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What Are the Standard Curtain Panel Sizes? (Explained)

Curtains are considered as one of the most essential room décor items. The right type of curtains adds a different vibe to the room and enhances the color. Depending on door height, the curtain panel sizes vary. In today’s article, we will discuss the standard curtain panel sizes.

What are the standard curtain panel sizes? 

Depending on size there are different sizes of curtain panels available. The most common sizes are considered starting from 63, 84, 95, 108 inches and can be a maximum of 120 inches. In most cases, one curtain panel cannot cover an entire window. So. you may need a few curtains to cover a window. 

Curtain panels are considered one of the most essential room decor items. They not only block the sun rays coming into your house but also enhance the color of the walls and make your room look more attractive. 

Sometimes curtain panels are used to create a separation between two rooms. The curtains increase the aesthetic vibe in your rooms and add different types of colors. 

Depending on designs and colors, the curtain panels help to make your room larger or smaller. Generally, you need curtain panels that are at least 2 times the width of your window to properly adjust it in your bedroom or living room. 

Bedroom curtains usually come in 84, 96, and 108 inches. On the other hand, the same length can also be applied to living room curtains. The typical width of living room curtains should be 54 inches. 

So, here is a brief discussion on a few things to keep in consideration when choosing the right sized curtain panel:


When choosing the right size building panels for your home, you must consider some proper length ratios for them to adjust to your walls properly. There are some standard-length measurements for the curtain panels available. 

The most commonly preferred standard lengths for the curtains are 63, 84, 96, and 108 inches, if measured in centimeters, they should be in between 160CM to 275CM.  


The standard width for a cartoon panel would be 54 inches or 137 centimeters. That’s the commonly available and preferred width for curtain panels used in the United States. 

However, some curtain manufacturer companies can even produce curtain panels that can go as long as 108 inches wide. This standard length for the curtain panels will help you to choose the right size curtains for your windows. 

In most cases, you will need more than one curtain panel to cover the window.

What are the standard curtain panel sizes for different types of curtain panels? What are standard window curtain lengths?

Picking the right type of curtain panels for your walls can be different if you do not know the size required for the walls to adjust the curtains. 

When choosing the right size of curtain panels for your room, you must keep the length and the width of the curtain panels in consideration. Generally, the standard curtain panel size for different types of curtains varies. 

Tier curtain panels are usually 24 to 36 inches wide. Valance curtains are 50 inches wide.

Placing too-long curtain panels on the wall will eventually cause some portion of it to fall on the floor and prevent the curtain panels from remaining in their normal position. 

On the other hand, having a small curtain panel will not be able to cover the whole area. Usually, the standard window curtain length is around 96 inches which usually fits perfectly. Below is a discussion on standard lengths for different curtains:

Curtain panels: 

Typically, the curtain panels are available in different sizes. Generally, four standard lengths for the curtains are available in the market. 

Pre-made curtains are considered longer so that you can simply cut them and adjust them as per your needs. Curtain panels that are 96 to 108 inches wide can be perfect for adjusting to any type of window. 

Tier curtain panels:

These curtains are mostly preferable for smaller windows. Generally, this curtain should be 96 inches in length and 24 to 36 inches in width. 

These curtain panels can be a great option to decorate your home and bring an aesthetic vibe to the bedrooms or living rooms. 

Valance curtains:

Valance curtains are mostly used to cover the top half of the window. It is also used to maintain privacy in between two rooms. The standard size for a Valance curtain is 50 inches wide and three to five inches deep.

How to choose curtain panel size? How do you measure curtain panels? 

Choosing the right size for the curtain panel, you must consider a few things. To decide the right size for a curtain panel, you must measure the height of the top of the window from the ground. 

Then you will be able to figure out which size curtains are perfect for your windows. Depending on the width of the windows, you must consider how many curtains you will need to cover them up. 

This will help you to choose the right size curtains for your windows for bedrooms or living rooms easily. The discussion below will help you to figure out the proper measurement for curtain panels:

Measure the window:

The first thing you should consider doing when measuring the right type of curtain panels is measuring the window. You need to measure how high the window is from the ground. 

Measure from the top of the window to the ground. Then measure the width of the windows. This will give you a proper idea of how many curtain panels you will need.

Determine rod length:

After you’ve done measuring the dimensions of the windows, it’s time for you to figure out the size of the rod you will need to hang the curtains on. Simply, try to figure the width of the windows and add 6 inches from both sides. 

That is the perfect measurement for the rods in which you will hang the curtains. 

Determine the curtain length:

A few things are to keep in consideration when choosing the right size curtains for your living room or bedroom windows. 

You need to have proper measurement and have the proper expertise to figure out the size of your windows to get the right side of the curtains for them. 

In addition to that, most of the curtains that are commonly used in bedrooms and living rooms are around 96 inches in length.

What length of curtain do I choose? 

Typically, curtains are named differently based on their length. Sometimes the curtains might be touching the bottom of the windows or they might be falling on the ground. Sometimes they can be in the middle of the bottom of the windows to the ground. 

For this special type of length, they are named differently, such as the pudding length, kiss length, or floating length. Each length has the specialties that help to decorate your home and make it look more attractive. 

Below is a discussion on what length curtain you should choose:  

Pudding length: 

Pudding length is considered as one of the most popular lengths for a curtain. A pudding length curtain means overly long curtain panels. The reason why they are called pudding length is that they fall over the ground. 

Kiss length: 

This type of length is called kiss length because the fabrics touch the floor very firmly, which is considered as kissing the floor. It will not entirely fall on the ground or will be a little bit higher than touching the ground. 

Floating length: 

Curtains consisting of floating lengths are the best or the unique curtains that are available in most of the house. Using the floating cart you can create the appearance that they float. This design has an aesthetic vibe to your rooms.

What is a standard size curtain rod?

A curtain rod is a type of bar that is attached horizontally to the wall surface of a window. Its job is to hang the curtains on the wall. 

Usually, the map of the curtain rod depends on the width of the place where the curtain will be installed, such as windows, doors, or arches inside the house. The standard size for the curtain rods is 28 to 48 inches

In some cases, you will find curtain rods that are available in 66 to 120 inches or 120 to 170 inches. When attaching a rod to the walls for hanging the curtain, make sure to keep 6 inches of extra space on both sides. 

Although there are ready-made curtain panel rods available in the market, you can simply get them in customized size if you want.

Final thoughts 

Curtains are one of the most essential instruments that are used to decorate their homes. Depending on size and length, there are different types of curtain panels available in the market. The most commonly used curtain panel sizes are available from 63 inches to maximum of 120 inches.