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Why Are There Spiders in My Bathroom? (Quick Answers)

Are there a lot of spiders in your bathroom? Are you wondering where are these spiders coming from? What are the things you can do to eradicate spiders from your bathroom? What type of spider is lurking around your bathroom?

4 reasons why spiders are in the bathroom

It is really common to witness some spiders hanging around your bathroom. The reason behind this is pretty simple. This is due to the moisture, the dark environment, the secluded location, the food sources, and the cracks and openings that seem to encourage spiders to come to your bathroom.

What can be worse than having spiders crawling in your bathroom every now and then? Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the reasons why there are so many spiders around your bathroom.

This will potentially help you to adapt your actions accordingly and to remove your confusion.

Unclean bathroom:

One of the most common reasons why there are spiders crawling around your bathroom is due to the unclean condition of your bathroom.

If you do not clean your bathroom properly or if your bathroom is very cluttered, then this is the perfect place for spiders to reside.

In addition, it is also important to clean out the ceiling of your bathroom to make sure there aren’t any spider webs around to prompt spiders to lay eggs or to come more frequently.

Moreover, the dark, quiet, dirty areas, and so on are the things that really attract spiders to bathrooms. Moreover, as spiders have poor eyesight, they love to be around these dark secluded places.

Cracks and openings:

Another reason why there can be spiders coming to your bathroom is due to the cracks or openings in the door, window, air vents, wall, pipes, and so on. In addition, these access points are the perfect places for spiders to hide. 

Therefore, regular cleaning of these vents or cracks and usage of repellent oils to make sure that spiders keep out of these places are must otherwise a spider infestation won’t be eradicated.

Usually, the house spiders reside the most in your bathroom and these tiny spiders’ size makes it easy for them to get through the cracks or crevices of the bathroom.

Moisture in the bathroom:

Moisture or damp places are spiders’ favorite and your bathroom is perfect for this. In addition, the presence of moisture is really important for the survival of spiders. 

In fact, spiders especially lurk around your bathroom in the times of autumn or winter when the weather is quite dry.

In addition, the moist environment of the bathroom not only gives spiders the source of water and rather it also helps them to shed their skin.

This is because a certain level of humidity is required for the spiders to shed their skin and your bathroom will provide such that kind of humidity.

In search of food:

Sometimes, you may find spiders lurking around your bathroom furniture or in the cabinet. One of the most common reasons for this is that these places are best for spiders to find food.

In addition, moths, fleas, bugs, and so on usually hide in between bathroom furniture, and spiders will come in search of these tiny insects to devour.

Moreover, the bathroom lights can also attract spiders to come to your bathroom because the light fixtures usually attract a lot of bugs and pests which then attract spiders.

Are bathroom spiders dangerous?

It is not very common for bathroom spiders to bite or cause any serious damage therefore they are not that dangerous.

In fact, the bathroom spiders although bite, they do not have that much venom to paralyze humans.

This is why they are not that dangerous but spider webs and the chaos these bathroom spiders create are not really worth having them around as spider infestation is never a good thing. 

What spiders are common in the bathroom?

It this really important to be aware of the type of spiders that are common in your bathroom so that you can combat the situations accordingly to your knowledge.

Tiny spiders: 

Tiny spiders are one of the most common spiders that are visible in your bathroom. The moisture and the food source are some of the reasons why tiny spiders are attracted to be in your bathroom.

Wolf spiders: 

Wolf spiders aren’t the most common in your bathroom but you can see one or two of this type of spider occasionally in your bathroom, especially in the fall or winter.

This is because these wolf spiders will come to your bathroom in search of water and food during this time.

Giant spiders: 

You can definitely see one or two giant spiders, especially around your bathroom shower. Accordingly, this happens because giant spiders find showers in the bathrooms to be the best for webbing.

They also like to be in the bathroom during the autumn season and they also find a bathroom to be one of the best places for mating.

What attracts house spiders to the bathroom? 

It is really common for house spiders to lurk around your bathroom and the reason behind this are the moisture, the dark environment, and the secluded ambiance of your bathroom.

In addition, house spiders will look for food in the bathroom because small insects will most likely be found inside the cabinets or on the light fixture.

Accordingly, these small insects will prompt house spiders to come to your bathroom. The furniture that you put in your bathroom can also provide a very good hiding place for these house spiders to lay eggs.

How do I get rid of spiders in my bathroom? 

It is really unhealthy and unhygienic to have spiders lying around your bathroom and therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper ways that you need to follow to eradicate spiders from your bathroom will help you do avoid unnecessary accidents.

Keep the bathroom moisture-free:

The first thing that you need to do to get rid of spiders in your bathroom is related to keeping your bathroom fully dry all the time.

It is the moisture or humidity level of the bathroom that allows spiders to linger forever.

Therefore, you can mop your bathroom floor very frequently after every usage or you can also install a shower curtain so that water cannot get everywhere.

Use baking soda:

Spiders dislike the smell of baking soda and therefore, if you use baking soda around your bathroom, you can definitely get rid of possible spider infestation.

Accordingly, all you need to do is to sprinkle some baking soda behind the toilet, around the light fixture, inside the cabinets, behind the sink, and on the floor to make sure spiders don’t come back.

Seal the access points:

The cracks and crevices of the wall are the favorite places for spiders to find access into bathrooms or other places of your house.

This is why it is important to seal these access points with primer or cement so that further invasion of these creepy crawlies cannot happen.

Keep the lights on:

It is the dark or secluded environment of the bathroom that seems to attract spiders to come and reside in your bathroom.

This is why you need to make sure there are always lights available in your bathroom. In the daytime, you can keep the curtains open so that natural light can come in.

In addition, if there aren’t any windows available in your bathroom, then you should use yellow LED lights which will not attract small insects to come into your bathroom, and eventually, this will keep the spiders at bay.

Use insecticide powder:

You can use insecticide powders to get rid of spiders inside your bathroom. Therefore, all you need to do is to sprinkle insecticide powders around the high-traffic spider areas to make sure spiders are eradicated and don’t feel encouraged to come to your bathroom.

Use essential oils:

Another very effective way of eradicating spiders from your bathroom is through the usage of different essential oils.

Essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, chestnut, citrus, and so on don’t really sit well with spiders as these oils seem to repel spiders.

Therefore, you can use these against spiders by making a spray out of these essential oil and water.

To make a spray out of essential oil, you need to add half a cup of water, white vinegar, and the essential oil of your choice.

After that, you just need to spray that solution onto the window, bathroom doors, behind the toilet, into the cabinets, and so on to get rid of spiders in your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be worse than a spider infestation in your bathroom. Moisture, the dark ambiance, and the cracks in the walls of your bathroom are the perfect hiding places for spiders. Moreover, spiders also come to your bathroom due to the food sources such as small insects, moths, bugs, and so on.