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Single-Story 1-Bedroom Modern Cottage with Spacious Home Office (Floor Plan)


  • 952 Sq Ft
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 1 Stories

Ever felt overwhelmed by vast spaces that seem to take forever to tidy up?

Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the minimalist way of life but aren’t willing to compromise on the finer things?

Let me guide you through a home design that epitomizes small-scale luxury living at its best: the Modern 1-Bed Cottage ADU, complete with a home office.

This isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle statement.

Now, I can almost hear the skepticism: “A one-bedroom house?

Where’s all my stuff going to go?”

But stay with me here.

This isn’t reminiscent of those cramped college apartment days.

We’re talking about a 952 square-foot marvel of modern design, where every inch serves a purpose, without sacrificing the sense of openness and freedom.

And yes, it includes a dedicated office space.

Imagine having a spot that’s not just for working from home but also serves as a sanctuary for creativity, or even just for catching up on your favorite shows during a break.

The entrance opens up to a living area so inviting, you’ll be tempted to dance around just to hear the echo of your joy.

The architectural magic of a shed-style roof means not only high ceilings but also transom windows that let in slices of sunlight, keeping the space vibrant and airy.

The kitchen, or as I like to call it, the command center of the house, boasts a prep island that doubles as a breakfast bar.

It’s the perfect place for savoring that gourmet avocado toast while pondering life’s big questions with your pet as your audience.

And with a walk-in pantry, your snack game will be strong, ready for late-night cravings or whatever life throws your way.

Let’s not overlook the allure of outdoor living.

The rear deck is practically begging for a barbecue setup and some laid-back evenings under the stars.

It’s a versatile space for all kinds of activities, blending practicality with a touch of romance.

But here’s where it gets even better: the home office.

In today’s world, where the lines between work and home life blur, having a space dedicated to productivity can make all the difference.

It’s not just about physical separation; it’s about creating a mental divide as well.

This office, with its ample window, offers more than just a view—it offers inspiration.

As for the bedroom, it’s designed to banish storage dilemmas.

Forget about cramming your belongings under the bed or in your car’s trunk due to a lack of space.

With two closets flanking a beautiful window, the room is a testament to organization and simplicity.

Adjacent to it, the bathroom is not just a functional space but a retreat.

Featuring a full bath with a linen closet, it’s spacious enough for a leisurely soak and displaying your collection of bath toys.

This Modern 1-Bed Cottage ADU isn’t merely a structure; it’s a philosophy.

It appeals to those ready to break free from the clutter and excess that often fill our lives.

It champions efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

Opting for a smaller home doesn’t just mean less cleaning; it means a smaller carbon footprint, making a statement about your commitment to the planet.

But beyond its eco-friendly appeal, this house plan is a marvel of architectural innovation, skillfully marrying the demands of contemporary life with the allure of rustic charm.

It’s an ideal space for creatives, a dream for minimalists, and a fortress for those who believe that the significance of a home isn’t measured by its size.

So, if you’re contemplating downsizing without sacrificing quality, looking for a space where every inch has a purpose, then this Modern 1-Bed Cottage ADU is calling your name.

It’s more than just a place to live—it’s an adventure, a bold declaration, and a step towards a simpler, uncluttered life.

And who knows, this compact gem might just be the setting for the grandest adventures of your life.

After all, the most precious things often come in the smallest packages!

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