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Should French Doors Have Curtains? (Read This First!)

Curtains have huge importance to your home not just for decoration purposes but also for insulating as well as to control the temperature of your home.

Also, curtains protect your room space from direct sunlight, control the temperature, make your room noise-free, and also it protects the privacy of your room and yours too. Therefore, most)people emphasize selecting the perfect curtain for their room.

Here, we are going to discuss whether french doors need curtains or not. Stick to the last word of this article in order to know the answer.

Should french doors have curtains?

Unlike other doors, French doors have got a wider look which many people like. However, for offering a wider look, French doors don’t provide much privacy as well as cannot insulate your room properly. Therefore, it is recommended by the experts that you should hang curtains on French doors.

The wider look of french doors brings out the light which makes the room more attractive as well as it is highly energy-efficient. These statement doors also can enhance the inner look of the room quite effectively.

These doors are made with solid glass or planes which also makes the doors more attractive. However, for having a wider look as well as for being made with glass planes, these statement doors don’t offer much privacy.

In addition, although the french doors can bring out the light in, they cannot control the temperature of the room properly. Also, the french doors have more height than normal doors do. As making them with more height will make them more attractive.

Therefore, the transparent glass planes of these high french doors don’t offer much privacy to your room either.

That is why it is recommended from the users and experts that if you have mounted french doors in your home then you will need curtains on french doors. First of all, the curtains provide much privacy to you as well as your room too.

You can adjust those curtains whenever you want and also you can cover those french door’s glass properly when you go to sleep. Also, the curtains are able to control the temperature of the room.

In addition, the curtains will be able to insulate the room properly as well as will make your room free from sound pollution.

Why should the french door have curtains over?

The french doors have a wider look than most other normal doors. They also have an extra height than most other normal and average doors.

Therefore you might face some problems if you don’t add curtains to your french door. The problems are described below:

Zero privacy:

One of the main problems that you will face mounting french doors in your room is that you will have zero privacy.

As the french doors are made of glass planes that are transparent, therefore, anybody can see your room from outside.

Also, the french doors are manufactured with a longer height than most average doors. Therefore, you will need curtains if you need privacy in your room.

French doors cannot control the temperature fully:

It is evident that the french doors will bring out the light directly into your room. Although, doing that won’t be able to control the temperature of the room.

As in summertime, it will bring direct sunlight into the room but it won’t be able to control the temperature inside the room. Therefore, if you want to control the temperature it will be better if you add curtains to your french doors.

Enhances the inner decoration:

It is true that french doors take the decoration of your room to a whole new level. However, if you add curtains to your french doors it will look eye-catching.

As the curtains increase the beauty of your room, they also increase the mesmerizing look of your french doors.

What are curtains for French doors called?

The curtains on french doors are called valances. The valances are a unique type of clothing that is mainly used as tops, blinds, drapes and even as curtains.

Mostly the valance is used on the french doors as the french doors have a wider look than most other average doors.

The valance is manufactured in such a way that it can cover a large door or window. Therefore, the valance goes perfectly with the french doors.

A valance can be used to cover the top part of a large window or door. It is a fabric that is mostly used as a window treatment. It will cover the top part of your window or french door and if you want you can also cover the whole part of your french door.

If you want valance for your french door then you can go for the custom made valance. As custom made valance can perfectly match with the colour of your room as well as french doors.

How to drape French doors with curtains?

Draping french doors with curtains is not a very complicated task. However, you can make it complicated if you don’t follow some steps.

The task is really very simple and quite effective. The simple steps on how to drape french doors with curtains are given below:

Take measurement:

First of all you have to measure the length and width of your french door. Make sure the curtain is equal to one and half times the width of the door.

Also, you have to make sure that the length of the curtain is one or two inches larger than the height of the french door.

Buy rods:

You should buy those sets of sash rods that contain the top and bottom set of rods for the curtains.

The set will also include brackets, screws and other mounting instruments. Make sure the length of the rods is equal to the width of the curtain.

Take measurement of the brackets:

The next step will be to mount the brackets. You have to insert the rod into the brackets and then hang the rod with brackets against the wall.

Take the measurement of the brackets on the wall and mark the holes as well as the area with the help of a pencil. Then drill some pencil holes for the screws of the bracket.

Drape the curtain over the rod:

Insert the rods on the hole of the curtains. Make sure you have inserted the rods that have gone through the holes of the curtain on the top and bottom sides of the curtains.

Then you have to hold the curtain rod against the wall and place the brackets on the marked area.

Attach the curtain against the wall:

Finally, you tightly screw up the brackets of the curtain’s rod. Make sure the screws have been attached to the wall tightly.

You don’t have to attach the bottom side brackets against the wall of the curtain. As the free-flowing curtain looks more gorgeous.

What size curtain for french doors?

Choosing the right size curtains for your french doors is really important. However, the most important task is that you should always measure the area of your french doors before buying curtains.

Also, make sure that you go for custom made curtains for your french doors as custom made curtains fit perfectly on french doors.

You have to make sure that the width of the curtain is exactly equal to the width of your french doors. The width of the curtains can be slightly a couple of inches longer than the width of the french as it looks more gorgeous.

Similarly, the length of the curtains can be one or two inches longer than the height of the french doors. As longer free-flowing curtains will give a divine touch to the interior decoration of your room.

How should you choose your french door curtains?

Choosing the french door curtains is really easy and simple. However, you should always go for custom made curtains. The simple steps of choosing curtains for your french doors are explained below:

Variation in curtains:

There are different types of curtains available in the market. The drapes are one of the common styles that are hung on top of the doors and also goes a few inches to the bottom.

Door panels are also another type of curtain which is hunh for full privacy. Also, valances and shades are made with sheer fabrics which are hung on top of the doors.


Don’t choose curtains that are shorter in length and width than your doors. Make sure you go for curtains that are two or three times wider than your standard french door’s length.

Final Thoughts:

Curtains give a french door a more mesmerizing and gorgeous makeover. Also, the curtains offer much more privacy as well as control the light movement inside the room which the french doors cannot. Therefore, it is always a better idea to drape curtains over french doors.