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Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Carpet? (Explained)

There are many types of carpets available in the market and not only does it make it more comfortable to walk around in your space, but it also helps add a lovely dimension to your room. 

However, if you ever see mushrooms growing in your carpet then it might be very off-putting. Getting to the bottom of it will help you clean it out and prevent it from happening again.

Can mushrooms grow on carpet?

Yes, it is possible for mushrooms to grow on carpet. Mushrooms are a type of fungus and just how you might find mold growing in your house you might also find mushrooms growing on your carpet as well. 

These species love to grow when they find their ideal breeding grounds. Their spores can spread through the air and once they find a suitable place to land in, with the right conditions they will start breeding and grow a colony if you do not take care of it quickly. 

Why are Mushrooms Growing in my Carpet?

It usually happens when any forms of water spillage are not getting cleaned up properly. Mushroom spores travel through the air. In areas where it is dark and very humid, it can become the perfect breeding ground for the spores to land on your carpet and as a result, start breeding on it.  

Knowing more about why mushrooms are growing in your carpet can help you tackle the situation better and prevent an entire colony from forming. It just requires a wet space, some average level of humidity, and the combination of two spores to grow into mushrooms. 

It can be very repulsive to look at and can be harmful especially if you have little children or toddlers around. Some mushrooms can also be toxic or poisonous and trigger the growth of dangerous mold. 

Spores in the air:

These mushrooms in your carpet do not start growing on their own randomly. They originate from the spores in the air produced by other mushrooms present as this is the way they continue to breed and grow colonies. 

If you live in an area where there is a greater mushroom colony then chances are these spores will end up at your house traveling through the air. 

Wet areas:

Having the spores travel through the air is not enough as they need the proper ground to breed on as well. 

If you are wondering why it has grown in your carpet then it is likely that you have not properly dried your carpet or cleaned any plausible water spillage. These spores have the tendency to breed in wet ground. 

Ideal conditions:

The water is not enough to just grow mushrooms. Another point that you have to note is that these spores of mushrooms do not require complex conditions to grow in. 

The normal temperature and average humidity present in your house are just about enough to kick start the growth of a few. 

Other ideal conditions:

Even then, these mushrooms are more likely to grow in certain areas of your house than others. One of these includes the bathroom since it contains very high levels of moisture and humidity. 

Another area can be the basement as it contains lower sunlight levels and also slightly higher humidity. These are thriving conditions for these mushrooms to build a colony on. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out on these areas before the growth spreads. 

How do you clean mushrooms off a carpet?

Since having mushrooms in such areas of your house can be repulsive, you can follow some steps to help get rid of them effectively.  

Wear safety gear:

You never know if these mushrooms can be toxic or harmful. Therefore, it is best to not poke around and wear protective gear. Wear long pants, a full-sleeved shirt, some goggles, and a mask so that you can keep yourself safe. 

Detach the mushrooms:

Be sure to carry a plastic bag with you. Just straight up pluck the mushrooms from the carpet and keep them inside the plastic bag that you must ensure to dispose of later on. 

Check for water issues:

It is not from accidental water spillage then you must look around your room for any plausible water leakage. This can happen from any cracked pipes or even faucets. 

To prevent mushrooms from growing back again you will need to find the main cause and fix it properly. 

Clean out the water:

Once you have fixed the water issue the next step is to ensure that your entire room is dry. Open all windows and doors and expose your room to sunlight. Bring in portable fans to help dry the place quicker and better. 


The last step would be to disinfect the entire place with savlon and bleach. This will ensure no toxic essences are left behind that might harm you. After cleaning out the place make sure to keep it dry to avoid further problems. 

How to stop mushrooms growing in the carpet?

Now that you are aware of why mushrooms are growing in your carpet in the first place, it will be easier for you to follow guidelines so that you can prevent them.  

Avoid having carpets in your bathroom:

The bathroom is a looming ground for spores to breed and as a result cause mushrooms to grow due to the high moisture and humidity. 

If you have a carpet in your bathroom then it is highly likely that you will constantly spill water on it and it might trigger the growth of mushrooms. 

Avoid having carpets in your basement:

The basement is the most ignored part of the house and if there is a water leakage it is highly likely that it will go unnoticed. 

Therefore, it is best to also avoid having carpets in your basement to avoid mushroom or mold growth. The low sunlight level will be the perfect atmosphere for these spores to thrive in.

Drying carpets properly:

You cannot avoid having carpets in other places of your house. It will be your best bet to avoid any water spillage and whenever you clean out your carpet ensure to dry it fully and not leave it damp. 


If you have any excess moisture in your house then mushrooms can grow in any place. Therefore, keeping a dehumidifier around will keep the excess moisture away and help lessen the chances of mushroom growth. 

Also, ensure to let enough sunlight enter your house during the day.

Are carpet mushrooms dangerous?

Most carpet mushrooms are not that dangerous. However, there are some poisonous kinds present and if your pet or children accidentally eat the mushroom it can be drastically detrimental to their health and cause serious issues. 

It can also trigger allergies for some people.

Other than that, the growth of mushrooms can also end up triggering the growth of mold. That is very dangerous as they spread quickly. 

It can cause a lot of permanent harm to your home and also be a serious health risk for many people, starting from allergies to something even worse than that. 

Molds can prove to be really toxic so ensure to properly clean out and disinfect your house as soon as you see the growth of mushrooms. 

Can mushrooms growing in your house make you sick?

If there are a few then do not worry as it is likely to do any harm if taken care of immediately. However, if there is an entire colony then these mushrooms can cause very bad allergies, asthma issues, and other health problems. 

It is more likely to harm people with breathing and lung issues or even allergies.  

However, the most dangerous part of it is if your children or small pet consumes said mushroom. There can be a lot of toxic mushrooms out there and if anyone from your family accidentally consumes the mushroom, it can cause serious health problems. 

Can a moldy carpet be saved or do you have to replace it?

If your carpet has gotten moldy due to being soaked in a lot of water constantly due to flooding or any water leaks then it is unlikely that you will be able to save it

If it was a minor water issue then your best bet would be to clean it thoroughly, disinfect it and leave it in the sun for a few days. If it does not smell moldy or have any signs of mold then you will not need to replace it and it will be safe to use it again. 

Final thoughts:

To keep mushrooms from growing in your carpet, always ensure to keep your carpets dry and watch out for any water leaks. Even though the mushrooms may not always be harmful, having any mold infestation due to it can cause irreversible damage to your property and it can also cause sickness.