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Worms in Bathroom Sink: Why and How to Get Rid of Them?

We face different problems in our bathrooms in the rainy season. It’s when everything gets damp, and creatures or the garden bugs go through everywhere. They also increase their productivity in the rainy season by finding damp places.  

Our bathroom becomes another living place for the worms and other bugs. You may find worms in bathroom sinks and other pipelines. We will see why they are in the sink and how you can eliminate them.

5 reason for worms in the bathroom sink:

You will mostly find five different reasons why there are worms in your bathroom sink. The poor drainage system and sewage lines are the main reasons for getting worms in your bathroom. They will find a damp area in your bathroom and other leftovers that will attract & allow them to come.

We will show you the top five reasons you get worms in your bathroom. Besides, we will also give homemade solutions so that you can eliminate these unwanted kits. You can use vinegar and other ingredients to spray over the worms and eliminate them within a minute. 

Also, regular cleaning will help you to keep your bathroom free from worms.

Before eliminating the worms from your bathroom, you must know why worms get in your bathroom and how it gets the path. Once you know the reason, you can stop that path and don’t allow any worms to get into your bathroom in the rainy season. 

It will be easier to solve that problem too.

Groundwater Flow:

We must have groundwater flow in our basement where we keep water. It’s a common practice not to check or clean those areas for a year or a long time. 

If your groundwater flow gets damaged or is attached to an outside environment, it will allow different bugs & worms to get through the groundwater flow.

You should consider the groundwater flow as the first reason you get worms in your bathroom during the rainy season. Maybe the groundwater flow system gets damp in the rain, and worms find their way to enter your bathroom sink. 

So, you should check the groundwater system and close that path. 

Poor Drainage System:

You have a drainage system throughout the house to remove the water; it is also connected to your bathroom. 

However, if the drainage system is damaged and some pipes are broken, you will discover different worms and other bugs. Poor drainage systems are always a big concern.

You must check your drainage system before every rainy season & repair the damaged pipes or replace the broken pipes. It will also help eliminate bad smells from your crawl space and other areas. 

In short, the poor drainage system is another reason why your bathroom has worms.

Broken or Damaged Sewage line:

Broken or damaged sewage line is another reason why you get worms in your bathrooms. If any sewage lines get broken in the rainy season, it will attract worms, and the worms will get a safe way to enter your bathroom. 

It will also create other problems, including a bad smell in your house.

Whenever you find any damaged or broken sewage line, you must call a plumber to come & repair that portion. You cannot repair it unless you’re a plumber. Once you solve the issues, you must manually eliminate those worms from your bathroom. 

In that case, different salt solutions will help you a lot.

Poorly Tiled Floors:

Almost all of us have tiles in our bathroom since it’s a common standard for every house. The tiled floors might be another reason for having worms in your bathroom; especially the poor tiled floors are a friend of worms. 

Here, the poorly tiled floors indicate that your tiles are not placed securely, and it has some empty way to let worms come through.

If that’s the case, you must consider it seriously and take steps to close all the tiles properly. Otherwise, the rainy season would be a horrible time for you to face worms in your bathroom. 

You should check your tiles before the rain has come and consequently after the season.

Damp Bathrooms:

If you keep your bathroom damp all the time, it will attract worms. Especially when you have broken pipes or the tikes are poorly installed, the damp bathroom would be a haven for worms. 

They will find their way to enter your bathroom and live there for a long time.

So, keeping your bathroom fresh & dry is another precondition to eliminating worms from your bathroom. The damp bathroom is not good for health since the standby water might grow some harmful bacteria and other bugs. 

So, try to keep your bathroom dry in the rainy season and eliminate the worms accordingly.

Are worms in the bathroom sink harmful?

Worms in the bathroom could be harmless & harmful depending on where they come from. They might bear some unknown and detrimental bacteria. From that sense, you can say that worms are dangerous in the bathroom sink.

Tiny worms:

The tiny worms are not harmful since they might come from a safe place. If you find tiny worms in the bathroom sink, don’t worry, they will not bite you or cause any damage to your skin. Flash and let them go from the bathroom sink.

Small Black worms:

The small black worms in your bathroom sink are considered harmless since they don’t contain any harmful bacteria. You can flash and flow them with water and let them leave your bathroom sink. 

Although they are not harmful, you should not allow them to live in your bathroom.

Small White worms:

The small white worms might be harmful in your bathroom sink. If you find them in your bathroom, you must keep them away and don’t get in touch with them. They might spread bacteria and other infections.

Can worm come up through sink drains?

Worms can come up through sink drains. Worms are a common pest that lives inside drains and feeds on organic matter, soap scum, and mineral residue. Under specific circumstances, worms will lay their eggs. 

If you do not use the sink in your bathroom very frequently, there is a high possibility that water will be left standing in the pipes, which might ultimately attract worms, which will lay their eggs in the sink drains. 

If this continues long enough, the worm eggs will hatch and become a problem. Worms will lay their eggs in your bathroom sink if you don’t use it very frequently, which is why it’s essential to clean it regularly. 

In addition, the worms like to lay their eggs in the sticky covering that covers the pipe’s interior. The worm’s eggs will hatch in as little as thirty-two hours after the worm has laid them. The slimy slime that frequently lines pipes is an ideal food source for the developing larvae.

How to get rid of worms in my bathroom sink?

If you want to get rid of worms in your bathroom as well as ensure prevent this troubling creature from striking upon your sink drains, you may try the following measures: 

Scrub Pipes:

Scrub the exterior of the drain pipes to loosen and remove the muck that has accumulated there. After removing any organic buildup and surplus waste with a metal pipe, flush the pipe’s inside. 

When you clean the pipes, you ensure that you are destroying the feeding ground for the worms.

Plumbing Snake:

The filth that accumulates in the pipes at the bottom of the drains can be cleaned with the assistance of this gadget. In order to use the plumbing snake, you must first insert the coil into the pipe and then twist it through it. 

This will eliminate the breeding grounds and remove the dirt.

Enzyme Drain Cleaners:

Cleaners that use enzymes or bacteria to eat through organic debris in the pipes and eliminate breeding grounds are called enzyme cleaners. These are complete kits for unclogging drains and other plumbing fixtures.

Routine Maintenance:

The best approach to avoid this problem is to take preventative measures. 

Simple steps, like pouring half a cup of baking soda into each drain in the house, then following it up with an equal amount of white vinegar, will ensure that all drains in the home remain clean. 

After allowing the mixture to form for a few minutes, flush the pipes with hot water to remove any residue. 

Maintaining a septic system includes doing maintenance on a regular basis and running hot water through drains that aren’t utilized as often as once or twice a week.

Final thoughts

Poor tiled floors, damaged sewage lines, and rainwater are the main reasons why there are worms in your bathroom sink. You should follow my tips and eliminate them from your bathroom. Moreover, you must clean your bathroom every week and don’t allow any bugs to live there.