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What Hardwood Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets? (Answered)

Choosing the right combination of furniture and hardwood floors can enhance the aesthetics of a house.

If you are thinking of making some cherry wood cabinets but not sure what hardwood floor will go well with it, we are glad to find the right audience for this article. Keep reading to find out different hardwood combinations for cherry cabinets and related tips.

What hardwood floor goes with cherry cabinets?

Light color hardwoods are an excellent choice for cherry cabinets, while some darker hardwood floors also provide a dramatic appearance. Red oak, maple, white oak, walnut and hickory hardwood floors are some of the best choices for cherry wood cabinets.

Cherry wood is one of the most expensive furniture wood in America. Why not! Its grain and dramatic reddish-brown tone will win anyone’s heart. Well, beauty is a subjective term and often depends on the surroundings.

So, if you match and arrange the surroundings of your favorite cherry cabinet, it will look mesmerizing. The floor is one of the most significant parts of a room, and hardwood floors go well with cherry cabinates and other wooden furniture.

What kind of hardwood flooring should you get? It depends on your taste and what style and looks you prefer. Let’s break it down.

If you are a fan of modern style decoration, light hardwood floors should work best. Light floors will highlight the beauty of cherry cabinates and provide a neat appearance to your room.

If the room is smaller, light hardwood floors will look more prominent. Also, some people claim that lighter floor color is connected with their good mood. However, we couldn’t find any scientific evidence or research.

Let’s talk a bit about darker hardwood floors now. The combination of dark hardwood floors and cherry wood cabinets is also beautiful in many ways. It provides a more serious and dramatic look to the room. But dark hardwood is not for all.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that it’s better to balance the warmth of your hardwood floor and cherry cabinet. As cherry wood is naturally reddish and warm, getting a warmer variant of hardwood floor will work best for the cherry cabinets.

Check out some of the best hardwood floor choices and choose the best one for you.

Red oak:

A red oak hardwood can be an excellent choice for its warm appearance. Red oak combines well with reddish cherry cabinets.

The red oak hardwood floor can last 100 years if you install the hardwood correctly. In the USA, red oaks are one of the most common domestic wood. You will have to spend 2$ to 6$ per squire foot for red oak hardwood flooring.

White oak:

White oak is also an excellent option for hardwood flooring with a cherry cabinet. The light white color will highlight almost all the shades of cherry wood.

But darker cherry cabinet works well with white oak hardwood. Red oak comes with wood grains, but white oak is smoother.

White oak is less durable than the red one, but you will have to pay 6$ to 8$ per squire foot for white oak hardwood flooring. Because of its higher market demand and vitality, it is more expensive than red oak flooring.


If you have a deeper cherry wood cabinet, maple hardwood flooring can be another light color floor option for you. It is more like white the white oak but has more wood grain. It is also among the most durable hardwood flooring option.

If you like wood grain, light floor, and durability, maple flooring is the best option for you. You will need to spend 7$ to 11$ per squire foot for the maple floor.


Walnut flooring is a dark flooring choice for cherry cabinets. It works well with reddish and darker cherry cabinets. However, if you install it in a kitchen, note that it will make the kitchen look smaller. Smaller rooms are not suitable for walnut flooring.

You will have to spend 6$ to 10$ per squire foot for walnut flooring. Walnut wood is durable but requires higher maintenance than others.

What hardwood floor color goes best with cherry cabinets?

White oak and maple wood flooring will suit best for any cherry cabinet. The other options like walnut and red oak are also great, but they may not look that attractive in everyone’s eyes.

However, a big group of people still likes darker floors, and if you are among them, you can go on without any doubt.

But lighter hardwood flooring is more of a neutral option for you. The lighter floor will look kind of natural and highlight the beauty of the cherry cabinet.

Now, let’s talk about which one will be the best choice for you. Choose the red oak floor if you like wood grain. Choose maple wood flooring, smooth food finish, and clean appearance.

Light floor works opposite of the darker floors, which means light color hardwood flooring will make a room look larger than actual. So, if you have a smaller space or kitchen, light flooring can be an excellent way to make it look larger.

Do gray hardwood floors go with cherry cabinets?

Gray flooring will neutralize the vibrancy of the cherry cabinets. Some cherry cabinets are a bit more vibrant reddish-brown. Naturally, red is not that clam to see color, which may be problematic for some people.

Gray can neutralize the brightness of the cherry cabinet and combines well with other furniture of the room due to its neutral nature.

You can easily find grayish versions of maple, white oak, bamboo, acacia, and gray oak flooring. Do some research and find out all the pros and cons of those floorings and choose the best one for you.

If you have a problem with the vibrant reddish color of cherry cabinets, you should go for dark and less bright colors.

3 things to consider to choose the best hardwood floor color with cherry cabinets

Before choosing hardwood, there are three things to consider that will go well with your cherry cabinet. Follow the points below,

Size of your room:

The size of your space is an essential factor in choosing hardwood flooring that will complement the cherry cabinets. In short, light color flooring makes the room larger and dark color floors make the room look short.

However, you can ignore it as the visual effect is not that big, but undoubtedly essential to know.

Cabinet color:

If you have a reddish vibrant cherry cabinet, gray and warm oak woods will suit you the best. Maple wood flooring works nicely with darker cherry cabinets. Cabinet color is something you should not ignore while choosing floor color.

Lighting, maintenance, and others:

While selecting a hardwood floor, just matching your expensive cherry cabinet is not a good idea. Consider other bigger furniture too. If the room has less natural light, you should not choose the darker floor options.

And lastly, consider the maintenance and expense to select the right flooring option for you.

Should cabinets be darker than the floor?

Cabinets can be darker than the floor, and most people choose the darker cabinet most of the time. A lighter base highlights the cabinet’s beauty and creates a natural contrast to the eyes.

However, a lighter cabinet than the floor is also a good option and works pretty well. But it’s not that common. So, if you want to arrange your room differently, a darker floor can be a good option. But keep in mind that a room with a dark floor needs balanced lighting to look nice.

What hardwood stain color is the most popular?

Jacobean hardwood stain is trendy in the market. It is a variety of deep brown colors. Golden oak, dark walnut, and red mahogany make the jacobean color, and dark walnut is slightly darker than jacobean.

It suits more hardwood with more wood grains—a shiny jacobean color suits cherry cabinets. If you like dark floors, it can be a decent option.

Cool dark brown, white smooth wood, gray wood, blonde woods are the most popular hardwood color choices that are always trendy. Consider your wall and furniture color to choose the best one for you.

You also need to consider the room size as a darker floor makes the room look bold and smaller, while a light-colored floor does the opposite.

Final Thoughts

Light oak and maple hardwood floors work best with cherry cabinets. Red oak flooring suits well with warm cherry cabinets. Dark floor lovers can also choose dark color hardwood options like dark walnut. Consider cabinet color, light, and other surrounding elements while selecting a hardwood floor.