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Will Fiberglass Stick to Plastic? (All You Need to Know)

Fiberglass is made with reformed plastic and resin mixture. It helps to protect personal equipment and other parts of a house. At the same time, plastic is also used as a protective layer on different parts or instruments.

Plastic is durable and perfectly protects the building materials, including lifts, pipes, and more.

Therefore, fiberglass and plastic are two integrated parts of houses or building materials. Whenever you want to build a house or factory, you need these two materials one after another.

Will fiberglass stick to plastic?

Fiberglass will stick to plastic if you use strong plastic Epoxy. You can also use super glue to bond the fiberglass and plastic. These are high-quality and strong materials that will firmly bond the fiberglass and plastic. You can buy them from any hardware store and use them properly.

Since fiberglass and plastic are the two most important building materials, you should look for the best plastic epoxy. Following the instructions or steps will create the differences between weak bonding of strong bonding.

We will talk about the best ways to join the fiberglass with the plastic. From now on, we will look at two different plastic types. One is ABS plastic, and the other one is HDPE plastic. These are the most common plastics you will use in your building or house.

ABS plastic:

You can join the fiberglass with the ABS plastic. It is especially a thermoplastic that contains chemicals for food preservation containers. ABS plastic is safe, and it can store food safely.

ABS plastic is also chemical, heat, and creep resistant. This feature helps the food containers to store the food for a long time. Bacteria cannot go through ABS plastic and remain in the food in good health.

HDPE plastic:

Do you ever think of plastic bottles and what they are made with? HDPE plastic or High-density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer material.

Manufacturers use it to make plastic bottles and other plastic-made instruments.

However, the fiberglass will stick to the HDPE plastic. But you need to use strong plastic Epoxy to connect them firmly.

You can finally buy any plastic epoxy from the hardware shop and apply it to join the HDPE PLASTIC with the fiberglass.

But you cannot use the plastic wrap to stick the fiberglass with HDPE plastic. It will fail. To connect the HDPE plastic bumpers, you can use strong Epoxy.

Will Bondo fiberglass stick to plastic?

Bondo fiberglass is a well-known plastic-made fiberglass that can be used to seal, repair breaks, and fill holes in different parts. It is good to get everyday products for the users.

You can stick something using Bondo fiberglass. Since Bondo fiberglass is made with plastic and other materials, it will securely stick to plastic. You simply need to add some cramp and join the fiberglass with the plastic.

Bondo fiberglass can also be used for feeling the holes in concrete, fiberglass, wood, and metal. It has diverse applying abilities that ultimately help the Bondo fiberglass quickly stick to the plastic surface or material.

Having all the required plastic materials and feeling capacity will quickly stick to the plastic-made things or surfaces. If you have plastic and want to join it with the Bondo fiberglass, you can do that.

Can you use Fiberglass to repair plastic?

Fiberglass is a repairing ingredient or material. It is used for repairing plastic, wood, fiberglass, and other building materials. Before applying the fiberglass to repair plastic or other materials, you should prepare the surface and scuff it properly.

If you prepare the plastic surface and nicely clean it, you can use fiberglass to repair plastic. Let’s say you have a plastic pipe that needs to be fixed. What will be the easiest option to repair it?

The perfect solution would be fiberglass. You can use the Bondo fiberglass and seal the plastic materials with perfection. Besides, this fiberglass mixture will seal the plastic pipes or fill the gap. This is how you can use fiberglass to repair plastic.

3 reason why fiberglass sticks to plastic

Fiberglass does stick to plastic. The material of the plastic is meant to stick to fiberglass. Both the element complements each other to the maximum and form a strong bond. Let’s get to know the details for the strong bond of the both.

Plastic Epoxy:

Whenever you ask why the fiberglass sticks to plastic, you will end up having an answer of strong plastic Epoxy. Here, the plastic Epoxy is a bonding material. It has adhesive features and ingredients.

These things ultimately help the fiberglass stick to plastic. Another reason is the glue. Plastic Epoxy is the glue material; it helps the fiberglass stick to the plastic.


Every material helps the fiberglass to stick to the plastic. If you look at the fiberglass ingredients, you will find plastic, glass, and other chemicals in them.

In plastic, you will also get some chemical bonding and other ingredients.

So, both the fiberglass and plastic materials have some similar ingredients. These ingredients will easily stick to each other when they get Epoxy or glue.

Adhesive Fiberglass:

It will be a quick job to stick the fiberglass with the plastic if you have adhesive fiberglass.

When you build your house and need to ensure the quality and join the fiberglass with the plastic, you should buy the adhesive fiberglass.

Adhesive fiberglass has a strong glue or plastic epoxy, which helps the fiberglass to stick to the plastic quickly.

These are the three reasons why fiberglass sticks to plastic. Among them, the first one is the most crucial reason. If you use strong plastic Epoxy, it will quickly join both the building materials.

How to make fiberglass stick to plastic?

Follow our tips to make the fiberglass stick to plastic. We have come up with five quick steps to help you attach the fiberglass with the plastic properly.

After following the first four steps, don’t forget to review them and go through the fifth one. It will help you to make the joint strong enough. It will be durable as well.

Clean the Surface:

You must have plastic and fiberglass, which you want to stick together. Here, cleaning these surfaces will play a crucial role. It will help to prepare both surfaces.

You can use a microfiber cloth and soak it into the detergent or other cleaning solutions. Then, clean both surfaces or materials with it.

Apply the Epoxy or glue:

After cleaning the fiberglass and plastic materials, you need to scruff it properly and dry the surface. Since you use a wet microfiber cloth, you should let the surface dry.

Once the surfaces dry, you can apply the Epoxy to the fiberglass. You should apply it on the entire fiberglass and plastic corners and middles.


You cannot delay the attaching time; instead, you should attach the fiberglass and plastic materials soon after the epoxy application. Join them firmly and let them stick to each other.

The fiberglass will play a crucial role in sticking to the plastic. Therefore, you should put the Epoxy or glue more on the fiberglass than on the plastic.


When you attach them, you should let them dry naturally. You can leave the attached fiberglass and plastic under the direct sun to dry quickly. Besides, the airflow will also help the material to stick firmly.

It might take half an hour to several hours. You cannot move or detach the material for further editing. Otherwise, it might damage the surfaces and ruin them completely.

Avoid excessive heat:

Since both the fiberglass and plastic will melt in high heat, you should avoid using fire around them. When you attach them firmly using the plastic Epoxy, you must ensure the average temperature.

Otherwise, the joint will become weak and can’t survive for a long time. Both the materials are plastic; they cannot resist heat; as a result, they will depart if the joint is weak.

What will fiberglass resin not stick to? What plastic does fiberglass resin not stick to?

The wood surface is where the fiberglass resin will not stick to. To be exact, the fiberglass resin will not stick to the treated wood. It is only for dry and untreated wood, plastic, metal, and similar surfaces.

Wood is a natural material, whereas fiberglass is an artificial or human-made material. They are not the same. In this regard, fiberglass needs dry or untreated wood to stick to.

Also, the fiberglass resin doesn’t stick to polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene is the only plastic ingredient that doesn’t allow the fiberglass to attach; besides, it will not absorb the glue or plastic epoxy properly.

The fiberglass resin is an anti-polyethylene material. It can’t resist it and cannot help to join together. Moreover, the resin plays a role against this material and cannot stick to it despite using the best plastic epoxy.

Final Thoughts

The strong plastic epoxy and super glue are the two best ingredients or glue to attach the fiberglass with plastic. So, the fiberglass will stick to the plastic when you apply the best glue between them. You can follow some quick steps that we described in our previous sections.