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Do Shower Curtains Need Liners? (All You Need to Know)

Shower curtains are pretty common things we use to preserve our privacy. But when it comes to other accessories for the shower curtains, you might think these accessories are not necessary.

For example, we use liners with curtains for soundproofing or blocking light properties.

So, you might be confused about whether shower curtains need liners or not. Well, you can use liners on any curtain you want.

But if liners can provide benefits, you should use liners with shower curtains. So, knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of using liners with shower curtains is important.

Do shower curtains need liners?

Shower curtains don’t need liners compulsorily. But liners can provide many advantages to shower curtains. For example, liners will preserve the quality and durability of the curtains. Moreover, liners will prevent water from landing outside. Also, shower curtains are pretty inexpensive.

However, you might use different types of curtains as shower curtains. For example, the material or fabric of the curtains can be different. Each material might have different requirements for liners. So, let’s see whether different shower curtains need liners or not.

Fabric shower curtains:

Fabric shower curtains don’t need liners compulsorily. But using fabric shower curtains with liners is recommended. Because the liners provide numerous benefits. For example, the liners will keep the curtains protected from water and dirt.

Moreover, when the curtains do not get wet often, their shelf lives will be extended. Moreover, the quality of the curtains will be preserved. Finally, you will get some additional privacy and be protected from the curtain liners.

Ikea shower curtains:

Using liners with Ikea shower curtains is also recommended. Because whatever material the curtains are made of, liners will protect the curtains from getting wet frequently. Moreover, sometimes the curtains are see-through. So, the liners will provide privacy.

Hookless shower curtains:

Most of the hookless shower curtains come with attached liners. So, you mightn’t have to use separate liners. But if liners are not provided, you can attach liners by hemming the curtains.

Peva shower curtains:

PEVA is Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate, which is used to make liners. This material is used to make liners. So, if the shower curtains are made of PEVA material, you don’t need to add anything extra.

The PEVA shower curtains will work both as curtains and as liners. This material will also prevent water from landing in the shower. But if you want the curtains to provide more privacy, you can add additional fabric with the PEVA curtains.

100 percent polyester shower curtains:

You don’t need to use separate liners if the shower curtains are 100 percent polyester. Because polyester makes the material waterproof. So, the additional benefit of liners can be gained from polyester.

Furthermore, 100 percent polyester will provide greater durability and quality. So, if the shower curtains are 100 percent polyester, you can use them alone.

Is it necessary to have a shower liner? Do all shower curtains need liners?

It is not necessary to always have a shower liner. Because sometimes, shower curtains provide the benefits of shower liners. Generally, we use shower liners so that the water can’t go outside of the shower. Moreover, it gives additional privacy.

But sometimes, we use fabric curtains that get wet frequently and cause water landings. So, we use liners with the curtains. Some curtains are see-through. So, we use liners to add some privacy and thickness to the curtains.

But all shower curtains don’t need liners. If you want to use liners with the existing shower curtains, you can do it. But some shower curtains are made of plastic materials or polyester. So, these curtains will be waterproof and durable.

Furthermore, 100% polyester curtains will not be see-through. So, you can get additional benefits from these curtains. That’s why all shower curtains don’t need liners.

Can you use a shower curtain without a liner?

Yes, you can use a shower curtain without a liner. But the shower curtains should have additional features. For example, if the shower curtains can prevent water from landing on the shower and preserve your privacy, you will not need liners.

But sometimes we use fabric curtains that don’t have waterproofing features. So, we use liners for the curtains so that the quality of the curtains can be preserved.

Sometimes we use liners for additional privacy. But it depends on you whether you want these additional features or not. If you can fulfill your demand with only shower curtains without a liner, it is also okay.

Moreover, if you use polyester shower curtains, you will not need additional liners with the curtains. Because the curtains will work both as curtains and as liners. So, you can use shower curtains without a liner if you get other features from the curtains.

Three reasons why shower curtains need liner

Now that you know using liners is recommended, you might want to know the reasons. So let’s see why shower curtains need liners.


Shower curtain liners are made of plastic most of the time. So, plastic materials are water-resistant. Moreover, if you use liners with shower curtains, the curtains will not get wet frequently.

So, after getting a shower, you don’t need to change the curtains or clean them. You can just wipe the liners and get a dry showering place again.

Privacy and protection:

One of the most beneficial features of liners is their privacy and protection features. Curtain liners add some extra privacy to the shower curtains. Sometimes, the shower curtains are pretty thin. So, liners will add privacy and protection to the curtains.


When a curtain gets wet again and again, it loses its durability and shelf life. Moreover, the quality of the curtain is also gets reduced. So, if there is a liner for the shower curtain, it will protect the curtain from getting wet frequently and preserve the curtains.

Washable and inexpensive:

Curtains are difficult to wash frequently. So, you can only wash the liners every week. Then you can wash the curtains some days later. Because the liners are washable. Moreover, these are inexpensive. So, buying liners separately will not be a burden.

What’s the point of a shower curtain liner? Do shower curtain liners go inside the tub?

A shower curtain liner is mainly used to protect the shower curtain. Generally, when you use shower curtains without liners, the curtains get wet after every wash. So, the curtains remain wet most of the time.

In this condition, mildew can grow on the curtains. So, if you use liners, the polyester or vinyl material of the liners will protect the shower curtains. Because of the water resistance, these liners will not get wet.

So, the shower curtains will remain fresh and durable. The quality of the shower curtains will also not be damaged.

Shower curtain liners generally go inside the tub. Because you might know, liners protect the curtains from getting water splashed. So, if the liners are outside the tub, the water will go outside the tub. So, the floor and curtains might get wet.

So, if you keep the shower curtain liners inside the tub, the outside of the tub will remain dry and fresh. That’s why liners go inside the tub.

How to install shower curtain liner?

Many curtains also have liners with them. But if the curtains don’t have liners, you have to install them additionally with the shower curtains. So, let’s see how you can install a shower curtain liner.

Measuring the liners:

First, you have to measure the liners according to the size of the curtains. You can keep the liner’s length the same as the curtains.

Attaching the curtain rings:

Then you have to keep the curtains and liners together and make holes in the liners where the curtains have holes.

Then you can attach curtain rings with the curtain and liner. Open the ring, insert one side into the hole of the curtain and the corresponding liner’s hole. Then close the curtain ring.

Installing the liners:

Now, attach hooks to the curtain rings. Then place the hooks on the curtain rod one by one and install the liner along with the curtain.

Final Thoughts

Shower curtains should have liners. Though it is not compulsory, it is recommended. Because liners will keep the curtains dry and fresh. Moreover, it will preserve the quality of the curtains. Besides, the liner will add privacy and protection. So, you should use liners with shower curtains.