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Can You Use Teflon Tape on Gas Lines? (Read This First!)

Gas lines and all connections to gas fittings should be sealed right so that there is no leakage.

Whether it is a line from the stove or the grill, you can find special Teflon tapes made just for the job.

Now, there are a couple of different Teflon tapes and not all of them can be used on gas lines.

Can you use Teflon tape on gas lines?

Generally known as PTFE tape, Teflon tapes can be used on gas lines. However, the tape should be gas-rated and not the one used for water pipes. Yellow color-coded Teflon tapes are particularly made to be used on gas connections. These tapes are thicker and have greater tensile strength.

More generally, or in commercial or industrial ways, Teflon is commonly known as PTFE tape. It is also sometimes referred to as plumbing tape.

Because there are so many different types of Teflon tapes, depending on the functionality, each type has a color code. Here is what each color of Teflon tape does:

White Teflon tape:

The White Teflon tape is commonly used as plumbing tape. You would find these tapes used as seals in water pipe connections.

However, these can be used on pipes that are less than 3/8 inches. These single-density white PTFE tapes are used widely and to distinguish them from white types, sometimes the silver color is also used. They are not for ga pipes.

Blue Teflon tape:

The Blue Teflon tape is designed for a more general thread sealing purpose and hence the density, as well as the thickness of this tape is much higher.

The blue PTFE tape is also gas rated, meaning it can be used on gas piped due to its thickness and higher density.

Yellow Teflon tape:

Yellow Teflon tapes are the ones that are particularly designed for gas fittings and gas lines. These tapes are also used in fuel lines since the tapes are double density.

These thick tapes are made to be used on different types of gases as well, whether it is natural gas, butane, or octane. Although the tape is thick, it can be cut with a knife or other sharp tools.

Pink Teflon tape:

The pink Teflon tapes are similar to the white Teflon tapes in functionality as both are used in plumbing works.

However, the difference between the two colors implies that the pink tape is more heavy duty than the white one. For heavier plumbing seals, the pink Teflon tape is used. Not for gas pipes.

Is Teflon tape allowed on gas lines?

Teflon tapes are allowed on gas lines, given that the right kind of gas rated Teflon tape is being used. Since Teflon is a brand name and not the name of the PFTE tape, many people misunderstand the use of the tape.

Hence it is vital to remember that yellow coded Teflon tapes are made to be used on gas lines with the right thickness and density. There could be accidents if other Teflon tapes, like the ones used for plumbing, are used to thread gas lines.

The yellow tape, compared to others has much higher tensile strength, resistance as well as cost. It is equally important to use the right number of turns on the tape.

Will gas affect Teflon tape?

Yellow, gas rated Teflon tapes are designed with materials that make sure that the tape has the hardness and well as tensile strength needed to withstand pressure or temperature on gas lines.

Hence when the right Teflon tape is used, it would not be affected by gas if used in the right way.

However, white or pink tapes would be affected by gas since they are particularly designed to be used on water pipes. The thickness, hardness, and strength of water pipe tapes are different due to which they are affected by the gas.

It is worth noting that using too much or too many turns of the Teflon tape can create problems. The tape might get affected by gas if too much is used.

5 reasons why you can use PTFE tape on gas lines

Here are a few reasons why you can use PTFE on gas lines:

Teflon tapes are approved for the task:

When PTFE tapes are gas rated, you know that these tapes have been through tests and experiments to be certified by official bodies.

When looking to use tapes as a seal in something as sensitive as a gas line, you would only be able to use what has been tested before.

PTFE tape is specialized:

PFTE tapes can be used on gas lines, particularly the yellow and blue ones because these have been designed and made to seal gas connections in mind.

This means that they are made with materials that would not allow leaks or loss of connections. Since these tapes are made to get the job done, PFTE tapes on gas pipes also lubricate the joints for easy connection.

PTFE tapes are resistant:

If you use PFTE tapes on your gas lines, you wouldn’t need to worry about weather and temperature wearing away the tape or causing potential leaks.

This is because these tapes are both resistant to water and higher temperatures. Whether it is a chilly or humid temperature you are in, PFTE tapes do not give in easily for they have a wide range of temperature tolerance.

Tapes can be cleaned:

One of the reasons why these tapes are so popular for gas lines is how they can be cleaned with soap and water.

If you have a line coming out of the stove and it is visible, you would want to clean it without causing the treaded joint to become loose.

They are widely available everywhere:

The wide use has enabled manufacturers to produce more of the tape, which makes it available everywhere, worldwide.

Whenever there is a gas line work that requires a tape, PFTE tapes are also the go-to option, because of their efficiency but also due to their availability.

What kind of Teflon tape do you use for gas?

Teflon tapes are made to be used in several joints and connections. Not all Teflon tapes are meant to be used for gas.

When choosing Teflon tapes for gas, one must know what kind of Teflon tape is specified for gas:

The kind that is gas rated:

For gas, you would only need to use gas rated Teflon tapes.

The gas rated Teflon tapes are not the same as ones made for plumbing. Teflon tapes of greater thickness and density are what you would need to make the right seal.

Yellow color-coded Teflon tape:

There are several different colors of Teflon tapes available in the market.

So how do you tell which one should be used for the gas line? Simply look for the yellow Teflon tapes that are made to prevent leaks from developing in the pipe.

They also form the appropriate seal in the threaded joint.

Tape that works on all gases:

When looking to seal your gas lines with Teflon tape, you would need a tape that works on all gases and not just one type.

Whether you have natural gas or propane, the yellow coded Teflon tape is meant to seal and work for all gases.

Weather and temperature resistance:

Since gas lines are subjected to moisture and thrilling temperatures, the Teflon tape for gas should be resilient towards the water and higher or lower temperatures.

This would also include the ease of cleaning the pipes without causing hard to the bond created by the tape.

How to use Teflon tape on gas fittings?

Here is how you can use Teflon tape on gas fittings:

Make 3-6 turns:

You would need to use the Teflon tape as you use any other but make sure to use 3 to 6 turns. Using more could cause issues in the thread.

Stretch tape:

Use your hand’s strength to stretch the tape, so that it is tight. Next, using the other fingers, push down the tape more into the joint.

Make sure the metal is not visible:

Make sure that the metal is not visible after the wrapping but you should be able to see the tape’s pattern.

Attach the parts:

Next, screw together the rest of the parts using one or two wrenches.

Test for leaks:

Finally, test out the connection for leaks by swapping some soap water on the spot with a cloth. If you see bubbles appear, then there may be leaks and you would need to redo the taping.

Final Thoughts

Teflon tapes that are yellow are gas rated meaning that they are designed to be used as a seal for gas connections. These tapes are meant to be applied to fitting threads in gas lines. These tapes, being double in density, also prevent leakages while working on all types of gas.