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What Does the Color of a Porch Light Mean? (Answered)

Are you wondering whether or not different porch lights’ colors mean different things? Do porch lights really carry any significant meaning? Are you wondering what red, blue, orange, pink, green, and yellow porch light colors mean?

What does the color of a porch light mean?

The color of a porch light can mean several different things. For example, a red porch light can signify heart awareness movement, purple porch light relates to creating awareness for domestic violence, it is symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day when the porch light is green in color, and many more.

Behind every porch light color, there is a story to be told as each porch light seems to carry a deeper significance. 

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper significance of porch lights’ colors can help you to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Blue porch light:

When it comes to a blue porch light, it can mean several different things. Accordingly, blue porch lights’ universal meaning stands for creating awareness for autism.

Moreover, you can see a blue porch light very frequently in your neighborhood especially when it is April as April is the month which is considered as the autism awareness month.

Furthermore, the blue porch light can also stand for showing respect and solidarity to the police force.

Green porch light: 

There are several reasons why you may see green porch lights hanging onto your neighbors’ porch and chances are that you may see green porch lights throughout the year on several different occasions.

In addition, one of the most common signs of green porch lights is related to St. Patrick’s Day.

Moreover, a green porch light can also signify veteran day because this is the day when people like to honor and show respect to their honorable military veterans.

Furthermore, another very important sign that a green porch light can hold is related to creating awareness for Lyme disease and when you see your neighbors igniting the green porch light, it is also to show solidarity in respect of the people facing Lyme disease.

Red porch light: 

There is a lot of significance related to changing the porch light to red color and first and foremost, the changing of porch light to red can simply be due to Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, another very strong symbolism for the red porch light is related to American Heart Month where people change their porch light to red to create awareness about heart health and to encourage people to do check-ups of their cardiovascular health regularly.

Moreover, another very fun significance of red porch light is related to Christmas as red is a very prominent color that is highly associated with Christmas.

Additionally, you can also witness the illumination of the red porch light during Halloween to accentuate the spookiness of the month. Accordingly, red light can also stand for showing support for the firefighters on international firefighters’ day.

Purple porch light: 

The changing of porch light to purple color can also have several deep significant meanings.

Accordingly, one symbolic meaning for purple porch light is to create awareness for domestic violence.

Additionally, you may see a purple porch light being illuminated in your neighborhood in October which is regarded as the domestic violence awareness month.

In addition, the purple porch light also means that people are showing solidarity with the people of domestic violence survivors.

Orange porch light: 

The most common signs of orange porch light are related to Halloween as the color orange is highly associated with Halloween.

Moreover, the orange porch light color can also typically stand for indicating that the home is a very welcoming and happy one.

Pink porch light: 

Pink porch light universally stands for creating awareness about breast cancer and you will see people switching their porch light to pink in breast cancer awareness month which is in October.

Additionally, the pink porch light is also illuminated to inspire women to do regular breast checkups.

Yellow porch light:

Yellow porch light can be the symbol of happiness, freshness, warmth, and so on. Additionally, yellow is a very vibrant color that can uplift people’s mood and make them relax which is why people seem to switch their porch light to yellow color.

What does a blinking porch light mean?

A blinking porch light can mean so many things and being able to correctly identify the significance of blinking porch lights can literally come in handy in times of distress.

Moreover, the most common symbolism of a blinking porch light is related to emergencies.

Accordingly, a blinking porch light can carry the symbolism for some kind of distress or emergency.

Additionally, this blinking of the porch light can also be an indication that someone is looking for an ambulance, police car, or fire truck.

This blinking of porch light can actually be very beneficial for a fire truck, ambulance, or police car to identify where their destination is for helping people in distress.

In addition, blinking porch lights can also signify that the porch light itself is faulty or it needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, in times of Halloween, blinking lights are used as decoration to create a very mysterious and scary situation.

What color should a porch light be? Things to consider while choosing one 

There are several things you need to take into account while choosing a suitable porch light color.

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the things to consider while choosing a color for your porch light can help you to mold decisions accordingly.

Mood Uplifting Colors:

One of the most important things for you to think of while choosing a color for a porch light is related to the idea of creating a warm and welcoming place for your friends and family.

Therefore, you may choose porch lights that are orange or yellow in color which will thus represent happiness, contentment, and will create a very welcoming vibe.

Attractive Colors:

You do not want your porch to have dark and gloomy colored porch lights which can create a very unattractive effect on your house.

In addition, you want your house to be attractive to your guest therefore, you need to use such colors’ lights which aren’t too bright.

In addition, you also need to choose fluorescent or LED lights which will help to accentuate the landscape of your house.

Additionally, you also can go for white porch lights if you are thinking of creating an attractive environment as white porch light color will not only give a more earthly feeling rather it will create an inception of a comfortable home.


Another very important factor you need to take account of while choosing porch light color is related to contemporary movements.

In addition, switching your porch light to different colors on the basis of supporting a particular movement is not only for the showing of the porch light’s colors rather it is also for communicating with others to support a cause through their own evaluation or to create awareness for the purpose.

How to choose your preferable porch light color? 

Choosing your preferable porch light color can be challenging at times therefore being knowledgeable about the proper steps of choosing a porch light color can help you to eradicate any confusion.

Choose your Purpose:

Porchlight color isn’t only functional for you to carefully unlock/lock your door or to strengthen security rather porch lights’ color nowadays can also be used for communication.

Therefore, you first need to choose your purpose for employing a certain color’s porch light, and for that, you need to think of what message you want to put across to your neighbors.

Therefore, if you are in support of a certain movement or want to show respect for certain events, you can choose different colored porch lights to signify your opinion.

Choose the Brightness of your Porch Light’s Color:

In this step, you now need to consider how bright you want your porch light to be. Additionally, it is better to always go for 70 watts in terms of brightness to create a welcoming environment.

In addition, you can also use some fluorescent lights or white lights to create a warm ambiance which will be enough to attract your guest.

Longevity of Porch Light:

Choosing the right color for your porch light is one thing but making that color’s light last long is a whole other thing because it is more important to make sure that your porch light is always illuminated so that you can get your point across in terms of communicating for a purpose.

Therefore, in this step, you need to make sure that your preferred porch light’s color is LED as these lights will give a long-lasting performance.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, several different porch light colors seem to carry several different meanings which are manifested by blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink. These different colored porch lights can signify from showing respect to a certain cause, honoring a movement to functioning as a fun decoration.