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How to Seal Gap Between Double Doors? (Explained)

A common problem with double doors is that they often show gaps between them which may be a huge inconvenience. But there’s no need to worry. You can seal the gap between double doors without much hassle.

In this article, we will discuss how you can seal the gap between double doors. The process may seem quite challenging at first, but in reality, it’s not that difficult to seal the gap. Let’s find out how you can seal the gap between double doors.

How to seal the gap between double doors?

You can seal the gap between double doors by following several methods. You can use an adhesive molding strip between the gap in order to seal the gap between double doors. This is a very easy and quick fix. You can also install a locking stile between the double doors to seal the gap.

You can fix the gap between double doors by following some simple steps. There are two different procedures for different kinds of doors. Internal double doors and external double doors require different approaches in such a case.

You can add an adhesive molding strip in between the gap of the double doors. Installing a locking stile on the stationary door will also ensure a quick fix in such a case.

Internal double doors

If you’re planning to seal the gap between internal double doors, then you can follow these methods:

Molding strip:

You can use a molding strip to seal the gap between internal double doors. You will easily find them in supermarkets. Molding strips come with an adhesive layer on their back which makes them very easy to stick.

You will need to adjust the size of the molding strip according to the size of your internal door. The molding strips are easy to cut. You can fix the molding strip by cutting it to correct the size.

Now stick the molding strip to the door, in between the gaps. Rub on the molding strip to help the adhesive back to stick. This will help you seal the gaps in internal doors.


Another quick fix to seal the gap between internal doors is to fix it with a stile. This method will give the door a professional look once you have installed it.

Stile will help you create great insulation in your room. It will not only seal the gap between internal doors but also create great insulation within the room. In addition, stile makes the room look much better. 

Stile is a wooden beam. You can attach it to the internal door. It would be ideal to get some professional help when you’re working with stile since it is a challenging process.

Exterior double doors

Sealing the exterior double doors is crucial in order to ensure proper weatherstripping. If you have gaps in your exterior door, it will cause much trouble.

Rain, snow, and air will get inside when you want to cozy up in the comfort of your home. So here are some methods that you can follow in order to ensure proper seal for your exterior double doors:


You can use the traditional method of taping the gap in exterior doors in order to ensure sealing. This method is very popular because it is a very quick fix. Anyone can do it.

In addition, it involves very little cost. You can easily run this process without breaking your bank.

The tapes used in this process are made of a compressible material that is very flexible. So you can work with it to seal irregular gaps as well. 

These tapes are so easy to work with because they have self-adhesive features, so you will not have to put in a lot of effort in the process.


You can also use v-strips to seal the gap between exterior double doors. V-strips are made of thin vinyl. They are easy to maneuver.

These strips have self-adhesive features on one side, so they can stick easily to the door. You will find many metallic options in v-strips as well. You can nail these to secure them into place.

How much gap do you leave between double doors?

The reasonable amount of gap that you can leave between double doors is 3mm to 5mm. That is to say, you can leave less than ¼ inch in the middle of two doors. Any more than that, the elements of nature will find a way to enter your home.

You will have to struggle with rain, wind, and even snow if you leave a large gap between two doors untreated. This will not allow you to create a cozy environment indoors. 

So the gap between double doors is every homeowner’s nightmare and needs to be treated as soon as you can identify one.

Double doors will definitely have some gap between them. It is in their mechanism. You cannot completely seal the gap, otherwise, it will not be possible to open the door.

But the gap will need to be up to a reasonable measurement. If it exceeds the reasonable gap of ¼ inch, you will have to struggle with the gap.

How much does it cost to seal a double door?

You will need to treat the gap between double doors as soon as you can spot it. The gap between double doors will expose your home to the elements of nature. 

So you will have to address the issue as soon as you realize that there is a gap that exceeds the reasonable measurement.

The cost to seal a double door mainly depends on your approach. The cost will be quite insignificant if you take a cost-effective approach, such as tapes and stiles. But the cost will be much higher if you use a method such as v-strip.

And if you take any professional help to address the issue, then the cost will be even higher. On average, the cost to seal a double door lies something between 50 to 100 USD.

2 reasons why double doors get gaps

While it is very important that you address the gap between double doors as soon as possible, it is also important that you find out the underlying cause behind the gap. Here are 2 very significant reasons why double doors get gap:

Faulty installation:

One of the most common reasons why your double door gets gap is that the door has been installed improperly in the first place. Carpenters who lack the expertise in producing double doors often end up making this mistake.

The ideal gap between double doors is less than ¼ inch. Note that a two-dollar coin should not be able to pass through the gap.

If you notice that the gap between double doors is larger than that, then you will need to ask for professional help to fix the issue. They can fix it, reinstall it, or replace the doors altogether.

Loose hinges:

This is another common reason why you might have a significant gap between the double doors. This reason mainly causes older doors to have a gap between them.

Hinges that support the double doors may come loose after a while. It is not unusual for the hinges to wear out as well. They might not be able to hold up the door as well as they used to.

In such a case, you will need to fix the hinges or replace the old ones with new ones.

How to replace weather stripping between French double doors?

You can replace the weather stipping between french double doors by following some simple methods. Begin by adjusting both sides of the double doors. Check if they are aligned with the door properly.

Now you will have to remove the pre-existing weatherstrip. Worn-out weather strips are not very difficult to take off. Simply pull them out or unscrew their nails.

Now put in the new set of weather-stripping materials. It is ideal to use insulated molding strips to seal the gap between french double doors.

Final Thoughts

There are several methods that you can follow to seal the gap between double doors. You can take both insulated or regular approaches, depending on the climatic condition of your area. Molding strips, v-strips, tapes, and stripes are some common ways to seal the gap.