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What Color Floor Goes with Oak Cabinets? (Explained)

Most people nowadays rely on kitchen cabinets to make their kitchen look more modular and compact. Generally, the kitchen cabinets are made of oak. You need to choose the right type of floor color to match the cabinets with the floor. In this article, we will discuss kitchen floors. 

What color floor goes with the oak cabinets?  

Most people nowadays prefer matching the cabinet color with the floor. That is why choosing medium-dark flooring for medium-dark wood will be perfect as the oak is also a medium-dark textured wood. In addition to that, a medium-dark floor will be able to provide an aesthetic look to the kitchen. 

Considering the different types of cabinets, you must choose the right type of floor color to make your kitchen look more attractive and modular. Also, it is better to match the kitchen floor with the cabinets. 

Adding white will add a neutral warmth. Adding cool will eventually make your kitchen look larger than it is. but in some cases, it will get dirty very quickly, so it will increase the hassle. 

Following are some of the different types of floor colors recommended based on the color of the different types of oak wood cabinets:  

Honey oak cabinets: 

Although there are plenty of options to color the floor of your kitchen with honey oak cabinets. You can use Terracotta, flecked pattern, or travertine that has a warm golden undertone and will adjust to your kitchen surface properly.

Red oak cabinets: 

Generally, the red oak is colored with darker stains. So, you might go for a light gray or antique white to adjust the color of the floor with the cabinets.

Golden oak cabinets: 

Golden oak is a differently stained wood in the market that is used to make kitchen cabinets. It is recommended to use floor colors that have designs in them. 

Light oak cabinets: 

It is recommended to use brighter hardwood floors like cherry or maple. This will create a combination of the shade of oak cabinets and the floor color.

Natural oak cabinets: 

When you’re using natural oak cabinets in your kitchen, using the gray color on the floor will cool the temperature of the floor.

Dark oak cabinets: 

Since you have a darker shade for the kitchen cabinets, you might consider putting the lighter shades on the floors to make them look more attractive. Simply add oak or maple colors to highlight the kitchen.

White oak cabinets: 

You can simply add cool, warm, or neutral colors to the white oak cabinets. The white color cabinet can go almost with every type of color on the floor.

Does gray flooring go with oak cabinets? 

Since there are different shades of oak woods, you must figure out which one you should apply on your floor as a color to match the shade of the cabinets. 

Nowadays, different types of cabinets made of honey oak wood, red oak, golden oak, and natural oak are available in the market. Moreover, you can use gray to provide a cool and neutral color on your floor. 

Since gray is a neutral color, it can work with almost any type of oak wood kitchen cabinet. Just need to remember that the oak wood naturally cools the temperature in the kitchen. 

In addition to that, you can use brighter shades of gray. This will go well with the stained oak wood. Most of the oak cabinets typically tend to be a medium shade. 

Using the light shade of gray is best for the oak kitchen cabinets as well. Moreover, by using the gray color you can also be able to hide the debris of the kitchen.

What color floors go well with oak cabinets? 

There are plenty of color options that you can choose that can go with the oak wood kitchen cabinets. However, it is recommended to use the exact opposite shade of the oak Wood kitchen cabinet color as the floor color. 

This will be able to highlight the details and the beauty of your kitchen and make it look more modular. Generally, people tend to use warm undertones which gives an aesthetic vibe to the kitchen floors. 

Also, you can use cool or neutral colors as well to avoid confusion. Here are some of the floor colors that go well with the oak wood cabinets:  

Warm colors: 

Since the oak is a plank of stained wood, it can be of different shades. Some people prefer the honey oak cabinets, which are most commonly available in the market. 

You can simply use golden colors with designs. This will enhance the beauty of the floors as well as reflect the detail of warm colors. 

Warm colors can also be a great choice as they can enhance the light inside the kitchen and make it look larger than it is.

Cool colors: 

Cool colors such as blue, dark green, and purple will be a great choice for the kitchen cabinets to match the floors. The cool colors will eventually create contrast and modify inside the kitchen. 

They will also help you to hide any type of stains or debris on the floor. Besides, the cool colors will hide its stains and can go for a long time without cleaning. 

Neutral colors: 

If you’re too confused thinking which color should go best with the kitchen floors, you can simply rely on neutral colors. 

The benefit of using neutral colors on the kitchen floors is it can go with almost every type of color. That is why it is most preferable among the people.

What color hardwood floor goes with oak cabinets? 

If you are confused about which color floor will match your old cabinets perfectly, you can simply consider using medium-dark flooring on your kitchen to make it look more attractive and modular. 

Using medium-dark flooring enhances the beauty of your kitchen and makes it look more properly decorated. In addition to that, there are several colored floorings that you can use to match with the oak cabinets.

If you want to match the user in the kitchen, you can use a red oak flooring to give your kitchen oak-themed flooring. You can also use maple as it will create a color contrast to your dark oak cabinets. 

And finally, you can use dark Brazilian cherry that has a reddish-brown color. But with contact to light, it will develop a medium tone. 

There can be a different shade of oak woods. You need to be careful when choosing the right type of flooring color to match the kitchen cabinets.

What color vinyl floor goes with oak cabinets? 

Oak is considered a popular choice among people who want to make the kitchen look modular and unique. The oak cabinet comes to life when the sunlight falls on them. It creates an aesthetic vibe in the room and enhances the beauty significantly. 

When you consider adding vinyl flooring with oak cabinets, you can go for the medium dark luxury vinyl planks. It has almost the same texture as wood and will give you a scratch, moisture damage, and stain-free smooth finish. 

You can also go for vinyl tiles that generally look like stone or slate, but are highly cost-efficient. And finally, to get rid of this installation hassle, you can simply use a vinyl sheet. 

It will provide you with structural integrity and durability as well as give you a wood-looking finish. In case you want to give your kitchen flooring a natural stone-looking appearance, you can consider using luxury vinyl tile. 

They can be a low-cost solution to add a different vibe inside the kitchen and make it look more unique.

What color tile goes with oak cabinets? 

There are plenty of options to use as flooring with oak kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, durable, and natural appearance in kitchen flooring, you can simply go for ceramic tiles. 

This will go perfectly well with the kitchen oak cabinets since they look like stone, slate, or stone due to their design. In addition to that, the benefit of using ceramic tile is it’s waterproof and helps to clean up messes easily. 

So, adding a light-colored ceramic tile will eventually create a color contrast with the oak cabinets in your kitchen

However, porcelain tile can be a great option instead of ceramic tile since it has a better heat resistance and synthetic materials enabled, which tends to stand any type of difficulties. 

Porcelain tile comes with a broader range of styles and patterns than ceramic, so you can be able to add different types of designs to the floor to make it look more attractive and create an eye-catching contrast in the kitchen.

Final thoughts 

Since there are plenty of options you can choose from the color sets, you can use the same-colored flooring or go for the exact opposite color of the kitchen cabinets to create a color contrasting inside the kitchen to make it look more unique and give it a modular appearance.