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Why Does My Yard Smell Like Sewage? (Answered)

A yard should always smell good. Planting grass, trees, aromatic flowers ensures a natural sweet smell that helps to keep our mind jolly. However, if we experience bad odors from the yard we should not neglect that as it can sometimes cause serious issues.

Yard smell like sewage

There can be various reasons for the yard to smell like sewage. Excess waste in the drainage system due to waste building up in the sewer lines, leak in the vent pipe are mainly responsible for the bad odor. However, if sewer trap plugs loose sewer gas can escape and cause the odor. 

The cause of the sewage odor in the yard may be a blockage in the septic tank, a leak in the vent pipe, or mold growth that releases sulfide gas. When a septic tank is plugged, waste builds up in the sewer lines, which makes the waste smell like sewer gas. 

Sometimes, if the vent pipe used to release sewer gas is damaged in any way, it will not function properly to release the sulfide gas in the sewer line, where the smell is actually coming. 

The ammonia smell in the soil, which is used as fertilizer for plants, is broken down by mold in the yard, either in the soil or in the sewage line, and as a result, the smell of sewer gas, which is related to sulfide gas, escapes into the garden regions outside the yard. 

Another reason for the stench is due to loose sewer trap plugs that are unable to stop sewer gas from escaping from the sewer tank. The improperly installed sewer line plugs trap the stench-producing gasses in such regions, which also contribute to the odor in the house’s yard.

Front yard: 

Excess waste in the drainage system: 

If there is too much waste in the drainage system surrounding the house, the yard may smell like sewers. The sewer gas odor is brought on by the presence of sulfur and methane in the waste. 

When it is not filtered for a number of days, the gas builds up inside the sewage line’s drainage system and overpowers the yard.

Mold in the sewage line: 

Mold may be the source of this offensive odor. 

Molds typically grow in the sewage line, the soil in the yard area, which contains methane and sulfide, or in the fertilizer applied to the soil, which the molds can readily decompose and which produces the odor. 

Mold grows excessively in regions with more waste or wetness since these areas are constantly surrounded by these things, which causes the mold to release that vile sewer gas odor into the yard.

Back yard: 

Blockage in the vent pipe: 

Vent pipes are constructed to collect sewer gas that escapes from sewage lines around yards. If the pipe is clogged or loosely installed, it is unable to absorb the gas, which causes the yard to smell like sewer gas.

Sewer system leak: 

Any leak in the sewer system or any of its lines will release a sulfur-like sewage odor, filling the yard with sewer gas. 

Unwanted waste in the sewage system can occasionally damage the pipes or line, making it difficult to locate the problem because the system is no longer functioning properly. 

This waste usually produces sewer gas, which escapes through any leaks and emits an unpleasant odor in the yard.

Is it normal to smell septic outside?

The septic smell should be considered normal if it is not overbearing, but if it is particularly objectionable, it should raise questions about whether the septic line has any defects or leaks. 

The vent pipe vents out the septic waste gas through this pipe, so some smells can come out of this line as a result, which is very normal. 

However, if the smell is very overpowering, check for the septic drainage system or septic pipe lines fittings which could be blocked or cracked to trap the gas of wastes thus giving off the offensive smell. 

If there is an excessive amount of the septic odor, it is not normal to smell it in the yard. If the odor is mild, there is no need for concern. An explanation for the smell, which is normal if not overpowering, could be that the septic line occasionally becomes molded or lets waste gas in.

Why does my yard smell like sewage after a  heavy rain? 

There’s no specific reason why the yard smells like sewage after a heavy rain. But there can be some most common culprits, responsible for the sewage smell. 

Overflowing dirt due to the increase of liquids, atmospheric pressure that results disrupting the balance of releasing methane gas. 

And increase the back-pressure on glasses, cracked or damaged pipe, disruption of drainage system, loose toilet gas ring, tree roots or wastes stuck in the septic tank can cause producing the smell.

Heavy rain greatly impacts the drainage system that disrupts the balance of the septic system. Due to the flooded drain field, it can not accelerate the waste and fails to dispose of the sewage and produces a bad odor. 

Moreover, there’s a high possibility of cracking pipes that can’t hold rainwater, resulting in flow of the water in the drains or septic tank that forcefully expel the sewer gas and smells terribly. 

How do I get rid of the sewer smell in my yard? 

The distinct and frustrating odor coming from the drain or septic tank is basically hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane which is hazardous for human health. To get rid of this sewer smell from yard, follow these given  ideas: 

Using baking soda and white vinegar into the drain:

The situation is quite efficient in order to neutralize the offensive odor. It will ensure a deep cleaning, germ removing and will actively absorb the odor. 

To make this solution, you will require ¼ cup of baking soda with one cup of white vinegar and mix it well with a gallon of hot water. Pour the solution in drains and wait for 30 minutes. Ensure the dirt and all the leftovers wash away thoroughly. 

Ensure the steps properly as this process works greatly to neutralize any bad odor. 

Activated carbon cover:

It’s another effective way to get rid of the sewer smell. Carbon cover can neutralize any unwanted odor using activated carbon. 

Place the activated carbon cover at the top of the vent that will initially absorb the distinct, disgusting smell in a short time. If there’s no big issue for smelling this bad odor then it can be a great option to use. 

Use mineral oil and some essential oils:

Make a mixture using mineral oil or vegetable oil adding some overpowering essential oils. 

Pour the mixture over the drain and the oil will work by floating on the water and ensures slow evaporation which will result in decreasing the bad smell. 

Try the household deodorant, bleaching powder:

Bleaching powder has the ability to lessen any bad, distinct smell by soaking it up. 

Bleaching powder is the complex mixture of various chemical compounds that primarily help to neutralize the bad odor ensuring pH level 6.7 to 7.5. 

How to prevent yard from smelling like sewage?

The incentive odor of gasses is really dangerous when inhaled a high amount. So taking preventative steps is really necessary. Some preventive measures you can take: 

Place air vents for ensuring fresh air:

Air vents are the essential factor that ensures fresh air inside the house, offsetting the bad odor. It works by allowing exhaust gasses to flow without any hindrance by the plumbing system. 

To get rid of the sewer smell, air vents will help to a great extent alongside the drainage system, as they eventually help to get rid of water and waste effectively. 

Don’t flash anything rather than human waste:

Flash is designed in the way that it can’t digest anything other than human waste. 

It will disrupt the balance in the septic tank which will result in an increase of sludge and eventually will require more frequent pump-outs. 

Place carbon filters:

Carbon filters work using activated charcoal to absorb any strong and unwanted odors and neutralize it. Place the carbon filter on the top of the vent so that no foul odor comes out from it. 

But keep in mind that the carbon filter has to change annually. 

Use an oxygenator:

It’s a biomass accelerator that works for dissolution of oxygen and increases the level of oxygen. It results in increasing the number of microorganisms and hence waste digestion.

If the waste digestion has increased, it will efficiently reduce the sewage odor. 

Final Thoughts 

Any leak in the sewer system will allow gas to escape from the sewage line in the yard which eventually results in the bad odor. Blockage in the vent pipe and mold infestation is also responsible. This distinct smell can be hazardous for health so taking precautionary measures is must.