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Can You Store Mattress in Attic? (All You Need to Know)

Having spare sets of mattresses might sound great until you are left wondering where you can store them. It can compromise the living space that you have since it is quite big in size. However, knowing more about if you can store it in the attic might help you out better. 

Can you store mattress in attic?

It is in your best interest to avoid storing your mattress in the attic. It is an area that contains high humidity levels as well as moisture levels. This can trigger the growth of mold over time and start deteriorating the quality of your mattress beyond repair. 

Avoiding keeping a mattress in your attic will be the best bet for you. Items such as mattresses are sensitive and require proper storage. This is because they have the knack of deteriorating over time beyond use.

The attic is one place of the house that is not looked after much at all. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you store your mattress in the attic starting from mold growth to tears and holes. 

Box Spring Mattress:

Box Spring mattresses will never survive in an environment like the attic. There is a lot of moisture and humidity present in that area. Besides that, there are also very low light levels.

Chances after if your box spring mattress is kept in an environment like that for a prolonged amount of time, it will be prone to get damaged. It can get ruined by mice and other insects. 

Besides that, there is also a chance of mushrooms, fungus, and mold growing on your   mattress. Those travel in the air and once they find the perfect moisture and damp environment with low light levels, they settle down and build their colony there. 

Air Mattress:

Even though air mattresses are safer to store in the attic compared to box spring mattresses, you should still avoid them. Unlike box spring mattresses, the chances of mold or fungus growth are lower when it comes to an air mattress as it is not a proper breeding ground for them.

However, besides that, it will be more prone to wear and tear and eventually deflate completely if your attic does not provide the proper conditions. It will not stay well in a damp place with a lot of temperature fluctuations and thus it is not likely to survive properly in a place like an attic unless it is well taken care of and stored properly with the right conditions maintained. 

Is it ok to store a mattress in the attic? 

There are better and safer places to store than an attic because an attic is more prone to getting damaged, infected by fungus or insects such as bed bugs. However, if you can store it properly in an attic following all proper conditions then it might stay well. 


Freeing up space:

Storing a mattress in an attic means that it will free up a ton of space in your house and you will not have to worry about where to store such a bulky item. The space is also just in your house and you can check up on it and use it anytime when it is needed.

It is free:

Unlike some storage facilities, storing a mattress in your own attic is completely free and you will not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to find a proper storage home for it. 

Stay well for use:

If the right guidelines for storage are followed then rest assured there is a big chance that your mattress will stay well for a long amount of time. 


Wear and tear:

The conditions are not well enough in an attic for your mattress to do well in. The environment will cause the mattress to start deteriorating. It will lose air and there is also a chance of insects or mice making holes and tears and ruining it. 

Excess moisture:

The excess moisture and dampness in the attic make it the perfect breeding ground for fungus and mold. They travel through the air and once they find the perfect conditions they settle and then start spreading. Once they infest your mattress it will get ruined beyond repair. 


Even if an attic is nearest to you, it is also one of the most less visited places in your house. If there is any leakage you will not notice and when you do your mattress and other items in the attic will get ruined and you will not be able to retrieve them. 

How to get a mattress into the attic?

A mattress might seem too big to properly transfer to your attic. Following a few guidelines will help make it easier for you. 

Fold it in half:

The easiest way for you to transfer your mattress to your attic will be folding it in half. Once you are successful in folding your mattress in half, you will need strong cords so that it does not unfold.

Take assistance:

Always remember that doing such jobs on your own is not possible and you will require a partner for extra support. Take the support of your partner and hold each end of the mattress to transport it upstairs and when transporting it to the attic. 

Unscrew attic door:

If your attic door is too small to fit the mattress through then consider unscrewing it so that you can squeeze the mattress through. Have someone present at the attic to help fit it through. Unfold your mattress only when it is through the attic and then prepare it for storage. 

How to store a mattress in the attic properly?

Even though it is not recommended to store your mattress in the attic, there are still some storage tips you can follow so that your mattress stays well. 

Clean it beforehand:

This is a very important tip that you must ensure to follow. Vacuuming your mattress properly and cleaning it with disinfectant will prevent bed bugs or any other insects or animals from being attracted to it and ruining it.

Cover our mattress:

Buy a mattress cover from any shop and thoroughly cover your mattress with it. For extra protection, use an additional layer or two of big cloth or thin plastic to wrap around your mattress. Avoid any thick plastic as it traps moisture and might trigger fungus or mold to grow. 

Store it flat:

Never ever store your mattress on either of its sides. Doing so will ruin the shape of your mattress over time. To avoid your mattress from losing its shape, always store your mattress flat on the ground.

Do not put any items on top of your mattress and use it as a ground for extra storage. This can cause tears in your mattress and certain heavy items can also cause your mattress to eventually start losing its shape. 


Even though it is best to store your mattress in a temperature-controlled storage unit it will protect your mattress from humidity, cold and hot temperatures.

However, if you do not have the access to any such storage then you must consider installing a dehumidifier in your attic. This is your best chance at protecting your mattress from mold, fungus, animals and from it losing its shape as well. 

Is it bad to store a mattress upright or on its side?

Storing your mattress upright or on either of its sides might seem like a good idea to save some space. However, it is bad to do so even if it successfully saves space. This is because there are certain coils and springs present inside the mattress.

If you store it upright or on its side then eventually those start to move out of its position. Once it does that, your mattress will start losing its shape and ultimately get ruined. The best way to store your mattress to prevent any such damage would be to store it flat. 

How long can I store a mattress on its side?

You should always avoid storing your mattress on its side for an extended period of time. This is because over time your mattress and its inner workings will move out of their original place and thus your mattress will lose its shape and get ruined.

However, if you do not have space then temporarily you can store your mattress on its side for a maximum of 2.5 months until you find a better place for it. Any more time than that will start causing damage to your mattress. 

Final thoughts

Even though it is a better idea to store your mattress in a proper temperature-controlled storage unit, you might not have access to it. In that case, it is best if you follow proper guidelines and store your mattress in the attic to prevent damage as much as you possibly can.