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Are Petunias Edible? (All You Need to Know)

We eat with our eyes first, which sincerely means the food needs to look good before we eat it. Edible flowers are a great option when it comes to enhancing the beauty of food both in the sense of looks and flavor. 

Almost all of us are familiar with edible flowers that are used as garnishing especially in desserts. However, almost all those flowers used as garnish are edible. But, are petunias edible? 

Petunias are also commonly used as ingredients for garnishing. If you are wondering if they are edible or not, then bear with us till the end. 

Today we will have a comprehensive discussion on whether petunias are edible or not. So, let’s get started. 

Are petunias edible?

Petunias are not edible. Petunias are one of those flowers that are commonly used in restaurants for garnishing. Although almost all flowers used as garnish can be consumed, petunias are the ones which cannot be consumed. However, no part of the plant or the flower is considered poisonous. 

Petunias are native to South America. And there are about 35 species of the flowering plant of the nightshade family, that petunia belongs to. These plants are commonly used for ornamental decorations as summer flower beds and window boxes. 

Petunias are also used in different dishes to increase the beauty of the dish and to make it look more colorful. 

Not all petunias are edible. There is only one specific species of petunia that is edible, which is Petunia x hybrida. Other than that you can use your garden petunias as garnish. However, it is not recommended to consume it. 

Mexican petunias:

Mexican petunias are not to be eaten. However, this particular genus has been claimed for having medicinal use. Mexican petunias can be used to create medicine for diseases like flu, asthma, fever, eczema, etc. 

Mexican petunias do not grow flowers in winter. However, if you have them as your garden petunias, then you can simply snip off the leaves and branches of the plants. 

Wave petunias:

Wave petunias are also not edible. They are a great addition to your garden. All along the summer, these flowers will make your garden look more colorful. 

Wave petunias tend to grow all summer if they are watered and fertilized properly. These flowers do not prefer shade. So, be sure to keep your garden petunias in light as much as possible. The heat wouldn’t be a problem as long as you water them regularly.

What happens if I eat a petunia?

Your body will not have any certain kind of reaction if you eat a petunia.

However, some specific species are used for medicinal usage. Apart from that there is a specific type of petunia that is particularly used as garnish. Additionally, petunias are widely used as summer bed flowers. They are a great addition to your garden.     

The only type of petunia that can be consumed without any type of hesitation is Petunia x hybrida. Among all the species of the flower, you can eat this without worrying about anything. 

Are petunias poisonous to humans and children?

Petunias are not poisonous to humans or children. No part of the plant or flower is known to have any sorts of toxin in it. Additionally, no part of the plant has been known to have any sorts of allergic reaction. Therefore, petunias are considered safe for your pet and children. 

Petunias are members of the nightshade family, so they are usually not consumed. However, petunias are widely used for garnishing purposes.  

Are petunias edible for dogs and other pets?

Petunias are edible for dogs and other pets. Petunias do not carry any sorts of toxins, therefore, dogs and other pets can consume petunias. Petunias are commonly used in summer gardens to enhance the beauty of the gardens. 

These colorful looking flowers are great for flower beds. As they are safe for your pets, you won’t have to worry about your dogs consuming it.  

What are petunias used for?

Petunias are sun loving plants. There are multiple species of petunias available. Some of them are used as food garnishing, where some are used as medicines. Here are a few usage of petunias: 

Used as food garnish: 

Petunias are hugely used as garnish in desserts and various other savory dishes. The color of the flower enhances the beauty of the dish, and makes it look pleasant for the eyes. 

They don’t add much taste to the dish however, if you consume them there will be no health risks. 

Used for medicine production: 

Petunia is very essential when it comes to medicinal usage. Petunia helps with diseases like eczema, diabetes, flu, asthma etc.

Used for its ornamental features:             

Petunias are considered as versatile annuals. These flowers are widely used as color masses, borders and seasonal groundcovers.

Petunias are to be planted in sunlight. They cannot grow properly if grown in shades. These flowers do not require any certain type of soil. They can grow in almost all types of soils. However, the pH needs to be somewhere between 6.0-7.0.

If petunias are grown properly, they require at least 8-10 weeks to start growing from seeds. Petunias are almost available in all the solid rainbow colors. The flowers can be large or small and they can bloom all year long.     

What flower petals are edible?

Over time we have started to consume flowers. We generally use them as garnish, or to enhance the flavor of the dish. Here is a list of flower petals that are edible: 

Borage Blossoms: 

The first on the list comes the borage blossoms. Borage blossoms are blue in color and they are star shaped. The flower has a taste which is a lot similar to cucumber, which is why it is widely used in salads. Additionally, they are used in lemonades due to their refreshing tastes.        


Next we have the calendula. Calendula is also known as ‘The poor man’s saffron’ due to its color and taste. Calendula infused oil is used in various dishes. It has a subtle spicy taste.   

Zucchini blossoms: 

Well, its zucchini blossoms afterall. The yellow flowers of zucchini have a sweet and delicate taste to them. These flowers are classically eaten with stuffed cheese and herbs. 


Hibiscus not only looks like berries, they also have a sweet taste to them. They are used in tarts and sweets. These flowers also add up a great flavor to teas and various refreshments.


Lavenders are edible. These flowers have such a sweet color to them, that they enhance the look of literally any dish they are added to. You can add these to cakes and dessert. Or add them as garnishing in savory dishes. 


Nasturtiums have a slight spicy taste to them,almost like watercress. These flowers are usually consumed and considered ideal for summer rice paper rolls. 


Up next we have, pansies. Pansies come with a slightly minty flavor, which is why they can go well as herbs. You can use them in refreshing drinks, salads and add as toppings in desserts. 

Final thoughts

Petunias are not edible. However, they are widely used as garnishes. They are not to be consumed. Additionally, Petunias are not toxic. They are safe for both children and pets. But, petunias are ideally used for decoration purposes. Some specific species also have medicinal usage.