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Will Ortho Home Defense Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are a bit hard to find as they do not show up like bed bugs and mosquitoes. But when you find out there are carpet beetles on your carpet, they already have done some damage.

So, what is the best way to prevent them? Can Ortho home defense protect your house from them? Keep reading to find out.

Will Ortho home defense get rid of carpet beetles?

Ortho home defense sprays are one of the best solutions for carpet beetles. After spraying, it provides twelve-month coverage, and it does not stain the clothes and carpets. It dries fast and is not harmful to people and pets once it gets dry. Do not spray it near food and drinking water.

Carpet beetles are one of the most common indoor pests in the United States. They are small-sized beetles and feast on clothes, carpets, wool, feather, hair and many more household things.

The prevention of carpet beetles can be a never-ending process if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Ortho home defense is a great way to remove all carpet beetles from your house. Ortho home defense’s active ingredient is quite effective in terminating the carpet beetles, their eggs and larvae. So how does it works?

Ortho home defense has Bifenthrin as the active ingredient, which is super effective against bugs and insects. The chemical directly affects the nervous system of insects and damages their body function immediately.

But the good thing about it is that it is not that harmful to humans. However, it can cause health complications if it comes into contact with food, drink and open part of the human body.

Not only carpet beetles, but It also removes more than 200 common household insect species. It terminates the insect inside and creates a bug protection wall so bugs can not enter your house.

Ortho home defense is an excellent pick for dealing with carpet beetles as You can spray it almost everywhere, and it will not cause any strains. You can spray it around the baseboard of your carpet, sofa, cabinets and other surfaces where carpet beetles infest.

Now let’s talk about carpet beetles. There are three main carpet beetle species: varied carpet beetles, black carpet beetles, and furniture carpet beetles. They can be 2-5 cm long, and Ortho home defense works effectively against all of them.

The beetles have different stages in their life, but the larvae carpet beetles do the most damage to our furniture, clothes and carpet. They make irregular holes in the cloth, mat or wool. And they can deal massive damage if you do not notice in the first place.

The larvae shade several times before reaching adulthood. Adult carpet beetles are not as destructive as the larvae ones, and they can harm other thighs.

Outdoors carpet beetles eat nectar, pollen, other insects etc. But indoors, they can infest your kitchen and eat flour, rice, dried fish, meat etc.

Carpet beetles do not bite, and they don’t have any toxins. But they can cause health complications on your health by contaminating your food. So, getting rid of carpet beetles is essential for saving the carpets and furniture and avoiding health problems.

There are two different types of Ortho home defense products. Check out how effective they are in removing the carpet beetles.

Ortho home defense:

Ortho home defense does quite well terminating all the carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae.

Ortho home defense max:

If carpet beetles heavily infest your home, you can choose Ortho home defense max because it has more active agents.

Does Ortho home defense get rid of carpet beetle larvae?

Ortho home defense helps to terminate the carpet beetles’ larvae, eggs, and adults. It protects the applied area for 12 months from carpet beetles and other insects like ants, cockroaches, termites, spiders, bed bugs etc.

Carpet beetles lay about 30-40 eggs, and the larvae hatch after 10 to 20 days. The larvae stage of carpet beetles can be the longest period of their life. The larvae stage can last about 220 to 600+ days.

So, if a larvae make one hole every day in your carpet, there will be nothing left after a year! So, it is essential to get rid of carpet beetles as soon as possible.

Where to look for carpet beetle larvae?

As the name suggests, carpet is a common place for carpet larvae. Still, they can eat almost all types of fabric things such as sofa, clothes, wools, dolls, silk, pure clothing items, beddings, furniture, leather, fur, animal hair, natural cotton, lint, food crumbs, insects, blankets etc.

Carpet beetles infest all-natural things, but they cannot consume synthetic clothes. Here are some tips to find out if carpet beetle larvae are in your house.

Check and clean your carpet and clothes regularly:

Regularly check the stored clothes and carpets in the house. By doing that, you will be able to know if carpet beetles or other pests are infesting your stuff.

Check for irregular holes:

Irregular holes in the cloth are the primary sign of carpet beetle ingestion. If you find those in any of your clothes or blankets, you need to take steps to protect other clothes and furniture in your home.

Odd smell:

If an organism eats something, part of the food must come out. It’s not different for the carpet beetles. Carpet beetle larvae waste will release an odd smell from the cloth or furniture they infest.

Be careful in spring and summer:

Carpet beetle larvae lay eggs in our house in the spring and summer. So if you stop them from laying eggs in your carpet and furniture, you will be able to spend the year without the carpet beetle issues.

What is considered an infestation of carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles lay 30-40 eggs at a time. Even a few carpet beetles can deal massive damage if you don’t take steps to remove them. So, as long as you can see, a few carpet beetles can be considered carpet beetles infestation.

Carpet beetle larvae mainly deal damage to the carpet and furniture. Once they mature, they can fly away and infest food material in your kitchen.

The smell of food attracts mature carpet beetles. If the beetles come into contact with the food, that can cause food contamination. So it is essential to take steps to remove the carpet beetles.

How to get rid of carpet beetles with Ortho home defense?

Here is the step-by-step process of applying Ortho home defense to get rid of carpet beetles.

Get the correct size:

There are different sizes of Ortho home defense jar. Get the correct sized jar. Finish all the jars at once and read the instruction carefully.

Wear safety measures:

Wear gloves and a respirator before applying the spray. Keep the people and pets out of your house for a few hours. Keep the food, water and related kitchen items in a safe place.

Shake the jar and spray:

Shake the jar and start applying the spray above 12 inches of the surface you are applying on. Don’t apply the spray in the air.

Apply moderate amount:

Make a surface slightly wet with the ortho home defense spray, but don’t soak it entirely.

Make a border around house:

After applying inside the house, make a border outside your home wall so insects cannot crawl inside.

Let the spray cure:

After the spray dries, people and pets can continue living in the house for a few hours.

Can Ortho home defense be sprayed on carpet?

Do not spray Ortho home defense directly on your carpet. But you can spray on the baseboard around the carpet. It will be enough to remove the carpet beetle larvae from your carpet. The product should be used on the cracks and crevices of your house.

Also, do not apply Ortho home defense spray on the clothes and blankets. But you can easily use it around the cabinets you keep clothes. Ortho home defense will keep the carpet beetles and most insects away from your home for 12 months.

Does Ortho home defense max stain carpet?

You should not use Ortho home defense directly on the carpet. Apply on the baseboard around the carpet.

Ortho home defense or Ortho home defense max neither makes a stain on any surface. It also does not have any smell, but you should always wear a respirator while applying the product.

Try to finish all the jars at once, as you will not need to reapply for at least 12 months. Before using it, keep it away from children and pets.

Final thoughts

Ortho home defense does an excellent job of getting rid of carpet beetles and other indoor pests. It will provide effective and long-term protection against pest infestation. Apply on the cracks and crevices of your house, and don’t apply directly to your carpet and furniture.