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Does Neem Oil Get Rid of Gnats? (Quick Answers)

Every gardener must know the importance of using non-toxic neem oil. Whenever you plan to grow some natural repellent trees, neem might be in your mind. It has a bitter taste, strong smell, and edible leaves that can easily work against your garden foe. 

But you cannot always make a difference using simple and solid neem oil. You must make some mixture of it using other ingredients. Then, neem oil will become an unbeatable repellent that can protect other plants. 

Neem oil to get rid of gnats

Neem oil can get rid of gnats and other garden bugs. It has a natural, non-toxic smell and bitter taste that works against almost all flies and fungus gnats. You can use the neem oil with other repellents or make a simple mixture to eliminate gnats from your garden.

It’s not like your neem oil will only work for a little time; instead, the neem smell will work against most other insects and keep them away from your garden for a very long time. If you have neem essential oil, you can use that too. The essential oil can work better than regular oil.

You can make different neem oil mixtures and spray them on gnats or their living place to eliminate them from your garden. You can use both vinegar and hot water. You must use enough neem oil there if you want the best gnat’s repellent. 

It will strengthen the mixture and repel the gnats in the future. 

You might get the instant solution in terminating the gnats from your garden. It will work for a long time, and the neem smell & bitter taste will be there for a long time. If your garden has too many gnats and other flies, you must spray neem oil & hot water mixture around your garden. 

People are still not sure if neem oil can repel all types of gnats. You will mostly find three different types of gnats. Luckily, the essential neem oil mixture and the regular neem oil mixture can work for them all. They dislike the neem oil most and always keep away from neem taste. 

You should get clarification if your neem oil works against these insects. That’s why I’ll explain how neem oil works against these garden bugs and get rid of them easily. 

Fungus gnats:

Your garden must have fungus gnats that spread quickly and become a mess of your garden. It hinders the growth of small plants and grass in your garden. 

However, neem oil can quickly get rid of fungus gnats with its strong smell and bitter taste. If you can identify the fungus gnats, you will love to use some neem oil over them.

Flying gnats:

It’s challenging to repel or eliminate flying insects with non-toxic ingredients. Still, neem oil can get rid of flying gnats since you can spray neem oil mixture. 

Please use some hot water and make an excellent repellent and use them on flying gnats.

Besides, you can spray the neem oil mixture around and inside the garden to create a toxic environment for flying gnats. They will fail to grow and will leave your garden soon. But it’s not ideal to use any repellent since it can damage other beneficial insects. 

Gnat eggs:

It’s a challenging task to repel or get rid of gnat eggs since they are not identical, and you need to search for them. If your garden has too many gnats, you should find out the source of them. 

Gnats must have their house, and they must leave lots of eggs there.

Your job is to find those houses and spray neem oil because neem essential oil can get rid of gnat eggs entirely. They will fail to survive in a toxic or smelly environment, so you can spray on their house to eliminate gnats and their eggs.

How quickly does neem oil terminate gnats?

Neem oil can terminate gnats in 45-60 minutes, depending on the atmosphere and gnats type. If your garden is infested with gnats, you can spray neem oil all over the garden and eliminate them in an hour. 

Before that, you must make a strong repellent using neem essential oil and hot water. You can also use some vinegar.

Once you have that strong repellent, you can start spraying all over the garden; especially those areas where gnats live and spend their time. If any garden area has too many gnats and is infested with any plant, you must use a direct mixture of neem oil and peppermint oil.

If you use a strong combination of peppermint & neem oil, they will create the strongest repellent for gnats and other flying insects. When you spray the mixture over gnats, they will be terminated in a few minutes, and you will get a free and clean garden within a half hour.

How do you use neem oil to get rid of fungus gnats?

You can use neem oil, cake, or soil soak to get rid of fungus gnats. Still, you can find out some new ways to use neem oil and make some excellent sprayers. So, you have that flexibility to use neem oil in different forms to terminate or get rid of gnats. 

Soil Soak: 

In this method, a blend of unrefined neem oil is spread all over the soil. The exceptional thing about neem oil soil soak is its shelf life of about a week. You can also expect it to have an active life span which is approximately three weeks. 

What you have to do is carefully mix the dish cleanser with water. It permits the oil as well as the water to blend properly. At that point, include fully cold-pressed crude oil.

Pour 3 – 5 glasses of the blend into the soil in your holder when it’s time for another watering. 


Contributing to many neem cakes is a fabulous way to treat any houseplants that require a parcel of natural matter. Now it’s time to break the neem cakes up and include the prepared soil. 

Adult and larval organism gnats will expend the Azadirachtin in this fabulous compost as they endeavor to eat the seed solids. The plant may retain the Azadirachtin amid watering, giving it a slight additional anti-pest boost.

What plants should you not use neem oil on?

You should not use neem oil on any herbs and delicate leafy plants. These plants have a sensitive growth that can be damaged by neem oil. When spraying neem oil to terminate gnats, you should be careful about your herbs and other plants. 

You can either cover them with something that can hold neem oil.

Herbs, including parsley, cilantro, and basil, are most sensitive to neem oil. If you mistakenly spray neem oil over them, they will face foliage burns issues. So, it’s not the best idea to use neem oil over them to get a perfect solution. 

Finding the gnats’ living place and utilizing the neem oil there will be better.

Most natural repellents are not better for herbs and other leafy plants. You should take care of them and reduce the amount of repellent. You can cover those plants and then spray around the garden to protect the growth of your herbs and terminate gnats simultaneously.

“3” ways to get rid of gnats

You can get rid of gnats in four different ways. They all are effective, like neem oil or neem essential oil. So, choose any of them and get rid of gnats within a while.

Candle Trap: 

Here’s a trap that appears nearly as great (and simple and old-school) to be genuine: Put a tall candle into a candlestick; at that point, put the candlestick into a little dish filled with water. They’ll either hit the fire itself or drop into the water underneath. 

Rotten Fruit: 

Include many pieces of overripe natural product in a huge bowl. Utilize a toothpick to jab some gaps within the best. 

Before long, gnats and natural product flies will run to the natural product, making their way through the minor holes, but they won’t know how to discover their way out.

Sticky Card: 

Gnats are drawn to the color yellow and can be caught on uncommon yellow cards secured with sticky cement. Use little cards or cut bigger ones into little squares for the best. 

Lay them on the soil in your pruned plants or join them to twigs or sticks stuck into the pots. Once the traps are full, dispose of them in an exterior waste can.

Final Thoughts 

Since it has a strong smell, non-toxic bitter taste, and other natural repellent ingredients, neem oil can easily get rid of gnats and other garden bugs. But you cannot use it anywhere, because plants can get harmed. You should find gnats home and spray neem oil to terminate them.