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Why Is There Black Mold in the Dishwasher? (Quick Answers)

Have you ever noticed black molds in the dishwasher? They are hideous! And terribly disgusting! Moreover they can cause several illnesses. In order to solve this issue, the users need to have a vast knowledge of this. 

Reasons of black mold in the dishwasher

Often you can find disgusting black molds in the dishwasher. The reasons for them to stay in the washer are widespread. The remaining foods clogged in the dishwasher and the dark, moisture around it – all play a significant part in feeding the molds with nutrients with which they thrive. 

These molds have very concealing growth. Without one’s knowledge, it can easily grow to such an extent that leaves the entire dishwasher with spores of molds. Not to mention, they are often tucked around the door seals, hiding very well from the eyes. 

Unfortunately, many times people miss their signs. It takes more than months to identify these little devils. To be precise, while recognizing the molds the most crucial factor is smelling. If not the smell, the proper examination is enough for you. 

But, before moving to the signs, you need to know all the reasons that trigger the growth of the black molds in the dishwasher. Only then, you will be able to prevent it when you gather the clearest idea about them. 

Here is a brief outline of the most common reasons for black mold in the dishwasher –

Food remnants:

While washing the dishes, many remaining food particles can get stuck in the corners or crevices of the dishwasher. This is the typical scenario. Oftentimes, they are so minute that make them too difficult to identify. 

And these remnants are the major comeback for the molds. The molds need nutrients to grow. Sadly, these food particles give them the nutrients by which they grow and pose an enormous threat to our health.


The dishwasher gets wet and often remains moist. Who can you blame? The dishes remain watery right after you wash them. Though we can rub it with the driest clothes, still chances are high there will be moisture there. 

This water works as an energy source for them. As most of these molds are green plants, they photosynthesize when they get water. The result is their uninterrupted growth. 


It’s no myth that the molds strive in dark, moist environments. And as most users keep the dishwasher in dark places, the signs of molds are inevitable. 

The best thing to prevent them is to keep the dishwasher in front of sunlight. If you can’t permanently fix them there, try to keep them under the sun for three to five hours. Hopefully, you’ll see instant results. 

Is black mold in the dishwasher dangerous?

Even though we dislike black molds, there is still uncertainty about their health risks. But better safe than sorry. Various popular research and journals like Medical Mycology seem to highlight the health risks associated with these tiniest elements. 

As there are several types of molds, including black, pink, and orange molds, knowing which one is dangerous for them is challenging. Plus, each one has species too. How are you going to know which black molds are harmful to you? 

The general answer is yes. Although molds can not be life-threatening, they pose substantial health problems. The common one is mold allergy. Many people have this, and simple black molds can make their condition worse. 

Other than that, breathing these molds can be quite unhealthy for your body. Starting from the breathing problems it can be responsible for respiratory problems. For example, asthma is a common problem that users have to face for black molds. 

However, a better immune system can save you from these hazards. Thinking them useless for this is the biggest folly users do. As these molds have a history to harm users, neglecting them would be the most cursed idea ever. 

If you or anyone you know faces any disease caused by black molds, an urgent doctor appointment should be done. Whatever the problem be, examining it and treating it would be most preferable. 

Moreover, people should try to solve the black mold issues and prevent them from growing in order to get a safe and healthy life. Your little carelessness can severely affect your health, especially if you have younger ones in your home. 

How to properly clean it?

To keep houses safe, no one wants a dirty dishwasher. And even if you know how many black molds can affect your lives, it is utterly ridiculous not to protect and clean your dishwasher from this. 

But, the catch is no one is quite sure how to clean it. Don’t worry! You don’t need a mold expert to clean it for you. With some easy steps, you can get rid of yourself. All you need is the proper guidelines. 

Choose the anti-mold mixture:

Vinegar is the most renowned and effective solution which works against molds. Most of the time, you will get an instant result while using these due to their acidity. 

However, you can also stick to regular bleach, borax, ammonia, or even Australian tea oil. They all work the same way and kick out every bit of mold from your home. 

Make a mixture:

Now, it’s time to make the mixture of those specific anti-mold elements that you chose. Whatever the material is that will not alter the process of making the mixture. 

For one bottle of the mixture, use one teaspoon of vinegar or borax. This goes the same for the other elements too. No need to fret over it. 

Take proper precaution:

Note that this mixture can be dangerous for your skin too. Plus they might lead to irritation, inflammation of the lungs, and a variety of minor to major potential risks. Thus, leaping into the process without precaution is not a good idea.

For this, experts often recommend wearing gloves and masks properly. If you can wear protective suits, that’s the best of both worlds. Don’t neglect your health. 

Spray on the affected areas:

Firstly, shake the bottle properly. When done, spray it on the affected areas. Continue this until you cover the entire part. Next, leave them to sit there. At least wait for ten to fifteen minutes. This will help to weaken the molds. 

However, don’t scrape them. This might make them airborne as well as spread their dreadful impact everywhere. 

Scrub it:

After all this spraying, you need to scrub the affected areas with a brush. For this, it is better to use a strong nylon brush. 

You need to stroke the places strongly with this. Don’t scrape the black molds nor splash them, otherwise, you will only dig your hole deeper. No doubt, these elements can also trigger allergic reactions. 

Later on, rub the place with a clean towel or tissue. Beware to dispose of that properly unless you want more of these disgusting black molds. 

Solutions to black mold in the dishwasher

Wouldn’t it be better to prevent the black mold from the very beginning? Cleaning and maintenance are necessary but with a few effective measures, you can prevent them from happening in the dishwasher. 

So what are the solutions? Actually, there are plenty. To know more details, use this section as the guidelines and get a clean and tidy dishwasher. 


It is the most effective and important part of keeping your dishwasher from unwanted black molds. Any disinfectant or antiseptic would do the work for you.

You can just soak the clean cloth with the mixture and rub it in every corner of the dishwasher. With every stroke of it, you will be a cleaner dishwasher and a safe home. 

Clean filters:

Filters are something that most people tend to forget. It is a major problem if you do too. The filters are the hub of the dirt and the remaining food particles. If you do not look carefully and clean the place, chances are high that you will end up having spores of mold surrounding it. 

Drying the area:

After washing the area, let the moisture evaporate. This is the thing that most homeowners don’t really follow. 

It is worth mentioning that the water and even a bit of moisture help the black mold to create their reign. Thus, there is no way other than drying it properly before using it again. 

Weekly maintenance:

Try to clean it with vinegar or baking soda mixture once a week. You will see the magical results instantly. Neither a single black mold nor any health issues will be found at your home. 

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the common causes for the black molds in the dishwasher are the food remains, moisture, heat, and dark dirt environments. The moisture and darkness often trigger these black molds. However, as they are seriously dangerous, effective measures should be taken for health and hygiene.