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Why Are There Slugs in My Bathroom? (Answered)

Nobody likes a slimy pest in their bathroom, least of all slugs. We wouldn’t be surprised if finding a slug gives you a sudden jump scare.

In this article, we will discuss why there might be slugs in your bathroom and what you can do to get rid of them. Read ahead to learn more about it.

3 reasons why slugs are in the bathroom

Slugs will enter your home with a certain purpose. There is definitely a reason why there might be slugs in your bathroom. Perhaps they were looking for shade or warmth. Or perhaps your bathroom has mold, slugs love to eat molds. Slugs will enter if your bathroom is always damp as well.

Slugs can be quite gross as they are slimy and tend to make a place unhygienic. So it is very important to identify the reasons if you notice a slug infestation in your home. This would be the first step of eliminating slugs from your bathroom.

May we remind you that slugs are attracted to damp areas. So if you keep your bathroom damp at all times, it is highly likely that there will be quite a few slugs in there after a while. In addition, slugs feast on microorganisms, which again are boosted by dampness.

So you should focus on keeping your bathroom as dry as possible. This will ensure a slug-free bathroom for you. Otherwise, they will create a rather unhygienic environment for you and your family.

Furthermore, slugs feed on flowers and vegetables. So if you keep any flowering plant inside your bathroom, then that me be the root cause behind the slug infestation. So do not be sluggish in getting rid of these plants if you notice an infestation inside the bathroom.


Slugs are attracted to plants. They mostly enjoy feasting on flowering plants and vegetables. So if you have any such plants lying around in your bathroom, then it is a clear indication that those are attracting slugs inside.

If you notice a slug infestation in your bathroom, it would be ideal to get rid of any plant whatsoever from the bathroom.

Except for money plants, because money plants are known to suck moisture from an area. These plants will consume excess moisture from your bathroom and keep it dry it for you.

Get rid of all the other plants from your bathroom if you want a slug-free environment and maintain good hygiene inside the bathroom.


Slugs are mostly attracted to moisture. They are slimy and love water and water bodies. They will infest your bathroom if you keep it damp at all times. So it is important to keep your bathroom as dry as possible.

In addition, slugs may infest your house whenever they are in need of some shade and warmth.

So if you have slugs nearby your house, it is highly likely that they will come inside your house, mostly through water pipes. So they are likely to infest your bathroom more than any other parts of the house.

So if you have damp areas around your house, make sure to clean them on a regular basis. Do not allow a habitat for slugs to develop near your house, otherwise they will definitely come inside your house sooner or later.

It is important that you put pests around the flowering plants and vegetable plants around your house as well. Those are the plants that attract slugs most. You may even need to get rid of the plants if the infestation gets too severe.


Slugs mostly feed on algae and mold. So if there are such microorganisms inside your house, you should watch out for slugs. They may be the reason why your bathroom hosts slugs.

You should clean the areas in your bathroom that have developed mould or algae infestation in order to get rid of slugs.

In addition, slugs are also likely to eat leftovers from your pets’ food. They will even eat composts that you have served for your plants. So make sure that there are so leftovers remaining for the slugs to feast on later. This should keep them away.

Is it normal to find slugs in your bathroom?

No, it is not normal to find slugs in your bathroom. If you notice slugs in your bathroom, then it definitely should concern you and you will need to take immediate actions in order to get rid of them. 

Otherwise, the infestation will grow more and more intense and soon go out of your hands.

Slug infestation in your bathroom directs you towards a range of problems that might need your attention. You will need to take care of the mold and algae infestation if there are any.

In addition, it is likely that your bathroom remains too damp at all times. In this case, you should definitely make some effort to get rid of damps and extra moisture and keep a dry environment inside your bathroom.

Having slugs in your bathroom definitely is problematic and leads you towards some underlying issues.

Do slugs in the house mean damp?

Slugs in house do not always necessarily mean damp. Slugs may enter your home for a bunch of other reasons as well.

There may be damp places around your house which feature a lot of slugs. In such a case, the slugs may enter your house in search of some warmth and shade.

If you notice a developing damp area around your house, make sure to clean it and get rid of the slugs with some repellent sprays or homemade solutions.

In addition, slugs are attracted to moulds and microorganisms. If you notice that your house is growing mould, then you should definitely put some effort into getting rid of it. Otherwise, your house may attract slugs inside.

Moreover, the reason why your house has slugs may be that there are some plants are attract slugs. For example, slugs are attracted to vegetable plants as well as flowering plants. So those may be the reason why your house has slugs as well.

The first step of eliminating slugs will be to identify the reasons behind it. If you cannot find the real reason behind why your house has slugs, you will not be able to get rid of them as well.

So you will first need to identify whether your house is damp or there are some other issues that are attracting all those slugs inside your bathroom.

How do I get rid of slugs in the bathroom?

There are several methods that you can follow in order to get rid of slugs. Let us now learn what are the steps that you can take in order to get rid of slugs in your bathrooom. Read ahead to learn what you can do to eliminate slugs from your bathroom.

Use some liquid deterrents:

There are some solutions that you can use in order to get rid of slugs from your bathroom. Vinegar will make the best solution in this case. Note that vinegar is the best solution in eliminating slugs.

You can also use beer in order to eliminate slugs. Remember that you can always use some beer to attract slugs, they are quite drawn to it. Then you can use this liquid as the bait.

Make sure to dilute some vinegar with water and then spray it around your bathroom.

Vinegar generally dissolves the bodies of slugs. So if you do not take such measures, do not put this liquid directly on their body.

Instead, you should simply spray some vinegars around your bathroom. This will drive them out of your bathroom in no time.

Homemade repellents:

You can also make some homemade slug repellents. There are quite a handful of them. Make sure to mix some garlic cloves with coffee beans and grind them together well. Then you should add some water in order to produce a nice and smooth solution.

Spray this homemade solution around your bathroom and the slugs will soon be driven out. Snails are repelled by the smell of garlic as well as coffee. So when you mix these two together, they make a very annoying solution for the slugs.

This is one of the most effective solution you can get to deter slugs. You can also use this solution outdoors in order to get rid of slugs around your home.

Final Thoughts

There may be slugs in your bathroom if it is too damp all the time. In addition, mold or infestation of microorganisms such as algae may draw them inside your bathroom. Slugs may also invite themselves inside your home in search of some warmth and shade from the elements of nature.