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Rugged Dual-Story 5-Bedroom New American Style Home with Vaulted Great Room, Study and Master Suite (Floor Plan)


  • 3,455 Sq Ft
  • 4 – 5 Beds
  • 4.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Ever caught yourself drifting into a daydream about a home that wraps you in a comfort akin to a warm embrace from a lifelong friend?

Picture this: a home so inviting, it seems even your most persistent worries pause and politely remove their shoes at the door.

Well, strap in, because I’m about to guide you through the enchanting realm of a New American house that’s as endearing as it is expansive.

This home is more than a feast for the eyes with its board and batten exterior and tasteful stone accents—it’s a heartwarming narrative expressed through architecture.

It boasts natural wood details that evoke feelings of snuggling up during chilly winters and basking in the gentle breezes of summer evenings, almost as if it was Mother Nature’s personal project.

And then there’s the 3-car garage, which stands out not just for its looks but for its practicality, practically announcing.

“Yes, I’m stunning and incredibly handy.”

Upon entering, it’s not just a spot to drop your keys.

You’re welcomed by a spacious laundry room that effortlessly takes on the role of a cozy reception for your belongings.

But the real enchantment unfolds as you step into the heart of the home.

Brace yourself to be swept off your feet by a grand room that merges with the kitchen and dining areas in a seamless blend, creating a symphony of space and light.

Above, a vaulted ceiling stretches, transforming everyday moments into something sublime, akin to dwelling under your very own cathedral.

For those who cherish daylight (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), an oversized sliding door on the back wall invites the outside in, bathing the room in sunlight and positivity.

Now, let’s wander into the master suite—a realm so divine, it’s both a haven for relaxation and a niche for productivity, thanks to a private study.

With its vaulted ceiling and patio access, it promises mornings bathed in sunlight and nights under a blanket of stars.

The ensuite, featuring a spa-like bathroom and walk-in closet, offers a retreat within a retreat.

The main level also hosts a guest suite, ensuring everyone has their piece of paradise.

But the wonders don’t end here.

Ascend to the upper floor, and discover a cozy yet private haven.

Balancing the openness below with intimate bedroom suites where dreams are not just a possibility but a guarantee.

These rooms aren’t just for sleeping; they’re sanctuaries for the soul.

And for a surprising twist, there’s a spacious bonus room awaiting your imagination’s command.

Be it a game room, home theater, or a library, the possibilities are boundless.

But let’s circle back to the heart of this architectural treasure.

The great room and its fluid connection to the kitchen and dining areas.

This space isn’t merely a room.

It’s the vibrant core of the home, where memories are woven from meals, laughter, and perhaps an impromptu dance battle.

The vaulted ceiling amplifies this space not just in size but in spirit, crafting an environment where freedom and self-expression flourish.

And that oversized sliding door we touched on?

It’s not merely a window to the world; it’s a gateway to blending indoor comfort with the beauty of outdoor living.

It erases the line between inside and out, making nature an ever-present companion in your daily life.

Whether hosting a lively backyard gathering or enjoying a serene morning with coffee on the patio, this feature ensures the great outdoors is always an extension of your living space.

As our tour concludes, it’s clear this rugged New American house is more than a dwelling.

It’s a sanctuary for those who value both coziness and elegance.

A place where every nook and cranny, from the charming exterior to the inviting interior, narrates a story of warmth, hospitality, and unmatched grace.

So, if your quest has been for a home that embodies both the essence of beauty and practicality, your search ends here.

Your dream home awaits, promising to transform every day into an escapade of comfort and bliss.

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