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What Color Doorknobs with White Doors? (Read This First!)

Doors are the entrance of a room or home. You can go with stylish doors or designed ones to make your home look beautiful. One can easily decide if your house looks good inside or not by looking at the door.

The door gives the first impression of the house. Meanwhile, doorknobs design can add beauty to the door.

Following below tips and information regarding white doors and what color suits the doorknobs of white doors would help you to choose your preferable doorknob color.

What color doorknobs with white doors?

Different colors of doorknobs can go well with white doors. The most popular color doorknob is golden and black. Apart from that, silver, brass colors are also well suitable for doorknobs in white doors. You can use a designed or plain doorknob depending on what look you want to give the door.

Doorknobs are part of the door. A door can be of designed one or a plain one. The same goes for doorknobs.

You can use a plain door and use designed doorknobs to make the door look elegant. There are plenty of designs you can choose for doorknobs. Moreover, you need to choose the color of the doorknob properly.

Some colors which are preferable for doorknobs in white doors are given to provide you a brief idea of what you should choose.


Black is not just suitable for doorknobs in white doors but also the best option. The black color in the white door can give an elegant look to the door. Well, this is also preferable for every door in your home.

You should keep the floor and wall paint in mind while choosing a particular color doorknob. You can use a plain back color doorknob in the white door for an elegant and aesthetic look. 

Golden color:

A golden color doorknob goes with any color door. A bit design with the golden color in the doorknob is likely to give a stylish and sophisticated look. Well, it is the most common color used for doorknobs.

You do not need to think if it matches the room or not. A golden color doorknob is preferable for all. As the color is too common, the outcome may not be a unique one.

Silver color:

Mostly, all types and colors of doors use silver color doorknobs. Well, it is indeed the standard color. It can give a cool vibe and aesthetic at the same time.

You do not need to give a second thought to choosing a silver color doorknob. Choosing the silver color doorknob is the easiest option.

Brass color:

Brass color is not as popular as other colored doorknobs. Brass color door knobs can give a vintage look to the door. If you are decorating the room in a vintage style, the brass color would serve the best. Well, you should make sure the doorknob goes with the style of the room and house.

What color should my doorknobs be?

Doorknob color can be silver, black, brass color, golden, and many more. Well, these four are the standard color for doorknobs.

Well, you should try to match the color of the doorknob with your home decoration. Moreover, the vibe you want your home to give.

Well, you can use a black doorknob to make the home look classier. Moreover, using a golden color doorknob gives off a sophisticated vibe.

If the golden doorknob has designs engraved in it, it is like a cherry on top. Apart from that, the silver color door knob is more trendy and common to use.

Brass color door knobs can give an ancient feel. Well, you can also choose other colors for the doorknob but it is not quite acceptable.

It might look like a new idea. There is no need to apply new ideas if it does not give a satisfying outcome. Instead, go with the old trends.

How do you pick a doorknob color? Things to consider before choosing the color

Picking up a doorknob color is not that hard. But choosing the wrong one can give a bad impression of the house. Not exactly a bad impression, it would give an unpleasant vibe. Our eyes will not accept something unpleasant as a good vibe.

Certain factors should be considered to choose the right doorknob. Below some of those factors are included to highlight which factors are more important to consider.

Door color:

You should match the color of the doorknob with the door color. Exactly not matching but the color of the doorknob should suit the door color.

Well, the golden color doorknob goes well with any color door. On the other hand, a black doorknob can add a bold look to the door.

Meanwhile, a black doorknob is well suited to a white door. If the doorknob color is in contrast to the door color, it would be too highlighting.


The style of the room should be considered while choosing the doorknob color. You should focus on what types of houses you want.

If you want a vintage look, you should choose either brass or golden color. On the other hand, plain doorknobs are well suitable for any style.

For a stylish house, silver and black color doorknobs are best. Apart from that, you can take the wall paint into consideration too.

Do door hinges and doorknobs need to match?

Not necessarily, the door hinges and doorknobs do not need to match. Doorknobs and hinges are totally different from the door.

You do not exactly need to match the door hinges and doorknobs but the colors should not be in contrast to each other.

Well, doorknobs are not meant to be in contrast with the door. The door hinges should match the door color. But if you do not match the hinge color with the doorknobs it is still good.

Door hinges are not as visible as doorknobs. Moreover, matching door knobs and door hinges would give attention to the door.

But if the doorknob is light in color, the door hinges can be a highlight if it follows the doorknob color. You do not need to make the hinges highlight.

Should all the hardware in a house match?

All the hardware in a house does not need to match each other. Still, it is better if you match the colors.

Using multiple colors of hardware can make the room look messy. Moreover, choosing dark color hardware can make the room more cold and intense.

The hardware color can be wood color, white, or black. Moreover, it can be different from the doorknob color. Apart from that, matching all the hardware colors would give an organized vibe.

It would also look pleasant to our eyes. Moreover, using different color hardware can make the house look a bit out of order.

How to choose the right doorknob style?

Choosing the right doorknob is indeed necessary. You do not want to pull the door frequently when you are in a hurry.

Well, choosing the wrong doorknob can make things go wrong too. And if it is out of your style, the impression will not be good. Below some tips to choose the right doorknob are added.

Observe door style:

Before choosing the right doorknob, you should observe the door style. Your doorknob should match your door style.

If the door is engraved with designs, you should choose a handle doorknob. For a plain door, you can choose a plain yet bold color doorknob.

Design of the house:

The doorknob should go well with the design of the house. Actually, the vibe should match. If the house has a bold appearance, you should also choose some bold style.

Well, dummy knobs are suitable but for rooms. If you are choosing a doorknob for the front door, a stylish doorknob is suitable.

But for rooms, you can go for different doorknobs. But the doorknob style should match the interior.

Search for knobs:

You should search for doorknobs in the marketplace. There are a variety of doorknobs. You should match the style of the doorknob style with your house to get the right doorknob.

Final remarks

To summarize, doorknobs are mostly specified into four colors black, golden, silver, and brass. Yet, you should match the doorknob color with the door color and the vibe of the house. The doorknob should get well with the door color. If they are in contrast, it would be highlighting.