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3-Bedroom Single-Story Modern Barndominium House with Oversized Patios (Floor Plan)


  • 1,706 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 4 Cars

Imagine the charm of the countryside shaken up with a dash of contemporary chic, and what do you get?

A 1,706 square foot slice of heaven that marries the homeliness of a barn with the sleekness of modern design, offering a living experience that’s as refreshing as a breezy summer evening.

Envision a space where three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a sprawling single-story layout, and a garage big enough to host a small car show come together in perfect harmony.

Let’s embark on a journey through this architectural gem that blends the cozy vibes of farmhouse style with the sharp lines of modern aesthetics, shall we?

Starting from the outside, the house practically winks at you, combining metal, wood, and stone to present a façade that’s as sophisticated as it is earthy.

It’s akin to donning a tuxedo paired with cowboy boots and making it look effortlessly cool.

The showstopper, however, are the expansive covered patios that grace each side of the home.

Whether you find peace in greeting the dawn with yoga or toasting the twilight with a glass of wine, these patios are your go-to retreats.

Once inside, the open-concept living space embraces you like a warm hug.

The heart of this home beats around a cozy fireplace, making every book read or TV show binge-watched here feel like a special indulgence.

The dining area nearby whispers promises of lively family gatherings and laughter-filled dinners.

But it’s the kitchen that truly showcases the home’s flair for blending beauty with practicality.

Boasting a generous walk-in pantry, it eradicates any worry about where to stash those bulk purchases.

The kitchen island isn’t just another counter—it’s a versatile hero ready to serve as a breakfast nook, a makeshift office, or the perfect spot for spreading out a feast.

Venture to the right, and you’ll discover the master suite—a haven of tranquility.

The ensuite bathroom, with its dual vanities, ensures morning routines are a breeze, while the separate shower and toilet offer valued privacy.

The walk-in closet isn’t just about storage; it’s a sanctuary for your shoes, giving your collection the respect it deserves.

But what of the other residents or visitors?

The additional bedrooms, snug near the massive four-car garage (hello, garage band dreams!), share a Jack and Jill bathroom, balancing privacy with camaraderie.

Across the hall, a conveniently placed guest bathroom and laundry room stand ready to tackle life’s little messes.

This home is more than just a meeting of elegance and functionality; it’s a declaration of lifestyle.

It whispers to the world that you can indeed marry comfort with style, sprinkle in practicality, and present it all with an air of nonchalance.

So, if you’re scouting for a home that’s as warm and inviting as a homemade pie yet as cool and collected as a fashion icon, this barndominium-style house could very well be the dream home you’ve been searching for.

Here’s to finding your perfect blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication.

Happy home searching to all aspiring barndo dwellers!

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