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Is Alkyd Paint Oil Based? (All You Need to Know)

Alkyd paint is used because of its strong resin, and it is highly durable against damage. This alkyd paint is moisture-resistant, so you can use it in the bathroom and kitchen areas. The alkyd polyester resin is the reason for all the durability. Let’s find out if alkyd paint is oil-based or not.

What is alkyd paint?

The color we see in a painting is because of the pigments derived from different sources. Then the color pigment is blended with other types of base. The base can be oil-based or water-based.

Alkyd paints contain alkyd resins that keep the paint on the place without eroding. Alkyd is a modified polyester resin derived from organic acids and polyols. This resin is used for paints, varnishes etc. So, alkyl is a resin, and the paint is oil-based.

Is alkyd paint oil-based?

Alkyd is a resin, and when following some procedures, pigments are mixed with it that become alkyd paint. Alkyd paint is oil-based, and you should not put turpentine to thin this paint. Alkyd is a resin-based polymer that consists of oil-based polyester and pigments. Also, it is an oil-based paint.
Alkyd paints are modified oil-based paint. Alkyd paint consists of different materials in it. Whether used internally or externally, the internal usable and external usable alkyd paint is oil-based. 

Also, alkyd paints come in different variants: interior alkyd paint, urethane alkyd enamel paints, and a brand called Behr. This brand also produces alkyd paints.

Paints have three major components: the thinner, which helps the thickness be adjusted, and the binder binds the color with the surface. And the pigment, which provides the color to the surface.
All these three components are used, and according to the thinner and binder, the bases of paints are determined. Here, alkyd paint, whether it is interior alkyd paint, Behr alkyd paint or urethane alkyd enamel paint, is oil-based but does not contain any oil in it.

The main component of alkyd paint is alkyd polymer, and it cannot be dissolved with alcohol or water. That’s why these paints are called oil-based paints. As interior alkyd paint, Behr Alkyd paint, and urethane enamel alkyd paint have alkyd binder, all these paints are oil-based.

Is alkyd paint the same as oil-based paint?

There are three major painting colors. The watercolor, acrylics, and oil paints. Basically, the binder or the base of the paint gives the name. The paint is watercolor if the pigment is soluble in a water-based binder. 

A similar theory goes for acrylics and oil paints. Alkyd paint is one of the oldest forms of oil-based paint. Basically, here the paint does not contain any oil in it. Just on behalf of solubility, the alkyd paint is oil-based. 

Also, the pigment can be any type, and the binder here is alkyd. Thus, we can say that the paint can have different binders, but the oil-based or water-based depends on the solubility.

What is the difference between alkyd and oil-based paint?

Alkyd paint also belongs to the oil-based paint family. Still, it is better in some aspects than regular oil-based paints. Here we will discuss some differences between alkyd polyester resin paints and standard oil-based paints.

Dries faster than Other Oil-Based Paints:

Alkyd paint is used for its durability against humidity and its cost. Although alkyd paint is also an oil-based one, it can be resistant to damage. Alkyd paint dries faster than regular oil-based paints, which dries slower than acrylics. 

Though it dries faster, it provides more working hours for it.

Alkyd Paints are more durable than Oil-based Paints:

Where there is a high amount of chaos, and the traffic is high, this alkyd paint helps to stay firm. As we have discussed, alkyd paints can resist water splash or humidity. It is also cheaper than other paints. 

So, alkyd paints are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms, or any place humid. Regular oil-based paints are not as durable as alkyd paints.

Regular Oil-based paints fade faster than Alkyd Paints:

Everything fades away after a specific time. The time it takes for an alkyd paint is much higher than regular oil-based paints. The reason is the alkyd polyester. This polymer resin is derived from organic fatty acids and other organic components. 

As its name suggests, numerous coatings protect the surface when you put the paint on the surface.

Can alkyd paint be mixed with oil paint?

Alkyd paint is one of the modified forms of oil paints. Alkyd paints can be combined with oil paints through a mixing medium. When mixing with oil paints, alkyd will lose its power to dry faster. 

Alkyds may dry faster, so before mixing the oil paints and the pigments, make sure to mix in a smaller portion. Or the alkyd paints will dry, and the pigments will get wasted. As alkyd paint is a form of oil paint, it can be mixed with oil paints without any problem.

Do you need primer for alkyd paint?

The best thing about alkyd paint is its adhesiveness property of alkyd paints. It is better to use primer for alkyd paint. Make sure the surface is fully prepared to put a new layer of paintings. If the surface is not cured enough, the painting will ruin. 

Before using alkyd paint over an oil paint surface, put a primer over it.

Moreover, if the surface is painted with water-based color, put a primer before applying alkyd paint. So that the alkyd paint doesn’t stick with the paint underneath. So, It is safe to use a primer before painting alkyd paint.

Can you use alkyd paint over oil-based primer?

You can use alkyd paint over oil-based primer just after the oil primer is fully cured and dried enough to take another coating of alkyd paints. The oil primer must dry so that you can wash it, which will not cause any problem with the finish. 

The primer must be set for a week to a month to harden enough, and you can put a layer of alkyd paint. Basically, alkyd paint is used to resist humidity so that the surface remains the same and safe for years. Because Alkyd resin is water-resistant.

What is alkyd paint good for?

Alkyd paint is literally one of the cheapest coatings that money can buy. Also, it provides an ample amount of safety and durability to the surface. Alkyd paint is not only most reasonable, but it is also good in some respects, such as –


All the oil-based paints are generally water-resistant. But when it comes to alkyd oil-based paints, the durability increases. The water-resistant capability of this paint is high. 

That is why alkyd paint is widely used to coat doors, cabinets etc. Also, these alkyd paints provide a glossy look to them.


Air contains water particles, but the alkyd coating surface doesn’t get bothered by the water particles. The durability persists for longer as alkyd resin resists more water than usual oil-based paints. And it remains firm against any sort of erosion. 

Alkyd paint is widely used for its durability and low price.

Dry Faster:

Acrylic paints dry faster than any other paints. But they are not durable. And you cannot use acrylics on your doors, cabinet, or kitchen, as they will fade away faster. 

On the other hand, alkyd paints dry slower than acrylics but faster than any other oil-based paints. That is one of the reasons why people choose to use alkyd paints rather than using other oil-based paints.

Workable for hours after applying:

After applying the paints, it is hard for other paints to work with them. But if you apply a thick layer of alkyd paints, you will get more time to use it and paint it as you want. It will not eradicate the drying ability.

Final thoughts

Alkyd paint is durable and cheaper than other paints. The binder of this paint is alkyd polyester, a modified polymer. It stands firmly against moisture, and it doesn’t wear out quickly. This alkyd paint is oil-based, and it is better than some other oil-based paints.