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What Is the Standard Height for a Washing Machine Box?

Quicker and easier water connections and drainage to washing machines ensure the proper functionality of the washing machine. And if you have a washing machine box, it makes the job more feasible.

What is the standard height for a washing machine box?

The washing machine box is a little larger than the actual machine size. The standard height for a washing machine box is around 42 inches. It makes access to the water drainage connections and valves trouble-free. This size may vary depending upon the size of your specific washing machine.

The standard height of the box might vary according to different washing machines. You can install a washing machine box during the rough framing of the home. There is also a chance of retrofitting.

The washing machine outlet box helps in providing a crisp and tidy appearance to your laundry area. It hides pipes and tidies up the hoses.

It is usually set into the wall and behind the machine. It helps to provide water supply line connections and a wastewater drain.

Moreover, it provides easy shut-off valves in case of any leak or blow up hose.


Tectite outlet boxes use a push-to-connect design. It allows a simple yet fast installation on any combination of copper, pex, CPVC, or pe-rt pipe.

Due to removable valves, the product has multiply configurations. And you can place it in the different holes around the box. The lead-free dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass valves ensure superior reliability and strength.


You can use Oatey Washing Machine Outlet Boxes for commercial or residential applications. It requires recessed supply valves and waste drains.

PVC or HIPS(high impact polystyrene) are in use to make washing machine outlet boxes.

Oatey offers a fire-rated WMOB made of Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) with UL-classified intumescent pads and UL-classified insulating material for circumstances where the WMOB must be recessed in a fire-rated wall.

Centro II, 2 x 4 Washing Machine Outlet Boxes, Quadtro, Metal Washing – machine Outlet Boxes, etc., are among the configurations available.

What should be the washing machine outlet box dimensions?

The standard full-size washing machine is approximately 27 inches wide. It is applicable for both top and front-loading washing machine equipment.

The height of the washing machine boxes is different for different brands. Manufacturers specify the size of the machine boxes.

Generally, the height of washing machine boxes ranges from 34 – 42 inches off the floor to the top of the drain hole.

Most of the washing machines are around 42 inches tall. Therefore, 42 inches machine box is more common.

You can also add a washer to the pedestal. In that case, the height increases by more than 12 inches.

Ideally, the box should be at least 1 inch taller than the machine. The users prefer boxes with ball valves because of the water shut-offs.

These valves are not in use nowadays. But a ball valve is more likely to work when you need it to, even after long periods of no use. For the ideal size, outlet boxes from Oatey are user-friendly and favorite.

How high should the washing machine box be? – Washing machine box height code

A vertical pipe linking to a P-trap to connect to the drain is commonly known as a standpipe. The top of the standpipe must reach above the washing machine’s overflow level. It should have proper ventilation.

According to most Washing Machine manuals, the drain hose must enter the standpipe or faucet box at a minimum height of 39 inches and a maximum height of 96 inches. Washer and dryer electrical connections should be within 6 feet of the unit.

The trap serving a clothes washer standpipe should be on the same floor. And it should be in between 6 inches and 18 inches. And the height of the standpipe receptor for any washer should be 18 inches at least. But, it should not cross 30 inches.

According to the Residential Edition of the Florida Building Code (P2706.1.2) and the International Residential Code, the top of the standpipe above the trap weir (top level of standing water in the trap below) should be within 18″ and 42″.

5 reasons why washing machine box needs to be a certain height

Electronic appliances require proper installation for their proper functionality. If you are using a washing machine, its box must reach a certain height concerning the washing machine.

There are various reasons why the washing machine box needs to be of a certain height:


The washing machine outlet helps increase the aesthetics of your laundry area. The box needs to be about the same height or 1 inch higher than the machine.


It creates problems if the box is not of a specific height and the drain is below the rim.

It increases the risk of the drain hose sucking the water out of the washer tub. That also at the same rate as it pours in during the first cycle.


Mounting the machine box in the right height ensures another safety level for your machine. It protects your washing machine and keeps it clean as well.


In case of emergency, you can shut off the water valves in the washing machine. And if the box is at a certain height and reach, this process becomes easier and quicker.

Spacious floor area:

Mounting your machine box at a certain height saves up the floor area. You will no more need a laundry sink.

How to install a washing machine outlet box?

When it comes to setting up your washing machine outlet box, it is quite an easy job. Following some simple steps, you can set up this box, and you’ll be good to go in no time. The steps are as follows:

Preparing the tools:

First, you will have to prepare the necessary tools for the installation process. Take a stud finder, pencil, utility knife, nails, etc.

Stud marks:

Then, locate the stud to mark them. The stud mark needs to be around 48 to 50 inches above the ground.

Removing the drywall:

Once marking the studs is done, you will need to cut the drywall to place the outlet box inside. Make sure to keep additional space to cement hookups later on.

Placing the machine:

After removing the drywall, you can place the machine inside. To do that, remove the outside trim covering the front of the washing machine.

Now carefully place the machine inside and secure it with the studs using the nails and nail holes.

Connecting the water lines:

Then, place the washing machine inside. After that, you can connect the hot and cold water lines along the drainage lines.

Complete this step with extra care. Make sure the lines are connected tightly with the valves. Follow the instruction manual if necessary. You can always rely on an expert for the best results.

Finishing up:

Now finish up by putting the drywall cut around the washing machine box. Cut the original drywall piece according to the size and use joint tape to put it in place.  

What height to mount the washing machine outlet box?

The machine outlet box needs to be mounted at least 36 -42 inches above the floor height. It will prevent the water in the washtub from draining out in the wall. That is why you have to install it at a certain height from the floor.

Water will drain out if it is lower than the water level in the washing machine. When the drain is below the rim, there runs a risk of the drain hose sucking the water out of the washer tub at the same rate as it pours in during the first cycle.

The top of an automatic washing machine’s drain hose should be higher than the machine’s top. It could even be higher than that.

Thus, it will be partially hidden behind the washing machine at this height, and there will be easy access despite being partially hidden. The vertical piece is to be made as long as code allows.

Final Thoughts 

Washing machines come in different sizes. And the size of washing machine boxes differs according to the specific machine requirements. It can be anywhere from 34 to 42 inches. But the most common size is 42 inches. Most washing machines are available in this ideal size.