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Why Does My Laundry Room Smell Like Sewage? (Answered)

A bad smell in our house is always an awful experience for us. You must take care of your daily home appliances that may get damaged and spread that sewage smell in your house.

We will get through some common reasons and show you the perfect solution accordingly. You will find the exact reason in your laundry room and can sort it out accordingly.

Laundry room smell like sewage

Your laundry room does smell like sewage because of a clogged pipe, improper installation, and drain clogs; you will get a sewage smell if your laundry room has any of these three reasons. You should repair the damaged pipes, replace your clogged pipe, or clean it regularly. 

The laundry room has different smells for different reasons since it has a washer, dryer, and other home appliances.

If there is any leak or any damaged appliance, it will spread a pungent smell from the drain or anything else. Sometimes, the smell will be like sewage, and other times it might be like gas.

When you damage pipelines or the washer gets clogged valves, it will spread a smell like sewage. It will be pungent, and you won’t like to breathe.

If you have such experiences, you should check the pipelines, drain, and other areas where the liquid goes through and leave the appliances.

When you discover the reason behind the sewage smell, you can solve the problem soon without being confused.

If there is any pipeline clog, you must remove the dirt and clean the pipelines. Or you must hire a plumber to remove the clog and clean the pipelines for a smooth water flow.

We found three reasons why the laundry room smells of sewage. You may add some other reasons after finding them in your laundry room.

You should check out all the laundry room appliances, and then you must sort them. You can avoid the strong smell by using any home sprayer to work in that room.

Clogged Pipelines:

The first reason you get a sewage smell from your laundry room is the clogged pipelines.

When you install the pipeline, you must clean it regularly and be sure that the pipelines are not clogged. If there is any clog in your pipelines, it will start spreading a pungent smell through the damaged pipelines.

Sometimes, the clogged pipelines will cause damage to the entire pipeline. If the pipelines are damaged, they might leak some dirty water and create a problem by spreading that smell.

So, always check the pipeline’s clog and try to remove the sticking dirt from the pipelines.

Clogged Drains:

In most cases, the drain of your laundry room will get some large dirt and get stuck in the middle of your drain.

When they become too large to move with water flow, they will create a bad smell there that will be like sewage. That’s why you must check the drain besides checking the pipelines.

When you find a clogged drain, you must clean the drain with hot or boiled water and other chemicals.

If you fail to clear the drain lines, you must hire a plumber to clean the entire drain and permanently remove the sewage smell. Sometimes, the drain clog will not be a big concern if you know how to clean it.

Improper Installation:

If you are a DIY worker, you must have the skills to install the P-pipes and other instruments in your laundry room. People forget to attach their joints with the required machines or appliances, which is called improper installation.

If you fail to install any joints professionally, it may leak water and dirt from the appliances.

So, improper installation is another reason why your laundry room gets sewage. If you want to remove the smell, you must find the improper installation part and re-install that pipe or joint again perfectly.

Never install something without having that particular skill.

Why does the sewer smell come and go in the laundry room?

The sewer smell comes from the underground dry trap of your laundry room. You should check the line since it will connect to your main sewer line. Sometimes, the trap will dry, spreading the sewer smell in your laundry room. You must avoid that dry trap.

If the sewer smell comes and goes in your laundry room, you must check other areas and other reasons. The drainage system and improper pipe installation are other reasons behind this sewer smell in your laundry room.

There will be some more causes that will allow the sewer smell to go through your laundry room.

However, the sewer smell will go from your laundry room if you take the proper steps and sort out the problem.

When you find the actual reason for this bad smell, you must take steps to sort it out. Maybe you need to change some of your laundry room appliances or repair the leakages.

How do I know if my sewer line in the laudnry room is clogged?

Some signs of the clogged sewer line are given below.

Water Building Up:

When there is a problem with the main sewage line, one of the first symptoms that the problem exists is when water begins to back up in the sink or the toilet.

You may hear gurgling coming from a drain and see water coming back up from it. If the clog results from a singular occurrence, it should not affect the plumbing in other parts of the house.

Sluggish Drainage:

When washing the dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands, keep a watchful check on the drains. It is not unusual for hair to accumulate in the shower drain, which might impede water flow.

On the other hand, if you notice that the drains in different parts of the house are moving more slowly than usual, you almost certainly have a clog in the main line. If slow drains are a recurring issue in your home, you should examine the main line.

Funky Smells:

If you have a blockage in your sewer system, you can find that your sink, bathtub, or basement drain gives out a putrid smell.

If you smell sewage, there is a good chance you have a clogged pipe. Maintain vigilance if you notice sewage being forced back up via the drains in the sink or floor.

How do I fix a sewer smell in my laundry room?

You can fix a sewer smell in your laundry room with the following tips.


New dirt can produce an unpleasant odor as it decomposes over time. This odor can become intolerable in the home.

Therefore, it is time to tidy things up if you encounter any chaos. After adding the components, you should allow the machine to run and finish the cycle.

Clean Pipes Using Wire:

When cleaning the little drain pipes in the laundry room sewage, you can use a long hardwire to reach the nooks and crannies.

This will open the pipes of the sewer in the laundry room, and it will also eliminate the smell from the sewer.

Hot Water & Baking Soda:

Hot water, vinegar, and baking soda can be an effective and low-cost approach to unclog a drain line if you find yourself in a situation where the drain line is clogged.

First, mix all of the components mentioned above. After that, let the mixture sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. It will work just fine.

How do you unclog a laundry drain?

You can unclog your laundry drain in two ways. One is a home cleaning mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. The other one would be to use a drain snake and remove that clog within a short time.

We will go through both of these ways and try to unclog your laundry drain if it gets some hard and string dirt that hinders water flow.

The first way should be to use a drain snake that will go through your clogged drain and try to remove that clog by forcing.

 The snake might have some other ways, sharp teeth, or something that will break the clog and flow with flashed water. You can insert a drain snake, continue to flash for a while and let the clog disappear.

Another way is using a regular home mixture to remove that strong clog from your laundry drain. You should boil some water and get a maximum of heated water to mix baking soda and vinegar. Once you mix these three things, you must put them into your clog drain.

Final Thoughts

Your laundry room must have a clog drain, improper installation, and a dry trap that causes a sewer smell. If your laundry room smells like sewage, you must check all the pipelines and ask the plumber to sort them out. You must consider other reasons and try to solve them together to eat.