces of trash.

12. Use a basket door hanger

The best way to keep your master bedroom arranged is to add storage in places that would usually be dead space.

Such as, you could add a basket door hanger to the back of your bedroom door to organize- hats, scarves, wallets, bags, etc.

13. Make your bed every morning

After going through the pressure of working all day long finally when you come to your bedroom, a messed up bed will make you more tired.

So make a habit of setting up your bed every morning to give the room a clean look.

14. Keep a laundry basket

Determine how you would like to store dirty laundry: in a bag or a basket. You can keep the basket in your closet if you want.

Try to fold clean laundry in your laundry room so that your master bedroom doesn’t become cluttered with clothes. Once folded, immediately put away the clothing before leaving it lazily for days.

15. Enhance the beauty of the room

Lastly, after organizing all the stuff, you can focus on making the room look prettier.

You can keep small photo frames with your special memory on shelves or bedside table.

Hang your paintings on the wall, which will portray more about you. This will give your room a personalized look.

Having a tidy space will let you see and enjoy the stuff that you care for and love the most. Just make sure that everything has its place and there’s lots of space for the eyes to rest.

These tricks will surely make your master bedroom a happy place.

Let me know if the ideas have helped you because it surely did in my case.